The Donald and Europe


I got news for all of you folks out there.

All of those crying that Donald Trump has made America a laughing stock in Europe.
Europe has always looked down upon America. Europe has always actively worked to weaken America. Europe has always resented America.
America went it’s own way. America decided to progress towards Liberty while the Europeans were suppressed and oppressed by Monarchies.
Those monarchies did everything in their power to destroy America.
The only period in American history wherein Europe did not actively work to destroy America was the period leading up to World War II to the 1990s. Since the end of the Cold War, Europe has acted against the United States of America.
The very concept of a European Union was taken up and pushed forward with the intent of actively seeking to punish, subvert and compete with America economically.
This is a primary reason behind Europe’s refusal to build their own military. If they continue to rely upon the US, Europe can do to the United States what we did to the Soviet Union. That being to destroy us from the inside out using our own hubris, greed and fear against us.
Europe has never been a true ally of America. Europe will always be a competitor of the United States of America.
For those who are worried about the feelings of Europe and the respect of Europe, you are fools. The Europeans fear a Donald Trump. That is one reason to vote for The Donald.
There are many reasons that I would use as justification for not voting for Trump. European criticism of Trump is not one of them. That the Europeans dislike him is actually a reason TO vote for Trump.
(By Europe, I mean the old Continent – France and Germany. Great Britain has been a fairly steadfast ally since the turn of the 20th Century. I would actually trust Russia over France and Germany.)


Just Because….Weed & Beauty are always good.

The “Good” War

So you would have fought during World War II but not Nam, Korea or Iraq and Afghanistan.

What was the actual outcome of World War II?
Why did we fight World War II?

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

Britain and France declared war on Germany because Germany invaded Poland. That was the pretense at any rate.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after America had engaged in a systematic effort to deny the Empire of Japan the resources necessary to build their Nation and Empire.

By the end of World War II, Poland and all of Eastern Europe was in the hands of a greater evil than Hitler could ever have hoped to represent. That evil being the Soviet Union.

Soviet Communism which later morphed into Maoist Communism took China.

Communism also swept through Southeast Asia.

The end result of World War II was that the West fought Japan and Germany in order to hand over their Empires to the Soviet Union.

World War II was a direct cause of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and attributed to the rise of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the cause of 90% of the Islamic Fundamentalism on this Globe. Islamic Fundamentalism is the root of Islamic Terrorism.

If there were no Saudi Arabia, there would exist no taliban, no ISIS, no al Qaeda, no Khorasan and so on and so forth.

Fundamentalist Shi’a Iran can also be traced to poor decision making based on the the Cold War anti-Communist paranoia that haunted the West from 1945 through the end of the Soviet Union circa 1991.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict can be traced back to World Wars 1 and 2.

World War II also gave us the CIA and the NSA via Cold War paranoia.

You can research any and all of this with a simple google search.

I’m not seeing how World War II was “the good war.” It was an asinine war prompted by the American Banking conglomeration.

World War II was not the good war. It was a war like any other only on a global scale. It put the globe to the flame and destroyed millions of lives and billions of dollars of property.

America profited from the outcome immensely which drove our recovery out of the Great Depression and into the boom years of the 50s and 60s.

It was as much an elective war for the United States of America as Polk’s Mexican War or LBJ’s Vietnam War or Bush’s Iraq War or Obama’s wars in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.


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Michael Moore and Freedom of Speech


America has been supporting despotic monarchies since, at least, World War II. That thanks to our late, “Great” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is disgusting to me and should be to any American that we are so deeply embedded with the tyrants of this world. All in the name of Corporate Greed. But don’t let that stop anyone from decrying Moore as a hypocrite or a fat ass. I think it disgusting how obese MM has become. He looks like a muppet, he’s so fat.

