Obama & the Race Shield

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Bizarrely, racism in America is no longer mainly about race. Sure, race is involved in a peripheral manner, but racism has mainly become an excuse, a dodge, a way to escape responsibility.
When a black liberal is criticized, he cries racism. When liberalism fails, liberals cry racism. When the Democrat Party gets in trouble, liberals cry racism. It has become the ever present background noise of politics, like birds chirping in the forest.

I am White. I have friends of nearly every race, religion, ethnicity and political persuasion across the width and breadth of this planet. My earliest friends were Black, White, Hispanic and Asian. Included in this mix were Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews as well as a couple of Atheists. Most of these folks until this past decade were American but now, I number amongst my friends peoples from countries as far and wide as Scotland, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand and Brazil.

I have been friends with this great mix of peoples for as long as I can remember.

These are not just people whom I label as friend and then ignore. I keep in touch with these people. I live with them. I work with them. I have helped them find employment. I have hired them for employment. I have assisted some financially. I have helped them improve their English. I have taught some life skills and job skills. They have hired me and recommended me for promotion.  I have learned life and job skills from them.  I have enjoyed their company and companionship and do so at this time. I have invited them to my homes and the home of my parents and siblings. I have played with their children and befriended their families.

I have debated various topics ranging from culture to religion and politics with them and discuss said topics and opinions with them openly. I agree with them on some topics and disagree with them on others.

I have lived my life openly and with as much love, warmth, humanity and companionship as is humanly possible.

Yet, if I dare not agree with Obama I am a racist.

On a smaller playing field, these same accusations were thrown at me when I dared to criticize Tubby Smith at Kentucky. Yet, when I criticize John Calipari, I am simply called a dumbass. lol

Does no one else see the evil in this?

“Racism” is constantly at the forefront of the Obama Administration conversation.

I am not saying that racism does not exist. However, the Democrats reacted in similar manner to all things Bush. The Democrats called Bush every name in the book and even conjured more juicy names and labels for him and Cheney. No one said it was because of Race.

Republicans treated Bill Clinton far worse than they treat Obama. Yet, racism wasn’t constantly thrown in the face of the opponent.

Race, for better or worse, is a factor in nearly every facet of life across the whole of this planet.

The Obama Administration and Democrats act as though racism was invented in America by White Southerners.

It’s a ruse. It is a sidebar. It’s a deflection. It is cover and concealment for corruption.

They called the opponents of Nagin in NOLA racists. A few years later, Nagin is found to have been a corrupt turd and that corruption was a major factor in the fiasco that was Katrina.

Yet, no Democrat has come forward to say; “Doh! They were correct. Nagin was a turd. There was merit to the accusations and criticism.”

Racism with the Obama Administration is a crutch and nothing more. It has become meaningless.

Obama could be assassinated by the KKK and because of this administration’s constant use of Racism as a political tool, I’d find myself doubting that racism was the real reason behind the assassination.

This despite the fact that I have witnessed real racism against the Obama Administration.

Black Leaders in America and the Race Card



Attorney General Eric Holder, who has suggested that critics of the Obama administration are motivated by race and referred to America as a “nation of cowards” on race issues while blasting Americans who resist more gun control laws, suggested that those opposed to President Barack Obama’s policy agenda of “fundamental transformation” are quietly prejudiced.


This idea that one cannot disagree with a Black President without being a racist is why I would think twice before ever voting for another Black President.  I have witnessed this dynamic time and time again when a Black person has been called to lead.  It doesn’t matter whether the Black person is hired to lead a College Basketball team or elected to lead a State.   If one does not agree with said Black persons policies or if one does not believe that said Black Coach is leading that program forward or simply winning enough, one is automatically labeled a racist.

Why would I wish to place myself at the mercy of the race-baiters by electing or hiring a Black official?  It has been the same with every Black leader whom I have witnessed in America.  Ralph Nagin was accused of corruption.  All of his accusers were labeled racist.  A few years later, Nagin was caught red handed.  Has an apology been issued by the race-baiters?  No.  Have the race-baiters acknowledged that they were incorrect and that Nagin was actually corrupt?  No!

Tubby Smith could not recruit well enough or coach well enough to keep the University of Kentucky Basketball program in contention for the National Title.  Kentucky underwent it’s longest Final Four drought under Tubby Smith.  Players were not consistently being drafted in the NBA.  When drafted, guys like Rondo and Prince were under-rated because of the Tubby Smith Ball Line D system.  Tubby was no Rupp.  He was no Pitino.  He was no Calipari.  

Last year, I criticized Calipari because I thought that he had his team underachieving.  There were no cries of racism.  I was merely called spoiled or an idiot.  Any time that I criticized Tubby Smith during his tenure, I was labeled a racist even when Tubby Smith had made an obvious mistake.  For instance, when he pulled a player from the foul line early and caused UK to be given a technical foul which cost the team the game, I balked and critiqued the boneheaded move.  Even so, I was called a racist.  

I see this with any issue involving a Black leader.  One cannot be honest about Black leaders in America.  For to be honest and to criticize them is to automatically be labeled a racist.

Now, we have Anthony Holder telling us that we cannot disagree with Barack Obama.  If we do not march in lock step with Obama, we are surely racists.  Never mind that the economy is stagnant.  That’s not Obama’s fault.  I guess it’s Whitey’s fault.  Never mind that they actually tried to cover up Benghazi and PC sterilize it when they really didn’t need to do so.  Never mind that Holder is attempting to establish more stringent gun control.  It’s not the policies or the outcomes with which I disagree.  According to Holder, it’s simply the color of Obama’s skin that causes me to disagree with Obama and believe him to be nothing more than another puppet for the Banking Oligarchy.

I fully realize that prejudice exists in America for it exists the world over.  Prejudice, racism, bigotry — these will exist as long as two humans exist in the universe and are vying for control of finite land and resources.  This is a part of human nature.  We segregate ourselves willingly.  We do so eagerly.  

