The NCAA is a Basket Case

87696bd8-c033-4c45-a254-fe897ff65d2b-Howard_053019_kdseqnsseqn_4I hate the way the NCAA censors and erases history. Those games happened. Those schools should be able to proudly display accomplishments…even if they were “tainted” by scandal.

The favored treatment of UCLA, John Wooden, UNC, Duke and Coaches Smith and Krzyzewski are cases in point.

All schools have had scandal. Yet the NCAA simply ignores those scandals. These are clear cases of favorable treatment.

It would seem to me that if there was anything closely resembling consistency in what is considered “justice” in the NCAA, UCLA, Wooden, UNC, Smith, Krzyzewski and Duke would all have wins, seasons and Championships erased.

With Juwan Howard returning to Michigan as the head coach of the basketball team, the NCAA should take time to address these issues with Michigan, the Fab 5 and the rest of the collective that is the NCAA Basketball union.


The Hypocrisy of Pat Forde

forde-lol.png.pagespeed.ce.8FckQal1a3As occurred when John Calipari finished his first season with Kentucky, Draft Night was a huge success for Kentucky Basketball Athletes. Along with that occurred what was become an annual affair. Pat Forde railed against Kentucky Coach John Calipari’s insistence that College Basketball be not only centered on a successful National Championship run but a successful night at the NBA Draft. Calipari wants the players he recruits to have success in moving on to a successful career in the NBA. Pat Forde thinks this is a bad idea. Pat Forde thinks that this is bad for College Basketball.

Pat Forde seems to think that College Basketball should not be about the players themselves but about everything else. Pat Forde seems to begrudge the Athletes any success or monetary gain themselves. All the while, Pat Forde’s whole financial existence is predicated upon College Basketball athletes.

College Sports Columnists can make money off of College Basketball. The Coaches whom Pat Forde admires such as Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino can rake in millions off of College Basketball. Mark Emert and the NCAA can make Billions off of College Basketball. Pat Forde, himself, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year off of College Basketball.

However, College Athletes are supposed to subsume their own financial well being for the greater good bottom line of the NCAA, College Basketball and College Sports Columnists.

Pat Forde loves nothing more than to crank yank John Calipari for not winning Championships with “the most talented roster” in College Basketball. Talent doesn’t always work out to the best team on any given night. Potential sometimes takes time. Some talent, such as Anthony Davis & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, can make the leap from High School to College and reach the highest potential. Others take more time. One cannot tell this to Pat Forde. If Calipari has the most talent, he should have the best team. He should win the NCAA Tournament. We shouldn’t even play the games. We should just crown that team whom Pat Forde has deemed the most talented. Certainly…

Pat Forde rips on Calipari each year after Draft Night. Of course, he let that animosity slide to the background in 2012 when Kentucky won the National Title. One has to wonder how Pat Forde held in all of that hatred. It must have killed him. I suppose he consoled himself by ghost writing a hagiography about the Philandering Pitino and Petrino Brothers.

ReboundRules_hc_cCalipari says that Draft Night is important to Kentucky. Kentucky is a Player’s First Program. To Pat Forde that is anathema to College Basketball. Talented men (and one assumes women) should put the NCAA first. They should be students first. They should be everything first except human beings who wish to put their talents to use at the highest level of their chosen profession. God forbid that these human beings wish to profit themselves from their talents. These particular children of God should stay in the NCAA for four years and allow the NCAA to profit immensely while they themselves “earn” a degree that is mostly worthless and as they themselves take all of the risk upon themselves.

For it is a given that if a talented athlete suffers a “career” ending injury, the NCAA will throw them under the bus.

The morality of it all! Calamity of Calamities!

A Black Teenager or early Twenty Something using his talents to enrich himself. We can’t have that. That’s bad for the NCAA. Because it is bad for this to happen:

John Calipari accomplishes his prized goal: watching Kentucky players get drafted

That is the Column Title to the latest Pat Forde hit piece aimed at John Calipari.

Below are to more gems from the keyboard of the most hateful human in College Sports:

Fortunately he has educated the Kentucky fans on the miniscule nature of the national title mission. They now see the bigger mission: helping guys like Karl-Anthony Towns get drafted No. 1, because he surely wouldn’t have had a chance at being the No. 1 pick if he’d been coached for six months by a lesser man and smaller stone than Calipari. Imagine if Towns had made the monumental mistake of playing for Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self or Roy Williams – he’d probably be an undrafted free agent.

