This goes out to all the fools who use their religions to spread hate and tales of HELL, Fire and Brimstone and Gehena.  To those who are intolerant.  To those who use religion as a tool of segregation and to those who refuse to accept others in all the varied cultures, creeds, sexes, races and beliefs that make this earth so wonderful.



(Spoken) The word of God it says, that we will recieve praise of God. God will begin to speak forth. Our righteousness is of Him, sayeth the Lord.

Get Back!

Can you feel I’m not like you anymore?
I can’t see, I can’t breathe!
See you quiver like the dogs on the streets.
Looking down on as I beat you.

It’s a bad religion
From a broken nation
It’s a contradiction

And I can’t take it anymore, Yeah!

Who’s to say I won’t like you anyway?
Take a deep breath I’m alive.
Can you hear me? I’m alive inside you.
Agony creeps up behind you.

[repeat chorus]

And I can’t take it any fuckin’ way!

[repeat chorus]

Can you feel it?
I’ve gotta live with it every day.
And I can’t take the pressure,
I’m goin’ insane. Now go away!
Go away!

(Spoken) Now if you start praising God, wherever you are. I don’t care where you are, I don’t care what’s happening, just begin to praise Him, begin to praise Him and praise Him and praise Him and praise Him and worship Him



To those who use their religion as a personal philosophy of love and acceptance.  For you, may the Gods bring love, life and blessings of bountiful abundance.


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