America is separate from Canada and Mexico.  People who speak Spanish segregate themselves from folks who speak Arabic.  Those who associate themselves as Pushtoon willingly segregate themselves from those who identify as Tajik and Hazara.  Muslims eagerly segregate themselves from Christians.  Sometimes, we separate violently such as the great rift between Pakistan and India in 1949.  

Politically, I disagree with Obama as much as I disagreed with George W. Bush.  Yet, I am a racist for disagreeing with Obama and not a racist for disagreeing with Bush.  I thought Guantanamo should be closed and the prisoners either tried or deported back to their home nations.  I disagree with universal wiretapping.  I disagreed with bailing out banks.  I disagree with gun control.  I disagree with the corporate welfare state pushed by both Obama and Bush.  I disagree with the criminally neglect energy policies of Obama and Bush.  I disagree with the fascist and statist War on Drug policies of the puppets of the DNC and GOP.

When I disagreed with Bush, Republicans merely called me a “liberal.”  When I disagree with Obama, Democrats call me a racist.

This state of affairs cannot continue.  This nation, America, was built with a guarantee that I could disagree with my government.  That I could protest my government.  That I could petition and assemble peaceably to inform my government that I was displeased with their performance.

Yet, with a Black President, if I show my displeasure, I am automatically labeled a radical.  A hate criminal.  A potential or real terrorist.  A Racist and a Bigot.

This cannot continue.  There is no honest dialogue allowed when this is the rule in all conversations concerning Black leaders. 




Tubby Smith — Another Year on the Bubble

Ten Loss Tubby

Tubby has done it again.  He’s 5-6 in Conference a year after negotiating a 2.5  million dollar buy out clause in his contract with Minnesota.  It seems that this is Tubby’s MO.  Negotiate a buy out.  Reach the magic moment of “loyalty.”  Get that huge pay day which amounts to highway robbery and roll on down the road to sucker some other program which thinks that they are luring a BIG TIME hire to coach their team.

Tubby Smith has never taken a team that he has recruited to a Final Four.  He’s never been able to manage talent.

He’s proved his inability to manage a team full of talent with his stint at Kentucky and now with Minnesota, he’s proven that he can’t get elite talent to even look his way.

At Kentucky, he had brand name visibility with one of the elite programs in College Basketball.  Still, he rarely recruited to the level that a program like Kentucky demands.  When he could get talent to come to UK, he couldn’t manage that talent.  Rondo railed against him.  Crawford and Morris flopped.  Prince was under utilized as was proven by his play on the next level (NBA).  More talent flopped under Tubby at Kentucky than at any other time in program history.  Worse yet, Tubby’s teams were always a DUI away from becoming embroiled in turmoil. 

Ten Loss Tubby hoodwinks Minnesota into a 2.5 Million Dollar buy out Now, that’s loyalty!

It seems that each and every year, talented players couldn’t wait to get away from Tubby.  The guys that did stay underwhelmed NBA scouts so much so that they were always drafted low.  Tubby had no Lottery Picks in the Draft even though he had guys like Rondo and Prince play for him.  Guys who have turned out to be journeymen at the NBA level wound up being drafted in the second round.  The truth is that if you play for Tubby, his system guarantees that you will be drafted based on that system’s sure fire ability to lower your draftability.

Tubby is the only coach in America that could have turned Rondo into a late First Round pick.  Had Rondo played for anyone else, say a guy like Calipari, Pitino, Williams or Izzo, he’d have been a Top 5 draft selection.

Now, the Tubster has his most talented team at Minnesota.  Of course, it’s the end of the year.  A year that started out promising has fallen off the rails.  That’s how Smith does it.  He takes a good team and good talent and coaches them down into a bubble team.

That’s why the talent always transfers out.

Minnesota is learning this the hard way.  Tubby got what he wanted.  He negotiated his 2.5 million dollar buy out.  He knew that he was losing interest in coaching this team.  He saw it coming.  The collapse.  Ten Loss Tubby has done it again.

He’ll be a couple of million dollars richer.  Minnesota will get a new coach.  Shaka Smart?

The fans at Golden Gopher central will hash out the Tubby debate.  One side will talk about how classy the Tubster is and they’ll, of course, call anyone who is critical of Tubby a racist.  The other side will argue that, sure, the Tubster was a great guy.  Class A.  Class all the way.  But he was a program killer.

And that’s what he is.  He takes a program.  Gives it hope in the first couple of years.  Gives you just enough to make you think that he’s a great one.  Then he has to recruit.  That’s where he fails.  If he does manage to haul in some talent, inevitably, he forces that talent to play in a manner that shunts aside the skills and talents that they bring to the table in favor of his slow, plodding Ball Line D.  Then the program goes on a steady decline.  As soon as Smith knows for certain that he’s about to get the axe, he puts forth a year or two of effort.  Dazzles and baffles AND negotiates a sweet deal for himself.  Then he skulks out of town…with the money.

That’s class!

All Class!!!

I’d love to have that much class.  A cool 2.5 million dollars worth of class.

That’s Ten Loss Tubby in a nutshell.

Personally, I expected the Minnesota AA to be a little smarter than that.  Alas, Tubby pulled the wool over the Athletic Department in Minnesota’s eyes as well.  What a guy!

Tubby will probably get the axe this year.  Minnesota will buy him out per contract.  They’ll hire a new coach who will clean up the mess that Tubby left.  There’ll be no academic scandal or NCAA investigation but the result will be the same.  A program on the outs and a few years away from any real competitiveness.

That’s Tubby Smith.  Class A guy.  Class D coach.

Kentucky Basketball and Racism

Tubby Smith is not doing so well at Minnesota.  Soon, he’ll be on the hot seat.  When that happens, the media and others will start talking about his time at Kentucky again.  Inevitably, they’ll drag Kentucky over the coals again.  Kentucky fans will be called racists again.