Some of the points he makes in his documentaries are very much laden with truths. Yet, he has attacked corporate greed and does profit from the same system. I can’t blame the guy for using the system as it is. He cannot change the whole of the system. He can only make others aware. Certainly, he is a bit of an ass in the way that he gets his point across. I have a certain amount of respect for that, though.
My goal in life has always been to comfort the afflicted while afflicting the comfortable. Working within the system is a good way to go about it. The only persons who can work outside of the system are those willing to be outlaws and those who are born to a silver spoon. Moore serves his purpose and I, for one, am glad to have him speaking his truth. His truth is as valid as many others, more valid than some and less than others. To dismiss all of Moore’s work simply because it makes one uncomfortable is unintelligent and speaks more to the listener than the crier.

Moore is still an American. Even if there are aspects of America with which he disagrees. The Conservative Right hates more because he exercises his right to Freedom of Speech. This is hypocritical of the Right. Moore should speak his mind and tell his truth. If that leaves the Right butthurt, so be it. I, for one, can see where Moore has been correct. A good, healthy, open minded reading of history proves Moore to be correct in many of his more salient points in his documentaries. Moore recently stated that snipers were cowards and shot people in the back. Many folks who have been to War agree with this sentiment. A sniper hides and takes shots at folks who have no idea from where they are being sniped. This is the nature of the job. It’s the same in any war, their snipers are murderous cowards. Our snipers are valiant heroes. That’s the nature of propaganda.

It’s the same with insurgents. The Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary heroes such as the Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, are hailed as heroes. There is not a whole lot of difference in the tactics of Marion and those of ISIS or al Qaeda. Both used terror tactics to achieve a goal of independence. We see it differently only because those tactics when used by ISIS and al Qaeda are an attack on our values and our world view. However, there is no difference. In the American Civil War, Federal Soldiers led by General Sherman raped, pillaged and burned their way through the South. ISIS is doing the same thing in Iraq and Syria. We hail Sherman as a hero for the same actions for which we deem ISIS as villainous and evil.

It’s propaganda. Michael Moore has done nothing more than bring transparency to our hypocrisy and we hate him for it. He’s put a mirror to our face and forced us to peer into our own souls. Sometimes, that viewing leaves us disquieted. This is the nature of what I call Statism. The State wishes us to believe that we are good when we perpetrate evil. We excuse our own excesses. We rationalize our murders and genocidal behaviors. They are evil because they wish that which we do not. It matters not what it is. It only matters that the State tells us that they are wrong and we are right. They are evil. We are righteous. Despite the fact that our actions mirror one another.

Moore is guilty of nothing more than bringing a different perspective to the discussion. We hate him because his perception makes us uncomfortable. That and he is as guilty as the rest of us. He defends or stays silent in the face of the criminality of Obama and the Left. Yet, screams to the heavens when Bush was taking the exact same actions as Obama does now. I am waiting for the Michael Moore treatment of the illegal assassination of Anwar Al Awlaki and his son. Until Moore is as outspoken of the crimes of Obama as he was of the crimes of Bush, I see Moore as nothing more than a Statist propagandist for the Left. I have no respect for the man based on this hypocrisy. That and he is way to intelligent and wealthy to be such an obese monstrosity. He must know that his obesity will kill him.

Such is my belief at any rate.

World War II: Scenes from the War in the Pacific

Some of these are fairly gruesome.  I’m pretty sure one is the Luzon landing.  Some are from the battles in the Philippines.  I think some of it is from mainland Japan.

These are the last of the pics from Grandpa Les.

World War II — Nimitz and the USS Missouri

Admiral Nimitz on the USS Missouri signing the Peace Treaty with Imperial Japans Emperor.

These are more of the pictures from my Grandfathers collection. Some of these I remember seeing in LIFE magazine as a child.

World War II: The Soldiers

These are photos of my Grandfather and his fellow soldiers in the Pacific Theatre. Grandpa Les was fond of telling us that he served under MacArthur during the war. He was part of the post-War occupation force which entered Japan after the peace was signed. I’m not certain how long he stayed on after the cessation of hostilities.

He told us plenty of stories though. Stories of Gold and Women. Soldiers and Officers looting. He brought back a Samarai Sword set. Unfortunately, one of his sons sold it cheaply because he was too ignorant to know it’s true value. Hopefully, that sword will be returned to it’s home someday.

