The War on Drugs is an Immoral Lie



The Police will murder you for smoking a Plant that exists in nature. Meanwhile, he probably currently smokes that same plant or has done so in the past.

During the Woodrow Wilson administration, Dupont and other Corporations were feeling the competition from Hemp. They decided to bribe the American Congress to rid themselves of this profit crushing competition.

Dupont and Congress colluded to lie to the American people and conflate Hemp with Marijuana. They couched the issue in terms of public health and safety. Marijuana was demonized as a danger to the American people. Hemp was dragged through the backdoor in secret as part of the anti-Marijuana legislation.

Marijuana was outlawed and hemp as well.

100 years later, we find out that marijuana has numerous health advantages that the American people have missed out on because of the greed of Dupont and the American Congress.

Hemp, we likewise find out, has thousands of every day uses and is much better for us and the environment than Dupont/petroleum products. Hemp could replace trees in the manufacture of paper. It can replace cotton. It can replace thousands of petroleum products.

For 100 years, the American people have been lied to, oppressed, suppressed, persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned because the United States Congress lied to the American people at the behest of a handful of Corporations.

American Police went along with this fabrication either knowingly or as ignorant stooges of the Politicians. They say ignorance is no defense when it comes to the law. If such is the case, why do Police feign ignorance so often in defense of their actions.

The War on Drugs has always been immoral. It is now immoral. Yet, we have Police who do not want to give it up. Why? Because it is profitable. Police get fancy toys and higher pay because of the War on Drugs. Police get to play at being soldiers. Police get away with murder, theft and violation of the Constitution and Human Rights because of the ‪#‎WarOnDrugs‬.

Why would the Police want the War On Drugs to end. It gives them carte blanch. The War on Drugs has made the American Police nigh untouchable. If the War On Drugs ended, We, the people, might decide to look at the actions of Police. I doubt it as most Americans are sheep who still believe that American Police protect and serve despite the fact that the US Supreme Court has ruled that Police are not obliged to protect or serve anyone except the State.

The War On Drugs is immoral. It is a War On ‪#‎Liberty‬. Nothing more. Any Police who enforces the laws of the War On Drugs is an immoral human being. All Cops enforce these laws. All Cops are immoral. Period. There is no middle ground.

Then  came  Nixon and his liesmore on that later.


America Beware: History and Political Parties

America Beware: History and Political Parties

If you believe that Democrats are Good or that Republicans are Evil, I’d suggest a look at history.

Both parties have tried to be the party of humanity. Both parties have failed. Both parties claim to be for the rights of humanity. Both parties continuously and consistently fail to work for the betterment of humanity. Both parties lie to the American public first and above all.

If someone attempts to tell you that the GOP or the DNC wishes the citizen well, that person is lying.

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The Story Behind the National Anthem

1.  They were States and not colonies.

2.  Fort McHenry not Fort Henry.  There would have been very few women or children in the Fort as described in the piece.  Probably a few drummer boys and Officer’s wives.  A laundress and seamstress, perhaps.  Probably a few slaves.

3.  19 ships….not hundreds

4.  We weren’t fighting the the British for independence nor were the Brits fighting us for dominance. It was a war over commerce and British support of the Natives out West.

5.  Had Fort McHenry fallen, the people would not have become British citizens.

6.  The British Commander would have understood American unwillingness to surrender. Fort McHenry was a bastion. It was strong. Cannon balls would not have taken that Fort alone. The British would have had to storm it with troops to have taken it.

7.  The Brits actually called off the attack after several unsuccessful maneuvers to get around Fort McHenry’s defenses.

8.  The attack was aimed at taking Baltimore.

9.  God had nothing to do with it. 12,000 fighting men in built up fighting defenses and a huge Fort was what protected the city and that Flag.

That’s just off the top of my head without fact checking stringently.

This kind of inaccurate nonsense is exactly what Glenn Beck did on his Fox Talk  Show.  Half lies, half truths and outright lies.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Glen Beck produced this nonsense.