Colin Kaepernick, Nike and Betsy Ross


These Africans are beings sold as slaves by Africans RIGHT NOW!

Betsy Ross was born into a Quaker family. She grew up a Quaker. She was born in Pennsilvania which was a free State and had already abolished slavery. It is as likely as not that Ross was on the anti-slavery side of the equation.

If the Flag of the United States of America is offensive and reeks of slavery then so to does every African Flag extant.

Slavery is ongoing in Africa. Africans are being sold as slaves as I type this.

Is Africa offensive and does it carry slavery connotations?

If the answer is no, then Colin Kaepernick is a hypocrite.

Are you a hypocrite, Colin Kaepernick?

Nike is hypocritical as well.

There would have been no African slave trade were it not for Africans selling their brothers and sisters enmasse for hundreds and thousands of years.

Everything African is offensive and has slavery connotations.

This includes Egypt and Islam which originated in Arabia in the Middle East.

As a matter of fact, being African and Black Pride is offensive and carries connotations of slavery because Africans were extremely proud of their Slaving history and became extremely wealthy from the sale of human beings into bondage.


If this shoe is offensive and has “slavery connotations”…


How is this shoe not offensive and how does it not have “slavery connotations”…


Egypt is one of the first empires to hold slaves. Essentially Egypt invented slavery. Egypt started slavery thousands of years before the United States of America existed and there are slaves being bought and sold in Egypt right now.

And then there is this shoe…


Africans grew immeasurably wealthy from the African slave trade to the Americas and elsewhere. Africans grow wealthy from selling and trading in the human bondage business at this moment.

No! White people are not solely responsible for slavery or the enslavement of millions of Africans.  If everything White is offensive to people like Colin Kaepernick, why isn’t everything Black and African equally offensive to them. Is Colin Kaepernick a simple minded racist? More and more, it would seem that this is an explanation for his behaviors and mindset.

I was a supporter of Colin Kaepernick as you would inevitably find by perusing my blog. I am reconsidering that support and finding myself more and more on a different side. It would seem that Colin Kaepernick has initiated a War on Whiteness.





Nike, Colin and the New and Improved 1st Amendment

The New and Improved First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances…as long as the troublemakers assemble and redress said grievances in an acceptable place and at an acceptable time so as not to offend anyone’s sensibilities.

And no one should ever offend the Patriots who have never served the Nation in the Armed Forces by sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem or “misrespecting” the Stars and Bars.

Oh…and the Confederate Flags that flew over the State Capitals of the former and short lived losers of the War Between the States should not be considered offensive to anyone even though Jefferson Davis was a piece of shit loser who probably beat his wife and raped his slaves (boys and girls) for enjoyment.


Lebron James: The King and his petty fiefdom…

dethroning the King

dethroning the King

Jordan Crawford the Indiana swingman threw down on King James yesterday.  He’ll be an instant legend in the sports world.  The problem, though, is that James thinks he’s too big to be shown up in such a manner.  Like his temper tantrum after being defeated in the NBA Playoffs.  Where James stormed off like a tempestuous child.  James didn’t care for being shown up by a mere college baller.

After the dunk, James immediately called over the Nike rep who was on hand at his Basketball camp and ordered that all video of the moment be confiscated.

I think the press should sue James.

Seems a bit unAmerican for James to demand that the press hand over the video.  God forbid that James be humiliated by a mere collegiate athlete.  Especially one who played on an Indiana team that went sub .500 last year.

James plays a good game and tries to put out an image that has good guy written all over it.  This latest move is straight out of Chairman Mao’s handbook.

Bad call James.  Everyone knows it happened.  Take your lumps like the rest of the world.  You’d look far better to the masses if you allowed us a peak into your human side.

Even worse call by the Nike reps who confiscated the video.

Had I been there, I’d have declined the offer to hand over the video.

There won’t be a lawsuit because that will further limit coverage of James.  If he can be this petty, I’m sure that he’ll be blackballing any Journalist or media folks who cross his Highness.

Extremely poor sportsmanship.  I’ve been slowly losing respect for James.  This simply takes me a step further from admiration of the guy.  He’s human.  As are we all.  There’s no shame in that revelation.

flat on his face after that move

flat on his face after that move

confiscate those videos NOW!!!

confiscate those videos NOW!!!

or are we...?

or are we...?