And another:

Who said winning and getting your players drafted are mutually exclusive? Duke won it all and had three first-round picks Thursday night. Wisconsin played in the title game and had two in the top 20. Yet neither Krzyzewski nor Bo Ryan feel compelled to sell their fan base on the dubious premise that the draft is a higher goal than a national championship.

Apparently, winning is everything to Pat Forde. It is a zero sum game. Either Calipari wins the National Championship each year or he is a failure. Thus sayeth Pat Forde.

The irony! Oh, the irony!

This is the same attitude which Pat Forde uses as a weapon against the University of Kentucky Basketball Fan Base. When Kentucky fans were upset that Tubby Smith wasn’t getting to the Final Four much less the National Title game, columnists such as Pat Forde ripped into them. Kentucky fans were unrealistic. “No Coach can get to the Final Four or win a Title as much as Kentucky fans desire.” Kentucky fans were crazy. Kentucky fans were/are racist. Kentucky fans were bad people. Kentucky fans chased off a good Black Man because he was Black. These were all characterization made by Pat Forde and the National Sports Media. Yet, this is the exact same expectations that Pat Forde seems to have for John Calipari. Now, who is being unreasonable.

John Calipari has had an amazing run of success in the NCAA at Kentucky. He has 4 Final Fours, one Championship and a string of successful players transition to the NBA. His players have remained academically eligible. His players have been active in the community. There have been very few off the court issues. His four year players have graduated. And, yes, he has had Three (3) Number One NBA Draft Selections since 2010.

Of course, all has not been perfect. Aaron Harrison was not drafted. Daniel Orton was Daniel Orton. A couple of guys have transferred out for playing time or because they did not fit in well at the program.

Overall, Kentucky Basketball under John Calipari has been a smashing success and many attached to the program have gone on to success in the NBA and elsewhere.

I’m not certain why Pat Forde has such a problem with this…unless he just hates John Calipari.


The NCAA and Integrity


ncaadk.001 ncaanc.001

The NCAA ran roughshod over any and every line, in an attempt to prove that some extra benefits were provided.  In doing so, they crossed moral, ethical and possibly legal lines.The University’s lawyers were too scared to call foul on the NCAA, for fear of getting retribution for being uncooperative similar to that with USC was hit.  That’s correct; the report stated that an institution was afraid to defend itself because the NCAA punishes schools that do just that.  And the report saw nothing wrong with this, actually using it as a defense for the NCAA saying that the NCAA would have known they were doing wrong had the University’s lawyers said something. When it was discovered that the NCAA did in fact act improperly, they initiated an EXTREMELY narrow investigation designed to not look into almost all of their investigative activities.  This is completely the opposite approach that the NCAA uses when dealing with schools (Reggie Johnson was suspended 1 game for things completely unrelated to the Nevin Shapiro case, because the NCAA decided to comb through Miami’s entire athletic department after Shapiro opened the door). The NCAA used a scalpel to exclude exactly the information that was related to the depositions (directly or indirectly), and NOT exclude anything else even though they now know their investigator was corrupt and had contempt for investigative rules and fair play.The NCAA declared themselves a just and good organization despite this foul play reaching the highest levels of the NCAA organization and ignoring the fact that this foul play was in fact the result of investigators acting on Emmert’s own instruction to get “creative.”

Donna Shalala, University of Miami

The True Origin of the Term “Student-Athlete.”

“We crafted the term student-athlete,” Walter Byers himself wrote, “and soon it was embedded in all NCAA rules and interpretations.” The term came into play in the 1950s, when the widow of Ray Dennison, who had died from a head injury received while playing football in Colorado for the Fort Lewis A&M Aggies, filed for workmen’s-compensation death benefits. Did his football scholarship make the fatal collision a “work-related” accident? Was he a school employee, like his peers who worked part-time as teaching assistants and bookstore cashiers? Or was he a fluke victim of extracurricular pursuits? Given the hundreds of incapacitating injuries to college athletes each year, the answers to these questions had enormous consequences. The Colorado Supreme Court ultimately agreed with the school’s contention that he was not eligible for benefits, since the college was “not in the football business.”

That should make a whole lot of people feel extraordinarily stupid.

‘Just Imperfect as Human Beings’: How the NCAA Sees Itself and Its Future



Worshipping a false ideal

Mark Emmert and the NCAA Double Standard

Please pardon Kevin Ollie if he seems a bit confused. The sight of Carolina blue has that effect on people.

It apparently baffled the NCAA. The Tar Heels had major scholastic issues and escaped without a sanctioning scratch.

