Jodie Meeks: Breaks Dan Issels Record, Scores 54 at UT

“In any legitimate conversation right now about National Player of the Year, Jodie Meeks has to be metioned with the four or five guys we’ve been mentioning all along,” proclaimed ESPN hoops analyst Jimmy Dykes on the broadcast Tuesday night. He repeated the same sentiment via phone Wednesday.

“Jodie Meeks has to be there,” said Dykes. “You don’t base the National Player of the Year on just one game, you base it on the whole body of work. But the kid came in averaging over 24 points a game, the number five scorer in the country.”

Then Jodie flat blew the roof off the joint.

Jodie Meeks ripped through Thompson-Boling Arena this week like a snowstorm through the Mongolian Steppes.  He scored 54 points on the way to breaking Dan Issels single game scoring record that’s held for 39 years.  Absolutely amazing.  If that wasn’t enough, he did so while playing solid defense and keeping his team involved and kept UT out of their minds trying to defend him.

Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl said he worked with his players for several days trying to come up with a game plan to keep the ball out of Meeks’ hand.

To say it didn’t work is an understatement. Meeks went 10-for-15 from 3-point range (he also set a school record for 3s in a game), made all 14 of his free throws, grabbed eight rebounds and dished out four assists. He scored 26 points by halftime.

He was at 52 points and potentially let the record pass him by late in the game in order to garner one more assist by throwing an alley oop to a wide open Patrick Patterson.  He even apologized for taking the one bad shot of the night as the shot clock expired.  Running past the bench and Coach Gillispie stating “My bad, my fault.”

After the game, he was humble enough to tell the press that it was all due to the team and that what he really wanted was to get a win at UT.  The scoring record was not top on his mind.  Victory was.

My kind of guy.

Meeks has singlehandedly put UK back in the National Conversation.  If UK is ranked come the next poll, you can thank Jodie Meeks.

Coolest of all was that his father (and Uncle) were on hand to see the spectacular performance.  I’ve met both Jodie Meeks and his father.  Way back when they were visiting UK.  Prior to the commit, if I remember correctly.  I met them at the UK Bookstore with my friend Rick (WildCatRick of WCN).  You always meet interesting folks if you hang around Rick.  The Meeks are good people.  So someting like this is doubly awesome.  Because it’s happening to genuinely good folks.

Congrats to Jodie and his family.  It’s a hell of an achievement.  It was a game for the ages.  Legendary.  Jodie Meeks is now a part of UK lore right alongside Issel, Nash, Dampier, Riley, Kenny and Antoine Walker, Mashburn, Prince, Bowie, Chapman and Wah Wah Jones.  He’s in the Book.

And one last thing.  Thank You Jodie Meeks.  It was a pleasrue to watch you become legend.

Dan Issel Speaks…

But there is always a moron around who refuses to shut his pie hole.  Woody Paige, you get the vote this go around.

Wayne Chism bemoans UTs inability to stop Jodie Meeks…

The Day After, Meeks Still Humble.

Meeks humbly told Issel he didn’t mean to break the record or even realize he was doing so. His only intention, he said, reiterating what he said after the game, was to finally knock off the rival Volunteers in Knoxville.

“It’s an honor to me,” Meeks said Wednesday. “I don’t see myself as being legendary or anything like that.”

Issel disagrees.

The onslaught resumed immediately after halftime, as the Vols apparently forgot what Meeks did to them in the first 20 minutes.

Late in the shot clock in Kentucky’s first possession following intermission, Meeks asked for a clear-out at the top of the key, drove on Prince, stumbled a bit, recovered and swished a jumper. Then came a drive past Tyler Smith from the wing. Then a 3 in transition. (Some courtside observers thought Meeks had a foot well inside the 3-point line, so Issel might ask for a review of the videotape.) Then he hit another 3 after a handoff from teammate Ramon Harris.

Super Bowl XLII Patriots take it to 19-0–scratch that…Giants won it

How in the hell did American Idol get on the NFL Super Bowl Pre-Game Show? Ryan Seacrest and the Red Carpet. What the hell is that? They gonna bring out Joan and Melissa Rivers next. And that gay dude from the Oscars. The Queer Eye for the Straight guy does the Super Bowl. I’m getting freaking nauseous. Can anyone say; “SELL OUT!!!” Paula Abdul!?! Randy whatever the hell his name is!?! I feel all girl-ified now. Is Super Bowl XLII sponsored by Revlon, Tampax and a resurgent Zima or what? I feel a strong need to go on a 25 mile road march after R. Lee Ermey shoots me in the leg and tells me to quit whining by smacking me on the back of the head and shouting; “shut the **** up and drive the hell on, B*TCH!

What is this?

As far as the game goes, I don’t think New York has a chance. I’m hoping it’s a good game and not one of those blowouts like New Englands ’85 Super Bowl effort. Pats, Giants: Entertain us! Giants do you part. I’m almost…ALMOST…hoping that Manning gets taken out somehow and the Big Fella gets in there and wins it for the Giants. I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell of that happening. But it would be one hell of a game if it did. So here’s to the Hefty Lefty. Go J-Lo!

aagl095miami-dolphins-helmet-logo-posters.jpg titans.gif

My teams are out. I’m a Titans fan. I follow the Dolphins as well. But they didn’t even make the playoffs. Miami was so terrible it took over half the season to win just one damn game. Hopefully, the fortunes of these two teams is turned around next year.

Since they couldn’t give me anything to cheer for on the field this year. I had to console myself by cheering for the cheerleaders.

brenda6.jpg lindsey.jpg


With Lindsey and Brenda on the sidelines, it wasn’t difficult to do.

And then there is Bibiana:

372.jpg 374.jpg

I gotta go with the Pats in this one. They’ve found a way to win no matter the challenge this year. They’re one of the best in NFL history. I’m not a Pats fan. But I’m not one of those morons who hates on the successes of others either.

So Haters. This one is for you. GO PATS! lol

They’ve got one hot cheerleader in Briana Li.


For this game only, I’m with her. lol


Yeah, I’m with Bri Li…