An Open Letter to the American Police


The Police are an arm of the State.

They are enforcers of Law.

As such, the People should always have the benefit of the doubt. This is part of the reason that we broke off from England.

What you seem to want is for the Police to be beyond reproach. You want obedience. Immediate acquiescence to Police Authority.

Is that the America which you really want?

A people who obey without thought. A people who are so cowed by authority that they think not at all and simply obey commands from perceived authority.

That sounds a lot like the Soviet Union or Saudi Arabia. That does not sound like America.

When the Police can do as they please and violate the Constitution with impunity, we are all slaves.

Already, the Fourth Amendment is all but meaningless.

Police enforce laws that are immoral and based on proven lies and propaganda.

If being anti-Police means that I question their word over that of the People of the United States, then, by all means, call me anti-Police. I will always be thus.

I am for Liberty.

Liberty is impossible without hard restraints on the State Police Forces.

Police already have Qualified Immunity. Police have Civil Asset Forfeiture. Police have Unions which make them unaccountable to the People.

This is not Liberty.

Police should always be accountable to the People. They should not be above the law.

I can’t believe that these beliefs are being espoused in America.

Ben Franklin said that it is better that 100 guilty men go free than One Innocent be imprisoned. American Police today seem to believe the opposite.

In America today, we have innocents in prison because our Justice system is stacked against the Citizen. We have hundreds of thousands of Citizens in prison for nothing more than smoking a plant.

This is not Liberty. This is tyranny.

Police should always be questioned for they are an arm of the State. Traditionally, they are one of the first organizations of the State to be used AGAINST the people.

And do not say that you would not allow this to happen because it has and is occurring as I type this.

The War On Drugs is nothing more than a War on Liberty. It was conceived as such and it will always be so. When Nixon put the American Drug Policy and created the forerunner to the DEA, he did so to target his enemies on the Left whom he characterized as “hippies, niggers and spics.”

That is the origin of drug prohibition. The marijuana policy of the Federal Government was created on a foundation of lies. Lies that have been exposed to the light of day and still the Police want to prosecute this lunatic war on a plant that grows wild in nature.

This is one of the few areas on which I can agree with Obama. The American Police are out of control. Most enforcement of law is centered on revenue raising. Police aren’t out there protecting and serving the people. They are raising revenue for the State. They are raising revenue to pay their salaries and to fund all of the cool toys of war that they now use against the People of the United States of America.

Murders go unsolved so that Police can waste millions of dollars burning marijuana plants and arrest 16 year olds for possession of a few ounces of weed.

Police in America should be ashamed of themselves.

Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
QUOTATION: That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.
ATTRIBUTION: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, letter to Benjamin Vaughan, March 14, 1785.—The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, ed. Albert H. Smyth, vol. 9, p. 293 (1906).

He was echoing Voltaire, “that generous Maxim, that ’tis much more Prudence to acquit two Persons, tho’ actually guilty, than to pass Sentence of Condemnation on one that is virtuous and innocent.—Zadig, chapter 6, p. 53 (1749, reprinted 1974).

Sir William Blackstone, in his Commentaries on the Laws of England, 9th ed., book 4, chapter 27, p. 358 (1783, reprinted 1978), says, “For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.”


Prohibition & The War On Drugs



This is the essence of #Prohibition.
It is the ultimate faithless act when it comes to good intentions and roads being paved to #Hell.
Prohibition never works.
Drug Prohibition (i.e., the #WarOnDrugs) has not worked and will not work.
The Government of the United States of America has lied all along about drugs. The Government of the US in the form of the FDA has approved and allowed to be marketed the exact same drugs that it prohibits in synthetic form. These drugs are far more harmful than their nature provided counterparts/originals.
The Government does not care about all of the sheep out there who dimly and blithely follow their every command and support the tyranny of the #State and the enslavement of the Sheople.
The Government using the #WarOnDrugs as a tool has had one goal in mind. That goal has always been to protect certain Corporate Cartels such as Dupont and Standard Oil. In this age, the War On Drugs is continued to protect the Pfizers and the #MartinShkreli types of America.
The War On Drugs is not continued to protect the health or well being of the Citizens of the United States of America. The War On Drugs, in fact, does the opposite. It harms Americans. It kills Americans. It directly assaults and diminishes #Liberty.

American Police Are a Menace to Society (WARNING: POLICE BASHING)

Police Fan Boys and Girls are constantly asking me why I “bash” the Police.

I can’t give a better answer than this video.

In this video,Levar Edward Jones stopped to get gas on his way home from work. Levar was approached by the Police Officer for no apparently reason. The Cop demanded to see Mr. Jones’ drivers license. When Mr. Jones’ reached into his car to retrieve his wallet, Officer Groubert immediately started firing on him. Mr. Jones presented no threat. The Cop fired 4 (5?) shots. Two shots were clearly fired AFTER the man had placed his hands in the air. AT NO TIME WAS THIS POLICE OFFICER’S LIFE IN DANGER. There was absolutely no reason for this police officer to have believed his life to be in danger. Black people are not inherently dangerous regardless of the obviously cowardly beliefs of this particular cop.

cover_0808.inddThis particular officer, Lance Corporal Sean Groubert, has had 5 complaints against him in the past couple of years. This State Thug was an obvious menace to society. In the 4 Sept incident, Groubert fires 4 times at an innocent citizen for no reason.  Directly behind Mr. Jones was a gas pumping station. Groubert is obviously and incompetent buffoon who should have been fired long ago. His actions will cost the tax payers of South Carolina millions of dollars. It could have been far worse.  He like other Police endanger society, place innocent lives in danger on a daily basis and cost us valuable resources and many, millions of taxpayer dollars. They also serve to make the public distrust the police and government.

This individual is no longer a Police Officer. He was fired. He has been charged with assault and battery. That is not enough. He should be charged, additionally, with reckless endangerment and attempted murder. I’m surprised that he’s been charged at all as most police are never charged with any crimes for their criminal activities while on duty. Most often, this behavior is swept under the rug as in Ferguson, MO.

These kinds of shootings occur far too often in America today. This is inexcusable behavior for any human being. It is worse that a Police Officer behaves in this manner. Police are, everyday, putting our lives in danger because they are panicky and fearful due to what can only be a lack of training, discipline and professionalism.

A couple of weeks back, Police in Florida fired 377 shots at 2 perps who had just robbed a convenience store (?). By the time the Police caught up with the perps, the two robbers had been home, changed cars and dished their loot and guns. After the police had stopped firing and the dust had settled, there was at least one injured Police Officer and several thousand dollarsimages worth of damaged property (homes shot, cars shot, etc). A 12 year old child had to duck and find cover as the childs house was in the line of fire.

The perps were killed despite being unarmed and, therefore, never having presented a real danger to the Police a the they were unarmed.

These incidents are occurring on nearly a daily basis. Police, who are supposed to serve and protect, have become a menace to society. They present more dangers than they prevent. They carry with them death and destruction and unleash it on society with little care for the lives of innocents or for preserving property and have zero concern for the rights of American citizens.

Much of this is the fault of the courts. The US Courts have made police all but invincible by giving them “qualified immunity.” This immunity has made Police forces collectively and individually above the law. The Police must be subject to the same laws which they are sworn to uphold. If not, we may as well stop calling ourselves a Democracy or a Republic and face the fact that America has become a Police State.