They’ll ignore the fact that we actually did want Billy Gillispie fired after a mere two seasons.  Gillispie is white.  So, that doesn’t fit the stereotype.  If Kentucky fans wanted Billy G gone after two years and gave Tubby nearly a decade to get it together, well, that doesn’t fit the agenda.  That makes it seem that Kentucky fans are simply crazy in a basketball sports fan manner.  It kills the idea that Kentucky fans hated Tubby Smith simply because he was Black.  That won’t do.  The hurts the media agenda to paint Kentucky and it’s fans as backward, unrepentant racist who wish for nothing more than a return to Jim Crow.

We can’t have that.  What would Michael Wilbon whine about?  How will he justify his rants against Kentucky fans?  Dick Vitale would have to admit that Tubby Smith actually failed at UK and his over emotional, lunatic rants and pleas were over the top and unwarranted.

We can’t have that.  That would require an admission of error.  Heaven forbid!

The racist thing is overplayed in America today.

For instance, the starting 5 at UK are African American. The Starting 5 at UK has been African American for the most part for over 20 years. Kentuckians get behind these kids wholeheartedly.

Somehow, these same fans who love Black kids who actually play the game hate a Black Coach simply because he’s BLACK.


How is that possible?

Tubby didn’t measure up. It had absolutely nothing to do with his skin color.

Those same “racist” fans turned on Billy Gillispie faster than they turned on Tubby Smith. Billy G is a white guy. So, do Kentuckians hate white people as well or do they dislike losing ten games a year and consistent team turmoil.

Could it be that what they wanted was a winning coach who understood the passion that they have for Kentucky Basketball. Kentucky Basketball is supposed to run the fast break in a way that makes Kentucky Derby thoroughbreds look like snails in hibernation.

That wasn’t Tubby ball. Ball Line D was and is boring. Especially when Tubby is recruiting scrubs out of Canada and Fordham to run it. THAT was the rub. 99% of Kentucky fans couldn’t have cared less about the skin color of Tubby. If the guy would have come in and rolled like Pitino or Calipari, they’d be naming their kids Tubby and Orlando. These same Cat fans bitched and moaned about Joe B. Hall for the whole damn time that he was there. Joe B, Hall made 3 Final Fours and won a Championship with his own team.

That is not to say that Kentucky doesn’t have its share of racists. Then again….so does Minnesota and every other state in America.

I don’t know how anyone can say with a straight face that the people who love John Wall, Anthony Davis, MKG, Jamaal Mashburn, Derek Anderson, Jamaal Magloire Demarcus Cousins and Jack Goose Givens, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson and the football talent that is Randall Cobb hates Tubby Smith due solely to his skin color.

That won’t stop the media from standing by their lies and erroneous assertions.

Minnesota will eventually fire Tubby Smith unless he decides to retire after this year.  When that happens, the reason will have nothing to do with Smiths race.  It will be his record and his inability to take the Gophers to the next level.  When you pay a Coach a Top 20 Salary, you expect Top 20 results.  That’s the bottom line.

Minnesota is not getting Top 20 results from Tubby Smith.  Smith, thought, seems to believe that this money is his due based on past results.  He won a Championship in 1998.  Because of that, Tubby seems to believe that Minnesota should give him a BIG PAYCHECK regardless of results AT MINNESOTA.

Smith is no longer capable of Top 20 results.  He hasn’t been for some time.  Minnesota is slowly coming to this realization.  Too late, though.  They’ve wasted 4 years and nearly 8 Million dollars learning what Kentucky learned in Tubbys last 2 or 3 years.

Minnesota deserves this, though.  They arrogantly assumed that they were getting the Tubby of the 1990s.  Fasinatingly similar to Louisville and their hiring of Pitino.  UL thought that they were getting the Pitino of the 90s.  They didn’t.  He’s not.  Neither of them are.

There’s a lesson there.

Tubby Smith’s Last Year as a Gopher?


The Tubster stunk it up at Kentucky his last few years.  He refused to recruit and equally stubbornly refused to make changes in his beloved system or with his Assistant Coaches.  Then the Tubster fled.  TLT ran off to Minnesota.  He’d spent half of his last season at Kentucky negotiating with Minnesota for the Gopher Head Coach position.

Kentucky fans attempted to warn Gopher fans.  Gopher fans simply assumed that the Sports Media was correct and that UK fans were all rabid racists with White Knight cloaks stored in our closets.  That’d be funny to see as I know quite a few Black UK fans who were just as fed up with Tubby and his TLT sports nightmare.

Dick Vitale and Michael Wilbon excoriated the State of Kentucky, the University of Kentucky and Kentucky Fans.  Wilbon called us all racists.  Said we deserved what we had coming and that UK would not be a great program again.  Good old Dick Vitale pleaded to the NCAA Coaching community to avoid the UK job.  He pleaded with Billy Donovan to NOT go to Kentucky to replace Smith.

Now, the chickens have come home to roost.  Tubby Smith has done exactly what his Kentucky critics said that he’d do at Minnesota.  That being exactly NOTHING.  He’s losing.  He can’t win in the NCAA Tournament…when he can even get there.  He won’t recruit.  He is, again, stubbornly sticking with his Assistant Coaching circle of failed former head coaches.

TLT is close to being fired.  If he makes it to the 2012-2013 Season, I’ll be surprised.  TLT is 0-4 in Big Ten play and hasn’t even played the better teams in that League.

This surprises no one who was forced to watch him destroy the Kentucky Basketball program.

The question that I have is:

Will Dick Vitale and Michael Wilbon go crazy on Minnesota fans and repeat their behavior and the hateful attitudes that they aimed at Kentucky fans?

Now that every UK fan who wasn’t a Tubby Zombie have been proven right, will Wilbon and Vitale apologize?

I doubt it will happen.  Tubby will retire in a haze of invisibility.  Dickie V may notice and, if he does, he’ll find some way to gloss over the failure of Tubby at UM.

Wilbon will ignore it as he was proven wrong by the failure of Tubby to produce anything.  no Big Ten Title.  Not even an NBA draft pick.

Tubby will retire.  The Sports media will ignore it for the most part.

This guy, though, called it right.  One of the few…





16th Ranked Gophers fall to unranked Portland Pilots!

