The Disease called Religion


Afghanistan has a sickness called Religion.  It’s a disease of the mind and spirit.

Religions are all designed with one thing in mind. CONTROL! Domination over weak minded masses by a powerful individual or ruling class of individuals. Religion is a tool by which the dominant classes allows the less powerful classes to yoke themselves.  Religion is the willing spiritual self-enslavement to false gods and greed driven, power lusting men.
This video is proof positive of this.


Obama — change to die for…

America’s first Kaliph. That would certainly be a “change.”

Obama can change America so that this mentality is common here as well as in the Middle East.

Change. We Can. Hope.

I agree. We need a change in our Politics. But socialism of the brand that Obama espouses was tried in Eastern Europe and Russia. It didn’t work. As a matter of fact, Ronald Reagan finally ushered it down the aisle and into the dust bin of history.

It should not be revived. No matter how charismatic it’s proponent may be. Obama should be allowed a final resting place near Karl, if he so desires. Marxism is dead. Let it remain so. I don’t want Obama telling me how to live. I don’t care if it’s through collectivism or Islam.