Being hunted down for painting White Lives Matter on a public street while not being hunted down for painting Black Lives Matter.

Being told that you can’t get a job because of your skin color especially if you are White.

Being told by the descendants of Spanish Colonizers that YOU are a colonizer because you are White.

The Spanish were the most murderous, inhumane, violent death cult in the Americas. The Spanish founded the slave trade to the Americas. The Spanish were the first to land in America and conquer natives. The Spanish murdered millions in South America, Central America and the Southwest and West of North America.

Yet, we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defaming people with White skin while she is the descendant of the bloody Spanish.

Speaking Spanish and being proud to do so despite the fact that Spanish was forced upon the Natives of the Americas. Spanish and Catholicism was used to destroy the cultures of of the natives of the Americas…BY SPAIN.

Being proud of the Spanish Heritage and the Spanish Language in the Americas is not different from being proud of one’s Southern Heritage in the United States of America. They are the same.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a descendant of colonizers, murderers, rapists and conquistadors.

Islamic Democracy!

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Muslim immigrants in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands in Spain, have succeeded in forcing the expulsion of all female parking meter enforcement officers from a city neighborhood that is home to a growing Muslim population.

The move reflects the increasing assertiveness of Spain’s Muslim community, which in recent years, has sought to impose its will over Spanish society on a variety of issues deemed offensive to Islam.

Female parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets near a mosque situated on the Plaza de Pere Garau in downtown Palma have been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment and humiliation by Muslims who insist that only male officers should be allowed to work in the area.

In recent weeks the tensions have escalated to the point where female parking officers have been verbally abused and spit upon by Muslim immigrants seeking to force the women out of the neighborhood.


“We are ready to work with our souls and hearts to fight for our beloved prophet, even if death comes to meet us.” — Sharia4Belgium

“I can imagine there would be good reasons to outlaw the film.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a reversal from two years ago, when she said, “Free speech is one of the greatest treasures of our society.”

The protests mark the beginning of a process of “intimidation.” — Marine le Pen, President, National Front Party, France


Islamic Democracy is a misnomer.  It’s a contradiction in terms.  These people should not be allowed to live in a Democratic Nation.  Anyone who harbors these beliefs and ideologies should be deported.  If you wish to live under Sharia, move to Iran or Saudi Arabia.  Leave the West alone.  Leave.  Go.  Get out.  You are not welcome here.

If Sharia law is ever introduced into America, I will lead the Revolution myself.