Portland’s best start in 14 years now includes a victory over a ranked team.

T.J. Campbell scored a season-high 23 points to lead the Pilots to a 61-56 upset of Minnesota (No. 16 ESPN/USA Today, No. 22 AP) in the 76 Classic on Friday night at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Robin Smeulders added 13 points and Nik Raivio grabbed a season-best 11 rebounds for Portland (5-0), which plays No. 8 West Virginia for the tournament championship Sunday night.

Portland, which routed perennial power UCLA on Thursday night, has not won its first five games since going 6-0 to start the 1995-96 season.

“We’re on a great journey,” Pilots coach Eric Reveno said. “I told [the players] that I thought I wrote a great practice plan. But I can’t make up anything to duplicate the experience of the last couple of nights.”

Minnesota coach Tubby Smith, who guided Kentucky to the 1998 NCAA championship, praised Portland’s defense.

“Portland did a pretty good job of keeping us off balance,” he said. “They’d be in a zone at times. They’d be in a man-to-man. They’d trap. They did a good job of making you get to your third or fourth [offensive] option.”

Portland outrebounded Minnesota 42-33 to help offset 19 turnovers.

Great Job Portland Pilots!

Congratulations, Coach Reveno!

Way to beat those Gilded Gophers!

my two favorite teams:  the University of Kentucky and whoever defeats Minnesota.

Billy Gillispie is out. IT IS OFFICIAL.

“RESPECT ME!  I’m on the phone.”

What the hell was that?

By Jerry Tipton and Ryan Alessi / jtipton@herald-leader.com

On his first full day in Lexington, Billy Gillispie stood grinning in front of thousands of adoring University of Kentucky fans who came to an impromptu pep rally in Memorial Coliseum. He bathed in Big Blue love before going to a news conference introducing him as UK basketball coach.

Despite that outpouring of affection, Gillispie found himself fired two years later because his UK bosses did not believe he understood the nature of his job and its connection with fans.

” … Dedicated and passionate fans deserve a coach that understands that this is not just another coaching job,” Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart said in reading a statement at another news conference on Friday.

Winning and losing didn’t end Gillispie’s time as coach after two seasons, although his .597 winning percentage was the the worst for a UK coach since Basil Hayden’s one-season 3-13 record in 1926-27.

Ironically, failing to connect with those around him cost Gillispie his job. Ironic because in his time here, Gillispie repeatedly emphasized the importance of building relationships.

“We obviously did not achieve the results we all desired on the floor this season,” Barnhart said of UK’s 22-14 record. “Those results can occur when you are trying to grow a program. We clearly understand that.

“However, it is as important to represent the Kentucky program and the basketball program, more specifically, in a manner which best utilizes our incredible tradition, assets and platform. …

“It is my evaluation that we have not done all we can to manage the entire scope of the program and all that we expect.”

UK President Lee T. Todd echoed that reasoning. He said he spoke to Gillispie during protracted — and ultimately futile — contract negotiations about the public nature of the job.

“It’s kind of like the president’s job,” Todd said. “Nobody really writes out exactly what you have to do. Philosophically, we wanted someone that represented the entire Big Blue Nation. … This is a unique opportunity, a very unique job.”

Gillispie did not answer reporters’ questions. Holding a cell phone to his ear, he walked through raindrops in and out of Wildcat Lodge to tell the players the news and then the Craft Center to clean out his office.

Gillispie and his assistant coaches had reason to be busy. In what suggested a good-riddance sentiment, UK asked them to pack up their belongings and leave their offices by 5 p.m. (about three hours after Gillispie learned his fate in a meeting at Todd’s official residence).

The Southeastern Conference Tournament served as a stage to expose how differently Gillispie and his bosses viewed the UK job.

Gillispie, who saw celebrity as a hindrance, said the UK coach must recruit great players and coach them. Period. He did not embrace the suggestion of also being an ambassador, which showed itself in his first pre-season when he did not speak to the Lexington Rotary Club, something his predecessors did annually dating back to at least the 1950s.

Barnhart, who called fan interest in UK basketball a “cradle-to-grave love,” noted how fans drove to Omaha, Neb., earlier this week to watch the Cats play Creighton in the National Invitation Tournament.

“There is a clear difference in how the rules and responsibilities overseeing the program are viewed,” Barnhart said. “It is a gap that I do not believe can be solved by just winning games. It is a philosophical disparity that I do not believe can be repaired.”

Todd and Barnhart also spoke of their desire for coaches to provide a rewarding experience for the athletes.

The father of leading scorer Jodie Meeks suggested that Gillispie’s demanding style was distracting, if not a hindrance.

“You don’t want to throw gasoline on the flames, but, clearly, a lot of things happened behind the scenes that made it difficult for the kids to play basketball and focus on winning,” Orestes Meeks said.

Of his relationship with Gillispie, the elder Meeks cited his son’s UK record 54-point performance at Tennessee on Jan. 13.

“I got calls from every coach he ever had: baseball, basketball, all of them,” Meeks’ father said. “Except his current coach. His current coach never called. That said a lot to me. … ”

“When you start placing blame, tell them when the ship misses the harbor, do they blame the harbor?” Orestes Meeks. “I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault but his own.”

Originally, Gillispie and UK had a whirlwind romance consummated with a hiring in the first 24 hours. Without mentioning those details, Barnhart acknowledged his surprise at the unhappy ending.

“This is not a place I thought we would be at this point, or one that I would want to be,” the UK athletics director said. “However, after long and deliberate discussions, President Todd and I have decided we must charter a new direction for the University of Kentucky men’s basketball program. Unfortunately there are times when a situation and the people involved do not create the right chemistry or right fit. It is our belief that is where we are and where we find ourselves with Kentucky basketball today.”

Barnhart said he and Todd have talked for a month about “dramatic differences” in how the administrators and the coach view the job of coach. Gillispie’s comments at the SEC Tournament about the job’s public component not being in the “job description” seemingly sealed his fate.

