Poverty Is and Shall Be Until Humans No Longer Exist

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This is a lie. Poverty cannot be eradicated.

#Poverty will never end. Poverty is the baseline of human existence. Humans are born into poverty. Humanity came into being in poverty. Everything outside of poverty must be created, earned, built. No human deserves poverty. No human deserves more than poverty. Poverty simply is. It cannot be eradicated anymore than breathing or the body’s need for H20 can be eradicated.

All humans are born into poverty. Familial wealth or lack thereof matters not. At any moment, an infant can be thrust out of familial affluence into the chaos that is human existence. Stark naked poverty is the essence of the human experience.

Poverty is as ineradicable as ignorance. Rome rose and became one of the greatest civilizations in history. Still there was poverty and ignorance within the Roman world. Rome fell and all that it was and all that it overcame was lost. A few lucky, opportunistic citizens of Rome escaped the chaos, poverty and ignorance that followed the fall of Rome. These persons and their families became the ruling classes of what followed Rome. Poverty and ignorance multiplied again.

Just as Rome fell, Western Civilization will fall. When it does, poverty and ignorance will again multiply and become dominant. This is the history of humanity. We build greatness. Then we find a way to undo ourselves. Usually our undoing is Liberalism or what some call Progressivism. The West is fading now. Poverty will not be eradicated. The fall of the West brought on by self hatred and denial of the cultural greatness that made the West possible will propagate poverty and its sister ignorance. The Left, as evidenced by what is happening in the large American cities and the State of California, is accomplishing the very opposite of their supposed goals.

Poverty can be temporarily alleviated or ameliorated. Yet, there will be no end to it until there is an end to us.

The only way to eliminate poverty is to eliminate humanity.

Thus there is no way to eradicate poverty. For if humanity does not exist, neither do our philosophies and ideologies.

Those who wish to rid the world of poverty have only one plan. To create the all powerful State. A State that powerful is a danger to all of humanity. A State that powerful is the end of humanity.

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On the Right to Sustenance and Housing


Certainly, everyone should be able to obtain sustenance and a safe place to dwell.

How does one obtain these essentials?

Should others be forced to pay for these essentials?

Who should be forced to pay for the essentials of those who have not the wherewithal to obtain them for themselves?

Should you and I be taxed to pay for the essentials of one who can’t obtain them for themselves?

If a person can afford multiple TVs, an iPhone and other non-essentials, why can they not afford food and a dwelling?

If a person is so poverty stricken that they cannot obtain food and secure dwelling, should these people have children.

If one is going to become dependent upon others, one forfeits one’s ability to make one’s own life choices.

Should others be responsible for those who make poor life choices?

For instance, a person who has the talents to obtain work for a decent salary who decides that the ability to smoke marijuana is more important than accepting available employment. Should I have to supplement his/her income and provide the sustenance and housing for him/her and associated children?

It is much more complicated than a “right to eat” and/or a “right to housing.”

There are able bodied and minded persons out there who could work if they so chose. Yet, they make life decisions that hinder their ability to do so. This affects their ability to obtain sustenance and housing.

Then we have the immigrants. Why do they need to come to America to obtain housing and sustenance? Am I obligated to provide these essentials for them? If so, how? Through government programs or charities?

Am I to be taxed to provide for the children of people who should not have children? Is the production of offspring a right? Should the government be allowed to restrict reproduction?

Am I somehow obligated to pay taxes to feed an unlimited number of children whom I did not choose to produce?

Where do these obligations end?

Why should I not stop working so that the government can take care of me via the taxation of the labor of more productive members of humanity?

Random Thoughts on the Destruction of American Liberty


The DNC and GOP are evil.

Neither are good for the country.

Both are good for their respective Lobbyists and Special Interests.

Both target key demographics and lie to them to get elected.

Unions represent the interests of their respective organizations. Police Unions represent the interests of Police. They lobby for legislation that will benefit the Police. Laws such as COPS and 1033, qualified immunity, confiscation, etc.

The Wars on Poverty, Crime and Drugs were initiated by Democrats. All of these so-called wars benefit the Police, empower the police and destroy the rights of the Citizens.

The War on Terror was initiated by Republican Bush 2. However, Obama has taken that war and run with it. He’s made it his own. The NDAA, NSA spying, police militarization, assassination, rendition, invasions and occupations…all of these things were started by someone other than Obama, the Democrat. Yet, Obama has taken them and injected elephant steroids into these programs and gone about the business of destroying the Constitution.

Any Political Party that centers on the corruption that are American cities is bound to be corrupt.

Police have, historically, been Democratic run organizations. Not Republican.

Military members joining the police forces enmasse is a recent phenomenon. This is happening recently as a result of the terrible economy and programs put in place by respective Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama DOJs.

Our current volunteer military is only 30 years old. Prior to the “All Volunteer” military, our nations military services were made up of careerists who retired after they left service and draftees who were mostly poor. These draftees left the service and went into all career fields and some into none as most were from the poor or lower middle class.

This preposterous idea that the Police forces in the military are made up of mostly ex-military is patently false. I looked it up and it can’t be proven or disproven because no one (not even the DOJ) keeps statistics.

I have been researching American police forces for some time now because of Obama’s continuation of Bush’s War on Liberty. Police come from predominantly working class familes. They enter the police force between the ages of 21 and 24. That does not give the majority of them time to enter the Military, ETS and then join the police as a goodly majority of Police have at least 2 years of college. This is a prerequisite for some, if not most, Police forces.

Police Brutality, of late, is a direct result of the Bush/Obama war on Liberty and the Constitution.

Both the Military and the Police are tools of the State.

Police forces have been given qualified immunity. This means that they are not accountable to the citizenry and not held to the same law as the rest of the citizenry. They are, in fact, above the law. Bush and Obama have brought this about via legislation, “Wars on…,” and court appointments.

This must change or America will no longer be a free nation but, instead, little better than Maoist China.

The Democrats are no better than the Republicans. They are the same. This is an age old tactic. Divide and conquer.

By choosing D or R, you are defeating yourselves and destroying America.