Firemen, Police and Teachers, Oh My!!!


“As nice as they are to have, teaching jobs, fireman, policeman, they are all paid for with money out of the private sector. They are paid for with tax revenue from citizens. They cut into the amount of money left for private sector jobs, they don’t grow the number of private sector jobs, they reduce them. Now, I’ve gotta to be very careful here because no one is against teachers or fireman or cops, but those are public sector jobs.”

“They aren’t private sector jobs, they do not contribute to economic growth. Their purpose is otherwise. They have an entirely different purpose. Public safety, public education, but there’s no growth in the economy if you add those jobs. If there aren’t other types of private sector jobs added, while at the same time were adding to the fire rolls, the cop rolls and the teachers, we are reducing the size of the private sector. This is Marxism 101.”

These are two quotes from Rush Limbaugh.   These comments were made during the recent run up to Election 2012.

Now, I have a couple of questions:
1.  If we hire teachers, police and firemen, do we not pay them?

2.  If we hire teachers, police and firemen, do we not provide them with equipment?

The government will purchase vehicles, firearms, radios and other equipment.  Does this not contribute to the economy?  Do these people not serve a purpose in ensuring that the economy of the United States drives on.  Firemen keep fires from spreading and destroying homes, businesses, etc.  Police serve as a deterrent to crime and to indirectly protect private and commercial property.  They also keep the peace to a degree.

Though, it is a given that the police do cross the line at times and serve to disturb the peace nearly as much as they keep the peace.  Especially when they are utilized by  Politicians as jackbooted thugs which seems to be growing all too common these days.

Teachers serve or at least many attempt to produce intelligent citizens who can enter the job market and contribute to the economy.  This is arguable at times as many teachers are as worthless as teats on a boar hog but, for the most part, teachers serve their purpose and pump out young adults who do enter the job market and are, for the most part, literate.  Though this effort is stifled by outdated notions of job security for even the most inefficient scum who suck off of the government parasitically while producing nothing in the way of improvement in the minds of our youth.

With all of that in mind, each of these positions do, in fact, contribute to the economic growth of the nation.  Yet, they simultaneously curb the private sectors ability to introduce funds into the economy.  Where would those funds better serve the economy?  That could be debated endlessly.

Rush Limbaugh, as usual, is wrong and only running his mouth with the hyperbolic fervor that has made him a millionaire.  That is, after all, his goal.  Talk loud, spin everything, keep empty heads nodding and spending money to support him and his personal economy.

Has there ever been a greater moron with a greater following of foolish sheep in the history of radio/cable TV?  I don’t know.  Maybe Glenn Beck gave him competition.  The morons at Huff Post give the Dittoheads a good run for their money.


Rush Limbaugh is another of those partisan hacks whom I find to be so treasonous.  He’s as dangerous a character as any James Wilkerson or Benedict Arnold in American History.  He does more damage than good by keeping the nation divided and unfocused on real issues or, more importantly, solutions.  He’s simply a tool of the partisans of the GOP.

The fat bastard should be deported to Saudi Arabia where he can serve as the mouthpiece for Islamic lunacy and the Saudi Oil interests.

Hurricane Sandy and the Tomb of the Unknowns

This photo is old. It was not taken during Hurricane Sandy. Despite the propaganda.

This photo is old. It was not taken during Hurricane Sandy. Despite the propaganda.

These guys (the Tomb Guards) are out there for 15 to 30 minutes at a time during inclement weather. Their warm and cushy barracks/office stands a mere 20 feet from their duty station.

Please excuse me if I’m not all that impressed by their “sacrifice” but I served in The Old Guard for 3 years with these prima donnas.   Personally, I find the whole thing hilarious.  Certainly, it is difficult to become a tomb guard.  As part of the process, a prospective tomb guard must memorize the whole of  Arlington National Cemetery.  They must also be able to locate within a moments notice and within 15 minutes of being asked any tomb, placard or grave marker within Arlington National Cemetery.  Lots of useless information since they are NOT ANC tour guides.

Again, please excuse me, if I’m not impressed with their standing out in the rain or snow for 20 or 30 minutes.

Especially after I spent two to three weeks at a time in a tent, fox hole or on guard duty in the Siberian winter like cold of the Koreas where there is no absolutely no break from the cold and your tent freezes over night, your boots are frozen so stiff that you can’t get your feet into them and your socks that you left out to dry over night are standing at a rigid, imitation of the position of attention and you have to spend 15 minutes holding them over the fire to thaw them out enough to put back on your cold, near frost bitten feet.

The Old Guard is a cush assignment.  It’s one of the easiest assignments in the Army.  Sure, it’s a pain in the butt getting ready for ceremonies constantly.  Burial duty is sad and an equal pain in the ass.  But it was an honor to be able to participate in placing a veteran or soldier honorably in his final resting place.  Regardless of how difficult the Army made the act for it’s living soldiers.

I’m impressed by the arduous and danger filled lives led by combat soldiers.  That impresses me.  Show me photos of men and women sharing the danger of actual combat and I’ll be impressed.

Show me a guy sleeping in the mud on a FOB because they’re waiting to go on convoy, HELL…I did that as a civilian in Afghanistan.  A guy sitting on a FOB safe and sound.  Not impressed.  A guy standing for 15 or 20 minutes in the rain or snow wearing nice, warm clothing and standing a mere 20 feet from warmth and comfort.  Not impressed.

I don’t care how pretty they are or how many gravestones they can locate in Arlington National Cemetery.

I completely understand why retired Vets who never served in The Old Guard and civilians fall under the spell of ANC and the Tomb Guard.  That’s the whole purpose of the operation.

I’ve been there.  Seen it.  Stood in the Tomb Office and chatted with the guards before they walked out to their post and conducted the changing of the guard.  I’ve drank with guys who were Tomb Guards out on the town in Northern Virginia, Georgetown and DC.

They’re good guys most of them.  They go through hell to get that damnable badge and once they get the badge, they are held to a life long standard against which award of that badge might be rescinded for failure to uphold said standard.

I love the Tomb Soldiers and the idea of eternal vigilance.  What irks hell and holy water out of me is when these guys are used as political pawn by right wing freaks attempting to guilt me into feeling some kind of duty to their ideological dogma.  Guarding the Tomb is an honor.  Let’s leave it at that.

I’ve seen the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns at least a couple of dozen times.  There is a certain majesty to it.  There is greatness in a Nation honoring it’s fallen thusly.

I’ve laid flags in Arlington National Cemetery 3 years in a row for Memorial Day.  It was an honor to complete this mission in honor of our veterans and fallen soldiers.  There is a tingling in my spine even now, years later as I write about it.  Yet, let us leave the politics out of it.  Let it be an honor to our soldiers.  Let it not be an attack along partisan political lines.

When it comes to silly, partisan political propaganda like this, there is an old saying oft repeated by a First Sergeant of mine in the late ’80s; “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”