After denying any regrets in the hire, Barnhart said, “He’s a good basketball coach. Sometimes it’s not the right fit.”

I Blame it all on Tubby!  Especially this…

INDIANAPOLIS — Ah, now I know why Kentucky fired Billy Gillispie.

Turns out, he wasn’t Rick Pitino.

Say what you want about the rabid nature of the Wildcats’ basketball fans, but after all these years, that’s really all they want. And is it so much to ask?

They want a slick, sharp coach on the bench. They want him to unleash a team such as the Cardinals upon the rest of college basketball like Huns attacking the Great Wall. They want to break the scoreboard, demoralize the opposition and serve notice upon the field.

Most of all, they want possibilities.

Frankly, they want to be Louisville.

And if you know a Kentucky basketball fan, you know how painful that must be to admit.

Tell me. Short of a scandal or three, has there ever been a worse day to be a Kentucky fan? First of all, Gillispie was fired in disgrace, which either came much too early (the prevailing national opinion) or much too late (the overwhelming viewpoint of the Wildcat faithful). Then, before you can dribble a ball the length of a court, their designated next-guy, Billy Donovan, flatly turned them down … again. Evidently, having two years to reconsider didn’t change a thing for Donovan.

Then, after all that, they had to withstand this:

Louisville, the new team of Kentucky’s old coach, looks a lot like a champion-in-waiting.

The Cardinals were darned near perfect against Arizona on Friday. They ran, they shot, they passed, they defended, they rebounded. They drubbed Arizona 103-64, the most points Louisville has scored in an NCAA Tournament game. If it hadn’t been for a late burst of mercy, the 39-point margin might have been 60.

For one night, at least, the Cardinals had the look of greatness. They are so deep, so skilled. The players come at an opponent all at once, and all can dribble, and all can shoot. They dunk, and it is like hearing an airplane break the sound barrier. It is difficult to tell guards from forwards or subs from starters. Stopping them is like trying to hold back a flood with a sponge.

Want to know how wonderful the Cardinals were? Just ask Pitino, who sounded like Roger Ebert at a foreign film festival.

“Fabulous,” Pitino said.

“Brilliant,” he said.

“Dominating,” he added.

So it went. Pitino, 56, also said “tremendous” and “great” and “terrific” and “beautiful” and “unselfish.” You kept waiting for him to give his team an enthusiastic thumbs-up. For the record, Pitino also suggested that humility was very, very important.

The thing is, who is going to disagree? The Cardinals shot 57 percent from the floor, and 93 percent from the free-throw line, and they outrebounded Arizona, and they had 29 assists to only nine turnovers. It looked as if everyone else was playing one game of basketball, and the Cardinals were playing something better, something more pure.

Did anyone see a flaw? Oh, Pitino apologized for the final dunks of the game, but they were just exclamation points on a paragraph. The message already had been sent.

Who is going to stop Louisville if the Cards play this close to capacity? Pitt? North Carolina? Connecticut?


“It’s going to be hard to beat them if they play like that,” Arizona coach Russ Pennell said. “I think it has to be someone who has the quickness to really put pressure against their fullcourt press. Yet Louisville kind of preys upon people who do that.”

For the opponent, that’s the conundrum. For the Cardinals, it is matching their own excellence.

“We know we’re not going to play like this again,” Pitino said, “because of the types of defenses we’re going to run into now. It’s going to be a totally different type of game. We did a great job getting second shots tonight. Michigan State and Kansas don’t give you those.

“Guys, we all know we’re one game from the Final Four. We’re three games from the national championship. I think this team has stayed grounded. Their egos are in check. I’ll find something to be upset about. We’re not going to fall in love with ourselves because we had a good game. We understand what we’re up against.”

In the old days, back before the Wildcats were in a snit — you spell it with an “N” and an “I” and a “T” — coaches at Kentucky used to talk like that. They, too, played like a regal team about to storm the castle. They, too, looked like the team to beat.

As for that brunet in the fifth row cheering on the Cardinals?

No, that wasn’t Ashley Judd.

Was it?

If Tubby had left to the Hawks, UK could have hired Pitino and all would have been right in the Big Blue Nation.  Instead, Tubby waits until he’s decimated the team to leave.  Mitch screws up and makes a bad hire and Lee Todd steps in and fires him.

One could blame CM Newton for making the wrong hire.  He hired the wrong assistant.  Instead of hiring Billy D back in 97, he hired the guy who would be the cause of the storm now crashing through the Big Blue Nation.

Oh, and by the way, UL is on the way to the Final Four and probably a Championship.  lol

It could be worse.  The moon could crash into the sun tonight.  haha

This all sounds like a really bad Univision Soap Opera from Mexico.

This one is for you Billy G:

What happened to Kentucky?


