Barack Obama — Why they like him.


Why do people like Barack Obama? More specifically, why does White America like Barack Obama?

I haven’t seen this charisma (edit:  I see his charisma.  But it seems a charade to me). Maybe I’m not fooled by it because I’ve been around so many races for so many years. In my life, race just hasn’t mattered. But I’ve noticed in America, race is a central issue to almost everything. But the only races that really matter. The only colors that really matter politically are Black and White. Kinda funny. It’s as if no other race exists. White and Black or African American and nothing else. Asian doesn’t matter. No one notices. Hispanic only comes into the picture in the Southwest and only nationally, if you are one of the demonized illegal immigrants. Chinese, Indians, Arabs. Who are they? Most people in the States think that China is a country in the lands of Narnia for the Knight Jack Ryan to save damsels in distress from neo-Nazi terrorists who wanted to Nuke a football stadium that some guy named Tom Clancy conjured for his movie scripts. (Didn’t he write books, too.) What’s hilarious is that if you are really from Africa, you aren’t African American. Even if you are black and especially if you are white. Now that’s a wild, new spin on geo-politics and race relations.

Obama gets the Will Smith pass. He’s a black guy who looks kinda white. Talks like a white guy. Don’t ask me what that means. Ask a black comedian. They make fun of white guys talking all the time. The speaking mannerism at which they poke fun is all Obama. Obama wears business suits instead of gangsta baggy pants and white T-shirts or NBA Jerseys. He is White America to a capital T-e-e.

Why is Obama so popular with white America and especially Liberals?

I think it’s because he’s a likable, white-black guy. He’s black but he’s white. He acts, talks and has all of the mannerisms of a white American. If you heard him talk on the phone, you’d assume that he was a white guy. He’s not a reverend in the mold of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. He certainly doesn’t talk like those guys. Especially when he turns on that laughably fake Southern accent. He’s completely vanilla. He’s not hip hop or gangsta rap. At his “Blackest,” he is the political Will Smith.

Politically, he says virtually nothing. So there is nothing that will really upset anyone. The guy has no real political personality. He mimics the Hope campaigns of Reagan and the Kennedy’s. Does he have any ideas of his own. Nothing that I’ve heard.

Basically, he makes white Americans feel good about themselves. Because he is a black person with whom they feel comfortable. So they feel like they are not racist. So they aren’t bad people.

If Obama were a white guy, he’d be a professor at the City Colleges of Chicago.

Hell, he kind of reminds me of Richie Cunningham.


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