American Idiots

Why do people trust the new administration or the last administration? How is it possible?

Each Presidential Administration in the past 100 years has been proven to have lied to the Citizenry of this nation. It has been proved that each of these persons and their underlings have lied, connived, circumvented the Constitution and profited from doing so.

Yet, we still believe that this one…yes, this one, the last one and the next one is, was or will be telling us the truth.

Americans are this pathetically stupid?

I keep going back to Johnny Walker Lindh. This guy was paraded in front of America as if he were the blood soaked re-incarnation of Tamerlane.

In the end, he was naught but a drug addled boy who had never handled a gun and was rounded up amongst a group of half assed “talibs” like cattle.

The dude did nothing. His crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and refusing to admit guilt when he was really guilty of nothing.

Yet, he was railroaded through our justice system and sentenced to prison.

Our system of justice is warped or perhaps, there is no justice in America. There is only those who have the funds to manipulate the legal system and those who do not.  Woe be unto those who do not have the means to fight and go against the grain.

I am supposedly a free man from a country governed by the principles of Liberty, yet, they tell me that I need permission to travel to Cuba.

Freedom?  Liberty?

Tamerlane Macabre

File:Emir Timur statue - Tashkent.jpg

I was reading Tamerlane ~ Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World when I came across this passage.  I laughed out loud.  Unny was sitting beside me and looked at me funny.  So I “made” her read the passage. She looked at me like I was an idiot and asked me why it was funny.

I couldn’t really explain why?  It just was….

Tamerlane ~ Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World

The book was a most entertaining read.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Justin Marozzi has a similar style to John Man.  Man writes exhaustively about Central Asia, China, Genghis Khan and his grandson Kublai.

Timur was a madman.  I love the guy.

We need a Timur or a Genghis in our age.  Someone with the balls to do what is necessary rather than politicize and haggle like clucking hens.

Touring Herat with the ANP

Last few days in Herat.

I had asked General Akrummuddin and COL Zahir to arrange a tour of Herat for me.  There are hundreds of architectural and historical wonders in and around Herat.  The Primary locations being the Minarets, the Citadel and the Masjid Jami.  All beautiful with centuries of history. These structures have been witness to Alexander, Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, Babur Khan and a host of other historical figures of greater or lesser renown.

With about a month to go, I felt safe to get the tour underway.  COL Zahir and General AKs Securty Deputy were worried.  What would happen to them if I were kidnapped or harmed in some way under their watch.  Probably would be a mess.  Not that I’m a huge target or an important target. talked to General AK and COL Zahir again.  They arranged everything.

I was given a two vehicle entourage with security guards for protection.  I was driven around the city and taken to the Martyrs Museum, the Citadel, an ancient aqueduct, a couple of Shi’a Shrines in the area the names of which I can’t remember right now (I’ll have to update this later) and to the Minarets and the Ghowharashad Shrine.

The Minarets had to be magnificent in their day.  They’re still a site to behold.  Especially considering the age of the things.  The Citadel was extraordinary.  I was able to get our and mix it up a bit with the locals right around the Citadel.

It was an incredible adventure about which I plan to write more in the future.

For now, I simply wish to share the photos from the event.

Hope you enjoy.