A Father Who Never Was


WARNING! A bit of personal family drama purposely made public.

Pls don’t hold it against me. Forgive me this one time.


Ah…the love of a Father from whom you never hear a word until he needs something:

“David how are you I hope you are good!!!!!!! I hate to ask you this but is there any way you can lend me $1500.00.I will pay you every penny of it back . You know I left Doris and she took out another EPO on me for the next three years where I can’t go within 500 ft of her or her family. I just need enough to buy me a bed so I can get off this floor and to get me a lawn mover to cut my grass and not have to use Ginger’s any more. I can only make so much money at work as I’m on SS. I can make only $14,640.00 a year until I’m 66 then I can work all the hours I want. By the way I’m living alone now she left me because of what Doris did to her. So if you can help me I would thank you with all my heart.
Love dad”

It’s the same pattern he’s followed since childhood. Create problems for himself and anyone unlucky enough to be in his general vicinity. Run from that problem(s). Ask family for money. Deny that he was the cause of the problems in the first place. Blissfully and blithely move forward whilst leaving destruction and pain in his wake.

Such a Grand Guy!

And now, he threatens to sue his children because they won’t talk to him AND they tell truths about the past about which he is in complete denial.

Perhaps, I should write Walmart and tell them that they have a convicted rapist working for them in Shelbyville/Louisville, Kentucky.

He could add Walmart to the suit.

Wouldn’t that be grand.

What a guy! What a fuckin’ guy.

Perhaps, he could make millions. Maybe then, he’d be satisfied and leave us alone. I doubt it, though.

What else can one say about a Father who spends 16 years ruining the lives of his children and the next 32 alienating them.

There is much that could be said. However, I believe that I’ll spare the internet this nonsense. It’s all a bit tiresome by now.

The only thing that I will say is that the old man should give up the ghost. He should stop blaming the Mother for the sins of the Father.

Confronting our Mother at familial gatherings only serves to alienate the children all the more. It has only served in the past and, now, in the present to raise the ire of the children whom he has neglected since their respective births.

divine1Choosing alcohol and fat, beer swilling bar maids over one’s children for the whole of their childhood and showing up drunk at home wreaking havoc amongst them whilst abusing their Mother does not bring about an appreciation of one’s fathering abilities. It certainly brings about no great love or bonds of affection.

Give up the ghost, daddy dearest. Come to terms with the fact that your children will never love you for you have never shown them love. You speak a good game. Your actions prove the opposite.


P.S. To the Grand Old Family of my Father. You were there. You saw the acts of this man. You saw him drunk. You saw the aftermath of his abuse. You saw his abuse in action. Yet, today, you allow him to lie to your face. Today, you expect and demand that we forget. Today, you still enable his abuse towards my Brothers and Sister and Mother. What the fuck is wrong with you people?