UK will be tons better when our coaches are no longer working for this years class THIS year or plucking them up from the JUCO ranks. If we give Gillispie time, he may drive us mad in the meantime, but he’ll get the recruiting in order. If we don’t, we’ll have to watch as another coach comes in and plays catch up for two or three more years. I don’t know if G is the right man for the job. I don’t know if he will turn it all around. I don’t know if Patterson and Meeks will stay or not. I know this. All of the guys who didn’t want to work in HS aren’t going to miraculously develop a work ethic just because they are at UK. These tall guys who were borderline talent in HS become almost borderline talent in HS. The real diamonds in the rough that I’ve seen over the years have been guards like Fitch. Most at any rate.  He was short but tough. He got overlooked. Tubby got lucky. Erik Daniels was a late developer. So Tubby got lucky there as well. Eirk Daniels was a guard in HS and shot 3 or 4 inches taler late from what I read. Hayes was a short PF who was over looked because of his stature.  These are the guys that Tubby was pulling.  You can’t build your program off of those guys.  Not if you want a Championship anytime soon.  Stevenson is a tall, skinny lazy kid who wants it all to come easy.  Your typical Tubby recruit.  At UK, it ain’t always gonna come easy and there’s tons of pressure. Same with most of the late spring recruits and the guys that no true title contenders truly recruited. Guys like Jared Carter, “Woo” Orbzut, Sheray Thomas and Bobby Perry.   Jared Carter should have been showed the light and sent to Georgetown after his Frosh year. UK isn’t the school of welfare basketball schollies. That bench needs to be cleared and Stevenson is one of the guys that needs to be cleared off of it. Instead, he and guys like Porter are starting at UK. And people wonder why they got beat by UGa. Hell, look down the bench. Patterson, Meeks, Miller Then you got a bunch of sometimey little Nancyboys who can’t make up their mind if they want to be winners or walk ons for the girls team. Stevenson….every time I see the guy, I just shake my head. Dude should be a 8 or 9 minute role player. Yes, it’s spelled role. Not roll. lol Stevenson should be a role player. NOT A STARTER. Until UK Coaches learn the difference between a role player and a starter, UK will be getting G Webbed and VMI’d and run over by Bulldogs at the moment of greatest need of a win. Next year comes Orton and Hood. That will be help. Eventually, if the coach keeps recruiting there will be a team at UK. A basketball team. A complete team. 2 Guards (LG or PG and a 2G) 2 Forwards (SF and PF) 1 F/C These gentlemen will know without question their roles on the team. To start and kick ass. Then there will be a second group comprised of players who are up and coming starters and role players. These guys will know their roles. Right now. Meeks and Patterson know what it is that they are supposed to do. The others…I don’t think they have a clue. Porter won’t shoot. Stevenson won’t rebound. A.J. Stewart won’t stay on the team. Galloway plays like a man possessed in one game then a man dispossessed the next. Harrelson plays like he thinks the post is a hostess ding dong and he’s hungry one game. The next he goes on a diet and throws up three balls and collects empty calories with airballs. UK needs a basketball team. From what I can tell, UK has a coach who is losing it. Two guys who are all World. One potential all worlder. ….and a bunch of fluff and Carruth wannabes. Go Cats. Go somewhere. Collect yourself. Grow a pair. Learn to at least fake the funk. This is Kentucky! It ain’t Vandy or Tennessee or Rutgers. It’s UK where Basketball is King. If you can’t comprehend that!?!?!?! Then don’t come back next year. That goes for everyone from the coach down to the sweat sweepers.

This isn’t a “Fire Gillispie!” rant.  It’s a getused to the idea that you are at Kentucky and getting paid a Top Ten Salary.  We expect Top Ten Results in exchange for that Top Ten Salary.   Coach G.  You’re not into history.  We are.

7 National Championships.  That’s history.  The history that we want you to be concerned with mostly though is the history that we expect you to make.  We expect you to be the 5th Coach at  UK to win a National Championship.  UK did not hire you to languish at the rear of the top 50 or to fall on your face.  We expect you to get out there.  Get the top recruits to come to UK again.  We expect results.  We don’t want excuses.  We don’t want bewildered looks and players being thrown under the bus.  We want our basketball to be as fast as those beautiful horses that run in the Derby and at Keeneland.  Defense is great.  Offense is better.  If you produce, you can write your own ticket.  If you don’t, we’ll run you out of town faster than those horses make that 2 minute mile.

Boys, it’s past time to get it together.  Get it.  Make it happen.  It’s time for one of those miracle runs.

And everybody said “Amen!”

Oh yeah.  Billy G, lots of our fans get upset when you talk to a lady like that.  Don’t do it.  Treat the sideline reporters and the rest of them like they are humans.   So I don’t have to hear the old people complain.  They get crotchety and hearing them whine gets on my nerves.  Throw us a bone Billy G.

P.S.  Billy G, invest in about 40 blue ties of various shades and designs.  You aren’t at UTEP or Texas A&M anymore.  It’s not orange.  It’s not yellow.  It’s blue.

Jodie Meeks making History

Making History

Making History

Jodie Meeks of Kentucky made 14 of 21 shots, including 9 of 14 3-pointers, and scored a career-high 46 points in the Wildcats’ 93-69 victory over Appalachian State on Saturday.

Said Meeks: “It is a good feeling to get 46 points. I give credit to my teammates for finding me. I didn’t know how many points I had until I made a free throw and had 38 points.”

His 46 points are the most by a Kentucky player since 1971.

I knew Jodie Meeks was going to be special at UK when I met his father right before they committed to Tubby Smith.   Jodie was on no one’s radar to be a Collegiate SuperStar.  If he keeps going at this level, he’ll be in rare air.  Up there with the Kentucky Greats.  Issel, Walker and the like.  The first star of the Gillispie era.

Congrats to the young man on a stellar game and keeping his head on straight all the while.

Mr. and Mrs. Meeks are rightfully proud.  What an excellent young man.

Rock on Wildcats!

Tubby and Pitino in Phoenix

In 1997, Pitino left the University of Kentucky to take the head coaching position at the Boston Celtics.  One of the most storied programs in NBA history.  12 Championships (now).  More stars came out of Boston than the Milky Way.  Russell and Bird to name the greatest.

Almost ten years later, Tubby Smith, Pitinos successor, leaves UK for…Minnesota.  Yes, Minnesota.  The Golden Gophers.  HUH?

Most UK fans didn’t mind that Pitino left for the Celtics.  He was going to a storied program.  He was being paid handsomely.  HUGELY.  He was off to his next challenge.  AND…people were a little put off by his constant flirtations with the NBA.  Some suspected that these flirtations were hurting recruiting.  There is probably some truth here as his final recruiting class had one commit.  J.P. Blevins who had committed when he was in 8th grade.

Pitino left.  Smith stepped in.

Ten years later.  Smith leaves for the Golden Gophers.  It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  Why did he leave?  Because he couldn’t handle the pressure?   Because he could not meet the expectations of running an elite program?  He could not get to the Final Four on his own.  16 or 17 years of Coaching and his championship team was created by another coach.  The man can not recruit a complete team.  He can’t coach talent.  Tubby Smith takes talent and clamps it to the floor.  He can take decent talent and put together decent teams.  But when those decent teams ran into real talent, the inevitable occurred.  They lost.