One story that Grandpa Les told me was of gold that he and some of his fellow soldiers looted at the end of the war. I can’t remember the whole of the story. But I’ll give an outline of what I do remember.

It seems that somehow, Grandpa and a friend came upon some bars of Gold. They hid it in their barracks for a time. But when word got out that some soldiers had looted gold in the barracks, they had to find a way to hide it. What they did was crazy. They found a well. Packed the gold in Ammo crates and threw the gold down the well. They figured that they would return at a later date. Reclaim the treasure and return to America with their riches.

In time, they were all transferred out. No one to my Grandfathers knowledge was able to get back to the gold deposit.

For all I know, there is a well somewhere near the original home of the 1st Cav Division in Japan with a small horde of gold in it. I have no idea if the story is true or if Grandpa was making it all up to entertain us.

In any case, these photos are of Grandpa Les and his fellow soldiers of the Pacific Theatre. These guys went through hell and back together and with General MacArthur. Grandpa Les was proud of his service as I’m sure the rest of his fellows were. And rightfully so.

“Never in the field of human conflict, has so much, been owed by so many, to so few!”
Winston Churchill – September 1940

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy – The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan…As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense…With confidence in our armed forces – with the unbounded determination of our people – we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God.”
President F.D. Roosevelt – 8th December 1941

“It is my earnest hope – indeed the hope of all mankind – that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world found upon faith and understanding, a worl dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice.”
– General Douglas Macarthur, Supreme Allied Commander of South-West Pacific (1945)

“They have given their sons to the military services. They have stoked the furnaces and hurried the factory wheels. They have made the planes and welded the tanks. Riveted the ships and rolled the shells.”
– President Franklin D. Roosevelt (addressing women’s contributions to the war)

World War II: People of Asia

These are just a few photos of women (Japanese and Filipina) and some native Islanders in what I believe to be the Philippines.  My Grandmother used to call these Grandpas WWII girlfriends.  One of the photos has the name of the girl written on the back.  So Grandpa Les must have known her in some capacity.  Girlfriend.  Customer.  Who knows.  Maybe he almost married one of the girls he met in post-war Japan.  Thousands of GIs did so in the years between the end of the war and today.

World War II: Raising the Flag on Mt. Suribachi

“The raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next 500 years.”
James Forrestal – Secretary of the Navy – 23rd February 1945″

Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue.”
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz – 16th March 1945

Unfortunately, someone somewhere down the years spilled coffee (?) on this photo.  When Grandpa Les pulled out pictures to show us, invariably he would choose this as one of them.  He was proud of his service and this is one of the most famous scenes from the war.

Grandpa Les was understandably proud of the moment and cherished the unique momento of history.  After all, books have been written about this moment in history. This moment has been memorialized with the United State Marine Corps Memorial and the recent movie Flags of Our Fathers.

World War II: The Bomb

My Grandfather brought these photographs home from the war.  I am told that he was friends with Ernie Pyle.  The famous World War II journalist. Grandma had the photo album hidden away in her house. She was afraid that something might happen to them. I think they are a treasure and should be shared.  Fortunately, back in 2001 she let me borrow them long enough for me to scan them.   I have wondered at a means of sharing them. Now that I have a blog, this is the perfect vehicle for such an endeavor. I’ll bring them out in categories that seem logical. The Bomb. The treaty. The people of Asia. The Soldiers.

These are pictures of the bomb.  One of them.  Exploding over Nagasaki or Hiroshima.  A terrible decision that saved American lives.  Possibly millions. But ended hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives and affected the next generations terribly.

War is a terrifyingly, wretched endeavor.

“A bright light filled the plane. The first shock-wave hit us. We were eleven and a half miles slant range from the atomic explosion but the whole airplane cracked and crinkled from the blast… We turned back to look at Hiroshima. The city was hidden by that awful cloud… mushrooming, terrible and incredibly tall.”
– Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 Enola Gay

“I become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.”
– J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist involve with the development of the atomic bomb (July 16, 1945 quoting the Hindu Scriptures after the first atomic bomb detonation) [summited by Jim Marchetti]