Buzkashi — A Burden in my Hand — Soundgarden

Burden In My Hand

by Soundgarden

I took the Afghani music out and laid on some Soundgarden. I like this music with the video. It’s grittier. Edgier. The original video has an Afghani fellow riding through the competition singing and looking like an Afghani version of Jolly old Saint Nick. He doesn’t fit and neither does his singing. I edited him out of both versions. He looked a bit ridiculous to me. The song is hagiography about the champions of the game.


On another off note. The nets been down here for the past few days. Apparently, the Coalition forces in Herat like to surf porn. The US Army Command decided that the best way to get the puritanical “no porn ” point across to the Italians and Spanish is to shut down the internet across the board. No one could use the net period because the US is uber-interested in sexual purity and the Spaniards and Italians are…well, they’re just interested in sex.

Gotta love the U.S. Army and it’s puritan streak and the US Army’s willingness to shove that puritan streak down it’s allies throats on the sly. GO ARMY! lol

In plain English, there were several Italian and Spanish porn sites being visited on the internet. Rather than confront the Spanish and Italians on the sensitive subject, the US Army Command in Kabul decided to punish everyone in Herat across the board and shut the internet down for 3 or 4 days. Nothing like a little bit of classic Army mass punishment to get the point across to the people who already got the point. Of course, this is the 2nd time that this has occurred and the Coalition Forces likely don’t understand that they are violating any rules (you know, since no one had the balls to tell them). So it will occur again and again until someone in the US Command gets the moral and political courage to confront the Italians and Spanish about it.

Reminds me of Camp Phoenix when the Garrison Commander told the Brits that they could no longer bring alcohol onto the post. The Brits told him to go to hell and moved off of Camp Phoenix that week. It’s very important to the U.S. Army in Afghanistan that the Adults in it’s forces not imbibe. Can’t offend those Muslims. Half of whom drink themselves. I can’t count the times that an Afghani ANP officer has offered me a drink.

Gotta love America and the Army. They take the fun out of everything. They’ll send you to fight in the land of Islam and you better die sober…(and with your seat belt on or no insurance money for your spouse). These are the laws and rules as handed down by the U.S. Congress. All of whom violate these same laws when they travel to these areas.

Brit Commander; “You Yanks certainly know how to run a war but you sure don’t know how to have fun with one.”