Other Issues in the Ferguson/Mike Brown/Darren Wilson Tragedy


I agree that race is involved in these kinds of cases. However, race is not involved in all of these cases.

The Police kill White people as well.

Black Cops kill non-Black citizens. Are those shootings affected by race? I couldn’t say.

I’m not saying that race is not AN important issue in the MB shooting.

I’m saying that it is but one issue.

Another important issue is the total lack of police accountability (aka qualified immunity). That’s an important one as well. Police can shoot the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reasons BUT simply because the Cop felt threatened can get away with murder.

A Cop can literally walk into a Citizens house with intent to take anything he wishes and shoot the owner. The Cop can say that he smelled marijuana giving him probable cause. The Cop can shoot the Citizen who confronts him and claim that he felt threatened…that his life was in danger. The Cop can take a kitchen knife out of the Citizens kitchen drawer and lay it at the side of the Citizen.

This is a plausible scenario.

Cops have and do plant evidence.

Cops have and do enact character assassination.

Cops have and will shoot just about anyone.

Yes, race is an issue. Yes, race is an important issue. However, race is not the only issue.

If they take the rights of all Citizens away by destroying the US Constitution, race won’t matter a wit.

Everyone will be oppressed.

Darren Wilson ultimately shot a teenager for being in the middle of the street.

Brown probably attacked him. Brown may or may not have had his hands up.

How did it come to pass that Brown attacked Officer Wilson? How did Wilson put himself in position to be attacked? How did the situation escalate? Did Officer Wilson aggravate the situation? What did Officer Wilson say or do, if anything, that enraged Mike Brown enough so as to commit what amounts to a suicidal act in America (violent confrontation with Police forces)? These are important questions as well.

Maryland Police Initiate New Retard Euthanasia Program


Want to get rid of that drain on your financial resources?  Just send his retarded ass to Frederick, Maryland.  The police will take him out for you.

That’s right.  And the beauty of this program is that it is tax payer subsidized.  The only costs incurred by you are transportation to the theater, body removal to the funeral home and burial expenses.

Yes, just like in Nazi Germany.  The State will expose of your retard for you — FREE OF CHARGE.  Send him or her on over today!

Imagine the savings.  That freeloading little piece of shit will never again drain your resources.

Send your little retard to a Frederick, Maryland theater soon.  Feel the freedom of no longer having to support that worthless little son of a bitch.

After he’s gone, you can take that European Vacation for which you’ve been longing for lo these many years.