Liberals Are Sheep


What people who post this do not realize due to their inability to think is the following:

1. Cats are dependent (or domesticated) because they have been captured and placed in an unnatural environment.
2. These willful creatures have been imprisoned in a system not of their own choosing.
3. Cats live in benign (for the most part) prisons by humans.
3. Domesticated Cats are playthings for Humans who fully believe that they, humans, are more important.
4. Cats are found in the wild all over the planet. They survive and thrive in the wild.
5. Humans domesticated Cats against the Cats best interests and without permission.
6. Cats are more “independent minded” because their instinct is to roam free.
7. Humans demand that Cats be dependent. Not the Cats themselves.

Even Domesticated Cats can fend for themselves by catching rats and other vermin and eating them. The meme is another lie of the Welfare State Enslaved fools who would have us all believe that we can only survive within the unnatural State system which enslaves us. Cats can and do survive outside of the domesticated prisons of humans.

Cats are much better off than most Liberals who, without government assistance, would die because they cannot exist outside of the Welfare State System of Control and Self Enslavement.

Much like Cats, the Libertarian wishes not to be enslaved by the masses of humanity or the Elites who have appointed themselves Master of the enslaved sheep of civilization. The Libertarian wishes to enjoy Liberty and the blessings thereof as opposed to the enslavement of the masses who delude themselves into thinking that they are free. Civilization is a fabrication of the Elite. It is a set of rules designed to maintain the status quo. The poor remain poor. The Affluent remain affluent and become more so at the expense of the poor and the Middle Class.

No, Bernie Slaves, your Great White Hope will not alter this math. He will simply allow the illusion of Obama’s Hope and Change to grow more strongly in the minds of the masses of Liberal Sheep who clamor for their chains ever more loudly with each political magician and charlatan. The Snake Oil simply changes labels.

I can guarantee that the idiot ‪#‎Libtard‬ Slave who wrote this moronic meme didn’t think about any of that. Why? Because he or she is incapable of critical thought. The average Liberal cannot think unless his/her master plants the thought beforehand.




Family Values is the Snake Oil of our Political Era




The headline reads:

“Republican Senate Hopeful Bill Cassidy’s Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant”

A Louisiana Republican seeking to unseat Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu announced on Thursday that his unwed teenaged daughter is pregnant, a local newspaper reported.

Bill Cassidy, a U.S. congressman and medical doctor, is challenging Landrieu, a three-term incumbent, in a race that Republicans view as important in their quest to reclaim the U.S. Senate from Democrats.

“Earlier this year, Laura and I learned we will become grandparents this summer,” Cassidy said in a statement provided to the Times-Picayune of New Orleans. “Our daughter now faces a more challenging future than her peers. She has our unconditional love and support.”


Who gives a fuck if his daughter is pregnant? Children assert their independence in a variety of ways. One of which is sexual activity.  Some teen-aged children do not think of consequences.  Assertion of independence via sexual activity combined with a lack of thought towards the future sometimes results in pregnancy.

This is life.

If he is running for office, one should vote or not vote for him based upon his qualifications for office. One should not base their vote for or against this person or any person based upon the decisions of a wholly independent other.

Children, even those raised well, will make mistakes. Children, even those raised well, will take actions that aren’t necessarily wise.

This is the nature of being a child.

A parent can attempt to hold the child closely and prevent these mistakes and/or acts of self sabotage. However, no parent in the history of mankind has been wholly successful at such. Such acts on the part of parents usually backfire and end with the child feeling resentment at not having been allowed to live and grow independently.

If he is running on family values, the manner in which he raised his children and the example that he set in raising his children and growing/developing his family should be evaluated.

The outcome of children is oft-times not entirely related to how one is raised. This is especially so given that a full one third of a child’s life is spent in the hands of the government from age five to age eighteen while another quarter to a third of a child’s life during those developmental years is sleeping.

If one has raised perfect children who have made no mistakes, one has room to critique his raising of this child. Yet, I think there is not a human being alive who can make such a claim.

My personal opinion is that any person who runs for elective office on a platform consisting in whole or in part of family values (and/or “Sanctity of Marriage”) is a charlatan selling snake oil to the Christian masses. This person should be ridiculed and run out of town on a rail. His or her children, however, should be left out of the conversation until such time as they are moronic enough to use “family values” as a wedge tool in an election.