Are all sports writers idiots or is it just a Pat Forde/Pete Thamel thing?


Pat Forde recently wrote this terrifically stupid article about Nerlens Noel’s injury and David Stern’s culpability for said injury:

The greater issue is Noel’s future, and the way it is put at risk by a system that forced him to play college ball for a year instead of going straight into the NBA draft.

Noel may have gotten hurt in 2013 no matter where he was playing, but at least he would be under contract and well-compensated by whatever NBA team would have drafted him in the first round last June.

Instead, he wound up playing for scholarship money at Kentucky. And while that is nothing to sneeze at, Noel’s presence on campus represents restraint of trade and a bastardization of what college is supposed to be.

Bastardization of what college is supposed to be?  Isn’t College supposed to prepare one for the future?  A future profession of some sort?  Is Sports not a full fledged profession in a multi-Billion dollar business?  The NBA is arguably one of THE most successful businesses on the planet.

Surely, a year or two in college under the tutelage of Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, Bill Self, John Calipari, Tom Crean and a couple of dozen other coaches prepares students of the sports business for a professional career in [AGAIN] arguably one of the most successful businesses on the globe.

Are all sports writers idiots or is that just a Pat Forde/Pete Thamel thing?

The NBA makes decisions based on it’s business model.

Law Firms require prospective attorneys to obtain a degree, pass the bar, etc.

Corporations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft require university study or some kind of certification.

Hospitals require Doctors to obtain a degree and serious amounts of professional training.  Some would say that even those requirements are not enough since hospitals and doctors routinely kill people under their care.

Nearly every profession out there requires some sort of post high school training.

Somehow, sports business should be exempted from this?

How does that make sense?

I am so tired of people harping moronically on the one and done rule in this manner.

What should happen is that kids should be allowed to declare after high school.  They should be allowed to try out.  If they make it, they become professionals.  If they do not, they should be able to enroll in college, train to become professional sports athletes and try it again in the draft or as a free agent.

But the NCAA is too idiotic [GREEDY] for such a common sense approach and the NBA is not interested in it as the NBA Players Union are only in it to get more athletes on the rolls of agencies.

These kids should have agents from the time that they become marketable.  They should have the advantage of professional counsel.  That is the travesty here.  The NCAA doesn’t want intelligent, well informed athletes committing to their schools.  They want empty headed, easily cowed sheep who will sign any document slapped in front of them.

Most of the problems with Collegiate athletics IS THE NCAA.  It’s not the agents or handlers or posses.  It’s the corrupt NCAA.

Pete Thamel and Pat Forde are NCAA gophers, hooligans and thugs.  Of course, they want the NBA to help out Mark Emmert and other shadow thieves and masterminds of the NCAA Scholarship Slave assembly line that fills their pockets with midas’ gold.

I wonder how much the NCAA pays these guys to do their sniping for them???

The Media and the NCAA

OXYMORON:  Sports Journalism

OXYMORON: Sports Journalism

Every summer, there’s a scandal and investigations and media created brouhaha.

Pete Thamel and the rest come out of their caves to stalk some 17 or 18 year old kid and his entourage.  I wonder how it feels to have your life revolve around the lives of 15 to 18 year old kids.  Pete Thamel knows all about it.  The guy has a disease.  I wonder if he surfs the Russian internets to find kiddie porn.  He’s obviously obsessed with children and their naughty little secrets.  Maybe Thamel envisions himself in a Nun Habit spanking 6′ 8″ Black kids on the rear for being naughty.  I’m sure his ultimate fantasy is spanking that same Black kid while he’s wearing a Kentucky Basketball Jersey.

These folks have a sickness.  They speak of College Basketball as if it’s some sacred institution.

Hey Pete!  Here’s a clue.  It’s a game.

These same morons (Pete Thamel, Pat Forde, et al) speak in hushed tones about John Wooden ~ The Wizard of Westwood.

What’s the difference between John Wooden and Tark the Shark?

Wooden’s Boosters weren’t caught until AFTER Saint John retired and was already Canonized by the NCAA and the Sports Media.  Once the Media Canonizes you, they will not admit the mistake.  They might seem imperfect.  And we all know that the Sports Media are so perfect and blameless as to make Jesus Christ seem the Mass Murderer.

Had Sam Gilbert been caught while Wooden was winning his multiple Championships, the media would have crucified Saint John.  Coach Wooden was already long retired and long the Holiest Man in College Basketball when the truth of Sam Gilbert came out.

A straight THUG purchases abortions, shoes, cars, clothing and gives “pocket money” to a decades worth of athletes at UCLA while Wooden is winning successive Championships.  This is the same era that ended with Kentucky getting a near death penalty.  Kentucky was hammered for much less than the rulebreaking that went on for a couple of decades under the “watchfully” blinkered eyes of Saint John the Wizard.  I reckon his magic only worked on the ball court.  He certainly wasn’t omnipotent off the court or he’d have known what was going on with his players and Sam Gilbert.

One could take the “crimes” of Tark, Calipari, Pearl, Harrick, Sampson and Sutton and still not have a sum total near that of the crookedness of the College Basketball Program of John Wooden.

That Wooden Era is supposedly the Golden Era of College Basketball.  The days to which all of these sports morons like Pete Thamel and Pat Forde wish to return.

I have a question for Pete Thamel, though.  Who is covering the programs over at Syracuse.  Isn’t that your area?  While kids are getting molested by an old man in the Syracuse Basketball program, Pete Thamel is investigating kids at Kentucky and Georgetown.  All the while turning a blind eye to Syracuse Boosters and their child molesting assistant coaches.

I bet there has never been a scandal at Syracuse, so, good ol’ Petey got bored and decided that his career of riches would start with John Calipari.

I’ve noted time and again on this blog the hypocrisy of the NCAA and the Sports Media.  Their treatment of Bill Self, John Wooden, Roy Williams.  These guys cheat and the media turns a blind eye.  They may write a story about it.  However, it doesn’t become a scandal.  One of their chosen could rape a 5 year old and the Sports Media would bury it.  They’d choose instead to write an unsubstantiated story about a Kentucky recruit for whom a homeless man bought lunch while said recruit was 5 years old.

That’s your Sports Media.  What’s worse is that so much of the following in Sports buys into the utterly contemptible garbage spewed forth by these morons.  Makes me wanna curse…and then laugh.  Gullibility in the sports world is almost as ubiquitous as unprofessional journalism while “Sports Journalism” has become as oxymoronic as Military Intelligence.