Presidential Election 2012 ~ The Intelligent Choice

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Speaking of politics, there is no real intelligent choice. Obama has some good and some bad points. Same with Romney. Both, though, are on the side of despotism and against real empowerment of the people. Both are secretive and, despite their sly sentiments and outright lies, are less transparent than a California mudslide.

There is no intelligent choice in this election and, with few exceptions (Lincoln, Madison, possibly TR), there probably hasn’t been one since Thomas Jefferson ran against Adams.

The people who should run will not run because they will not be savaged by the masses and the uber-idiotic professional politicians. No one with real integrity will touch American politics with a ten foot pole and full haz-mat suit.

And it’s our own fault. We created this.

I’d vote for the corpse of Andrew Jackson before I’d waste my time voting for one of the carbon copied whores running for President in this election cycle.

ELECTION 2012 ~ Line up to Vote Sheeple



The election is coming. Vote for El Presidente of the United States of America.

Your choices:

A. A man who hates you if you get off of your ass and work it until you become successful. He’ll take your money from you unless you can become as good as he is at hiding your assets. He’ll use that money to buy votes from the poor and disenfranchised, illegal immigrants, Mexican/Texan drug lords and Big Oil and Big Government.

B. A man who hates you if you try to get off of your ass and demand to be paid a fair wage for your hard labors. Instead, he thinks that you should give your money away in taxes to Big Business, the Military Industrial Complex and he wants to continue to outsource all jobs until Americans can’t buy jack shit. Then he and his cronies will move out of the country as it falls apart. He also wants to give your money to the poor and disenfranchised because he needs their votes, too. He wants to convert you to an archaic religion “of love” that he himself doesn’t practice. He supports Big Business and the War on Drugs (it’s profitable). He supports sending people to prison longer for possession of a few bags of marijuana than murder. He’s also in the bag with Mexican/Texan drug lords and he wants to keep America addicted to the other drug called Black Gold. You don’t smoke that, though. You put it in your car and support Wahhabi terrorists.

They’re both dickheads and you shouldn’t vote for either of them. But! You will.

Why? Because you’re stupid.

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