Casualties of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Scenes like this are ubiquitous in Afghanistan.  Old shells of Soviet Armor and Trucks.  Every type of Soviet Equipment can be found out there.  Aircraft down at Bagram.  Personal and Crew Served Weapons of various sorts are everywhere.  Bridging equipment.  Soviet Armor and Personnel Carriers.  Soviet Mobile Kitchen Trailers.  Everything needed to field an invasion.  The Soviets left much behind when they hightailed their sorry asses back across the Amu Darya in ’88 or ’89.

Now it’s all rusting out on Afghan Bases, outside the Herat Airport and across the highways and byways of the country.

Barack Obama has a Russian Uncle

The Soviets liberated Auschwitz.

Apparently, Obama had an Uncle in the Soviet Army.

Obama DID have an uncle who was in a US Army unit that liberated a Buchenwald satellite camp. He got the name of the camp wrong, not the existence of the uncle or the gist of the story.

Kenny D aka Oruacat2

Obama seems to be in a competition with Dan Quayle for most gaffes in an Election Campaign.