Black Lives Matter

It is not that I don’t believe that #BlackLivesMatter. It is that I believe that #NoLifeMatters to the State.

Black Lives Matter misses the whole damned point. The State doesn’t care about you. The masses don’t care about you. They never will. Black people do not care about the masses. Nor do White people.

Generally speaking, the average Homo Sapiens cares about a small circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Outside of that circle, everything grows abstract.

If a White person has Black friends, that White person will have some awareness of the trials of being Black in America. If they do not, they will not. Nor will they generally think about it.

This is the same with Black people, Asian, Arab and other people.

Which brings us to the challenge of #BlackLivesMatter. By focusing on such a specific group of people, you have left out a majority of the population of America. Those with Black friends, family and acquaintances will care to some degree. Those outside of the circle may show some empathy but will expend zero energy for a cause outside of their circle of awareness and empathy.

The use of BLACK in the term is self defeating.

And then we have this odd demand of those who listen to Hip Hop and Rap for Cultural Awareness.

Do Black people concern themselves with the culture of other peoples when they listen to classical music, Persian or Arab music, or, even, Shakira? If not, why is it incumbent upon White people to know the history of Hip Hop or Robert Johnson when they listen to this music.

Most people listen to music that moves them. Very few people delve into the lives or histories behind the music.

It doesn’t help matters when Black Americans claim pieces of history for themselves that have occurred all across the planet. For instance, braided hair. Black people in Africa and Slaves are not the only folks in history to have ever braided their hair. This goes for dreadlocks and a whole slew of “Black Culture” claims.

Black Lives Matter has Zero Credibility


Black Lives Matter as a movement will not be taken seriously until they learn to differentiate between a Blue Thug murdering a Citizen and a Cop killing an armed criminal. Certainly, the Blue Thugs are more prone to killing Black Citizens. Yet, it crushes any credibility of the movement when they demonstrate against a Cop who has shot an actual criminal who actually had a firearm and who actually pointed it at a Cop, refused to drop the weapon or shot at an actual Cop or a Citizen.

When a Blue Thug kills an actual innocent Black person, Black Lives Matter should be out in force. When a Cop shoots an actual criminal, Black Lives Matter should be silent. Until that happens, no one can take them seriously. They’ve become the Al Sharpton of political movements. They have zero credibility.

I would love for this movement to have credibility. This is an important subject. Police Brutality does, I believe, disproportionately affect Black Americans. It does not ONLY affect Black Americans though. Police Brutality affects everyone.

For morons who keep asking about Black on Black crime, yes, this is another important issue. Yet, it is a separate issue.Black on Black crime is Citizen against Citizen. Police Brutality is a State Power issue. When the State assumes the power of life and death and does so with such ease as do Police, we have an issue. A huge issue.

Much of the Black on Black crime that is out there, I believe is created by the War on Drugs. End the War on Drugs and much Black on Black crime within Black Communities will dissipate. Many of the problems within the Black Communities in America have been created by the State.

The lesson that everyone is missing in all of this is that NO LIFE MATTERS to the State. The State uses the Citizens and others as a tax base and to legitimize itself via elections. The State doesn’t care about Black lives or White lives or any lives. It cares only that it continues to exist. Once you realize this, things start to make sense.