So Tubby took his sorry act to Minnesota who paid handsomely for his services.

And now, Kentucky has these damned Smith fans, who constantly make stupid comments like this:

Originally Posted by cumberlandredskin View Post
Here’s a link to the entire article. One thing that may bring some interest is that Minnesota will play Louisville in Phoenix this season. I wonder who UK fans will be rooting for in this one?


post by JayB:  Minnesota….True fans will anyways

Louisville will play Minnesota in Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m hoping that the Gophers and Smith are humiliated.  Smith is the greater traitor in UK history.  The man spent the better part of the his last season planning his escape to Minnesota.

I won’t go into all of the old Tubby arguments or the reasons that Smith is a loser when it comes to his final dealings with UK and his former players (December contacts, no contact with his guys at UK after he left even after they had attempted to contact him).  It’s well documented even if some refuse to acknowledge.

As a Kentucky fan there will never come a day that I will cheer for a “Ten Loss Tubby” coached team.   For a UK fan to hold Orlando “TLT” Smith in great esteem is a slap in the face to the University of Kentucky.  Let these fools go root for the Gophers and leave UK fans in peace.

So, here’s to the Gophers being crushed and Pitino tripping and falling on his face on the way to the postgame handshake.  lol

Kentucky and the NBA Draft — Joe Crawford

Another year, another NBA Draft. Another year with no Kentucky players being projected to be drafted.

Neither Joe Crawford nor Ramel Bradley are projected to be drafted. Bradley has no chance. He won’t even get a cup of coffee in the NBA. This will make Tubby fans sad. They are so proud when Tubby Smith “gets’ guys into the NBA in this manner. They literally fall over themselves pointing out that both Erik Daniels and Gerald Fitch spent 5 or ten minutes on an NBA roster.

Joe Crawford may geta late 2nd round draw. If not, he will get a couple of calls for free agency before he has to head to Europe to play ball. I think Joe will get on in the same manner as Chuck Hayes.

OF course, the mindless Tubby drones will all credit Orlando. Saying that he is the reason. Another Tubby recruits gets in the NBA due to Tubby and his excellent development skills. I laugh at the thought.

Joe came out of High School highly regarded. His growth was retarded by Smith. Later, Billy Gillispie accelerated his growth. 4 years under a Coach (Gillispie) who knows how to develop, utilize and SHOWCASE talent and Joe Crawford would be looking at the late First Round and guaranteed money.

The Tubby era saw two Orlando recruits go First Round for the guaranteed money. One was a guy who stayed the course through four years of turmoil and dissent that was not seen even in the Probation years–Tayshaun Prince. Is there anyone who would argue that Prince was not a steal when Detroit swooped him up. Then there was Rondo, more team turmoul and another Draft where a UK player was a steal for a team in the late first round.

I’m hoping those days are over. Patrick Patterson should go high first round. The recruits that Gillispie and his team are bringing in should see UK back in the top of the draft. That in turn will help recruiting. Recruiting is a machine that feeds off of highlight reels and draft potential. If a Coach can get his recruits into the NBA, more and more high talent will fall in line for that Coach. More talent translates to deeper runs in the tourney.

Talent combined with good or great coaching will translate into Championships.

Good Luck in the Draft, Joe. I hope some team sees your skill and talent and picks you up.

Go Cats!

Scott Rigot and the Great Orlando

You remember Scott Rigot right? You know…the UK assistant coach known for his connections overseas who managed to pull not one international recruit and was the punchline of nearly every joke made by a UK player in the last five years. Well guess what. That guy GOT ANOTHER JOB! It takes some bit of talent to leave the University with the greatest basketball tradition in the country and having finished working for a coach respected by his peers on both the college and NBA level and find a way to not be hired by anyone in the country….but Rigot managed to do that! Not only did Tubby decide not to take him to Minnesota (a statement in itself), but no one even pulled a South Florida and took him after the Tubster bolted town. But now someone has. DUQUESNE….the Atlantic 10 team that no one knows is even in the conference has hired Rigot as an assistant coach, where he will immediately go to work not bringing in recruits and setting a conference record for “most times looking perplexed on the sideline.” We here at Kentucky Sports Radio wish Scott well and thank Duquesne University for helping keep one of our former coaches off the street.

Scott Rigot. There has never been a sorrier tale out of the University of Kentucky. This guy was hired by the Great One. Tubby Smith. He was hired to revive the sad recruiting that was occurring at the time. Supposedly a European specialist who was going to bring the next Dirk or Tony Parker to UK. I still can’t figure out what Rigot brought to the table or what Smith saw in this guy.

This guy is all that was wrong with Tubby Smith. He was THE guy who did nothing. He brought nothing to the table. Looking back. He was the beginning of the end for Smith. One has to wonder at the ineptness of an assistant coach from the University of Kentucky who can’t get a job at a D1 School. The experts were all over UK for “chasing off” the Great Orlando and his leftover crew of has been and never were assistants. Scott Rigot is the epitome of what went wrong in the Tubby era. The Great Orlanda became mired in unworkable situations. He backed himself into a corner and was too proud to admit his mistakes. In the end, he fled the situation rather than man up and stick around for the difficult challenge of fixing it. Yet, the press and especially Dick Vitale continuously defended Smith while attacking UK and it’s fans. They did this even as they simultaneously wrote of how “down” UK was in talent and achievement. Yet, Tubby was crowned one of the greatest in the Game. lol

Dick Vitale talking out of both sides of his neck? NEVER!!! THE HELL YOU SAY!!! lol

This is one of those guys to whom Smith was supposedly so loyal that he didn’t offer him a job in Minnesota.

I say this as a joke but I almost mean it. The only thing about the end of the Smith era that I regret is that Mitch Barnhart didn’t get to fire the son of a bitch.

I give it 4 to 5 years before the Great Orlando screws up the great gig he has up there in Minnesota. UM will realize that they got played by one of the great coaching scam artists of our time. They got their second Clem Haskins. And they’ll deserve it, too. Tubby won’t cheat. He just won’t earn all that cheddar that the Golden Gophers are throwing at him. In that sense, he always cheats. He cheats you out of the opportunity to hire a coach who is truly capable of elite coaching.

They say that they will be satisfied with Sweet 16s and 20 win seasons. We’ll see how long that lasts. They aren’t paying Smith Sweet 16 money. I will laugh almost as hard when they fire him as when I heard that they hired him away from UK.

The best news days of my UK Fan-hood:

1. 1996 NCAA Championship

2. 1998 Elite 8 Win over Duke

3. 1978 NCAA Championship

3. 1998 NCAA Championship

4. The day that Smith left for Minnesota.

5. The day all of the Tubby Smith fans became UM fans and left UK alone. OOPs, that never happened. lol Too bad.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising the University of Minnesota joins Northwestern as the only two Big Ten Conference men’s basketball teams currently without a 2010 commitment. Ohio State (No. 1), Illinois (No. 3), Michigan State (No. 9) and Purdue (tied-No. 10) already have top 10 recruiting classes for 2010, according to Rivals.com.


Tubby Smith is right where he belongs.

Mediocrity City BABY!!!

Anyway. The Tubby Era ended one of the truly comical sagas in the history of UK. One with which UK and the fans was destined to be smeared from the beginning. Many of us saw it coming in 1999. Many more saw it in 2000. Tubby skulked off like a scared and defeated old man.  Taking with him his One Million Plus USD “loyalty” bonus.  He’d been talking to Minnesota since the previous year as the season was underway.  Clearly, his heart wasn’t in the job that he was being paid to do.  He had already all but left for the Minnesota job back in December.  He runs out with a cool Million.  UK Fans got smeared with the idiotic press corps led by that assclown Dick Vitale all but calling Kentucky the KKK of College Basketball.  Now, Billy G John Calipari is in the process of making UK a Great Team again. A true contender rather than a Tubby Paper Tiger.

Good Luck Scott Rigot. Your time at UK was probably not a lesson in how to run a great program. But at least, now you know what NOT to do. lol

Post Script:  After this past season wherein John Calipari and his uber-talented recruiting class led UK to a 35-3 record, I am even more convinced that UK should have booted Ten Loss Tubby back in 2000.

Recruiting and Kentucky Basketball

Personally, I don’t get it. Perhaps there are ulterior motives. Maybe we just have a few self righteous hypocrits who miss inept Tubby recruiting.

Smith couldn’t recruit well enough. Billy Gillispie is recruiting too much, too fast, too soon. Huh!?!

Everyone complained that UK under Smith was not getting the recruits. UK wasn’t on the radar of the Elite Recruits. Smith seemed to wait each year to the end to start his recruiting. Either he cherry picked de-commits from other schools or he was recruiting left overs in the Spring. The guys never seemed to get caught up on recruiting. I don’t know if he even tried.

His best class in his tenure was a group of guys who seemed to choose UK in spite of Smith. Rondo wanted to go to UL but Pitino chose to go after Telfair instead. Morris chose UK because it was easier than Georgia Tech. Crawford chose UK then tried to leave. Ramel Bradley was the third Guard in a class that needed a Forward. That year saw Corey Brewer go to UF because according to Smith “Brewer wasn’t big enough to play in the SEC.”  Chris Lofton chose UT that year because no one in the State of Kentucky believed that Chris could make it at the D1 level. Not the finest moment in talent evaluation for either Smith or Pitino.

Smith and his projects. Smith and his spring recruiting of Tyrone Nash and clones. Smith and his sons.

Kentucky fans complained and complained.

“Spring” forward to the present.

Billy Gillispie has UK in the mouth of top recruits all over the Nation. He’s got talented kids committing .
Patterson committed to Gillispie. Not to Smith. Darius Smith was close to committing to Illinois. Another Kentucky kid going out of State because of the ineptness of Smith and his merry band of incompetents. Gillispie and his merry band of magicians reeled Darius back in and received the commit. Liggins, if he qualifies is a serious talent. He’s brought in two highly regarded JUCOs who I’m betting are going to help in ways that no JUCO ever helped a Smith team.  Smith trolled the JUCO ranks and struck out each time.

I’d love to see Antoine Barbour under a hard working, dedicated coach like Gillispie.

Dominique Ferguson is the #8 overall Prospect from the Class of 2010. K.C. Ross Miller is a Top 25 talent. Euton is a highly regarded talent.

Vinny Zollo and Michael Avery are two talented kids who have committed to the program early. Some say too early.

This is one year of recruiting under Gillispie.

I’m sure the lack of a surprise element each Spring is going to hurt some of the recruiting blogs. So I can see their concern. Slower site. Fewer hits. That’s gonna hurt the bottom line. But I think it will eventually even out. People are going to want to follow these kids. See how their panning out. Follow their development.

Not all early recruits are going to level off talent wise or regress as in the cases of J.P. Blevins and Adam Williams. Both Avery and Zollo are taller and more talented than those two were in their Senior years of High School. I’m thinking that Zollo and Avery both could come in right now and start over either of those guys.

The recruiting landscape is changing. It’s been changing. Williams, K, Self and others have been adapting to this change all along. Smith was behind the power curve. Gillispie is bringing UK back up to speed. He’s making UK a major threat on the recruiting trail once more.

I say it’s about damn time. Before fans of any other programs start throwing stones, you might want to look at the walls of your house. Lots of glass out there.

Personally, I don’t need surprise recruiting sagas from hell…

I don’t care so much about recruiting. As long as Gillispie keeps it legal, I’m for letting him do his job. I’d rather know who is coming. I’d rather coach have the time to develop a plan of action on how to incorporate those players into his system. Recruiting is a tool to get there. It’s a means to an end, not the end itself. That is unless you are a blog or website dedicated to recruiting. Gillispie is recruiting to win Championships. It’s a take no prisoners endeavor.

Winning Championships is what should fuel BG. Bring on Number 8.

Comments, Questions, smart remarks?