Like North Carolina, UConn had a major academic breakdown. The offenses weren’t the same, but how they were handled cries out for explanation. That will happen about the time Roy Williams wins Dancing with the Stars. All we can do is scratch our heads and wonder why every student at UNC doesn’t major in African and Afro-American Studies.

There were 54 classes in which the only apparent passing requirement was that the student be able to tackle or dribble.

It wrote the manual on double standards and arbitrary justice. In fact, NCAA officials could teach a course on those subjects. If they taught it at North Carolina, it would be in front of an empty room.

Not that anyone from the NCAA would notice.


UNC took a major blow with this scandal. Perception wise. They’ll be scrutinized more and more by the media now. If anything else happens, it will blow up cosmically.

UNC should have been placed on probation and had games/banners vacated. Had Sean May or any of a dozen other UNC basketball players not been enrolled in Afro-American non-studies, they’d have been in eligible. Julius Peppers would have been academically ineligible if it weren’t for those classes. That’s reality. The dude was barely eligible WITH them. UNC cheated and skated. And you can not tell me that Dean Smith, Guthridge, Doherty and Williams were oblivious to this. You may as well try to tell me that Wooden knew nothing about Sam Gilbert. Therefore, all of those guys are just as culpable. This stains the integrity of UNC and Dean Smith forever.

No one will talk about Smith, though. He’s another sacred cow. The man who put more athletes into the NBA than nearly anyone and still only came away with two Championships. The “innovator” of the Four Corners “offense” and the reason that the shot clock was enacted into NCAA Basketball legislation. Did anyone actually stay to watch that garbage or did the stands start to empty once it was employed?

The NCAA being what it is, UNC skates. Smith skates. Roy skates. Doherty ws already run out of town. Duke and K will skate on the Thomas scandal as well. The NCAA wants no part in laying the hammer on it’s two banner programs.

No one said that life is fair, I reckon. But the day will come…and probably not too far off.

Had that same scandal occurred at UK under Calipari or really any program under Calipari, the NCAA would have stepped in and lowered the boom.

Emmert and the rest of the NCAA gang have zero credibility, zero integrity. The Miami AD, Paul Dee, who became NCAA Commissar was proof enough of this.

More on Lance Thomas and the NCAA

That can’t happen. What Lance Thomas did in 2009 can’t happen — yet it did. What will the NCAA do about it?

Nothing. And you know it. It’s Corey Maggette all over again, a case that received some interest at first, then moved to the back burner, then fell off the stove entirely. Several years later, the NCAA determined Duke was innocent because its coach couldn’t have known what Piggie was up to when Maggette was in high school. No such luck for UCLA, Oklahoma State and Missouri, who were apparently supposed to know what Piggie was up to when their players (JaRon Rush of UCLA, Andre Williams of Oklahoma State, Kareem Rush of Missouri) were in high school.

This Lance Thomas case could follow a similar path. It’s getting interest now, but another scandal will happen soon enough, something shiny and sparkly, and like a bunch of dumb cats we’ll let Duke go and we’ll pounce on the new target. The Lance Thomas story will fade. That’s what the NCAA is counting on, anyway.

So is Duke.

Don’t let this one fade, people. It’s not so much that Duke was dastardly in 2010 — it’s the hypocrisy of the NCAA, which arbitrarily chooses the schools, and coaches, it wants to punish.

This one is all or nothing. Either Duke surrenders the 2010 national title … or nothing happens.

Don’t let this one fade, people.


But while we wait, the burden of expectation will be heavy. If there is anything even approximating a logical explanation for why a senior in college walked into a boutique jeweler on 47th Street in midtown Manhattan that caters to celebrities and professional athletes, and paid $30,000 up front for a black diamond necklace, a diamond-encrusted watch, a diamond cross, diamond earrings and a black diamond pendant in the shape of Jesus’ head, we’d all love to hear it. We’d also love to hear why the store would extend him a 15-day line of credit to pay the remaining sum of nearly $68,000 – and where Thomas thought he was going to come up with that money to pay the rest of the bill.

Anything less than every expendable effort to make Thomas cooperate with the NCAA would be a tacit admission that Coach K – American basketball hero, Olympian, public icon, hailed for 30 years as an exemplar of virtue in a shady profession – would prefer to not know the truth.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. It would be a repudiation of what Duke bills itself to be and who Mike Krzyzewski says he is.



Even the mainstream media is conceding that the NCAA will blatantly do nothing and that Duke and Coach K will get away with skirting the rules again.

The NCAA will allow Duke to ease on down the road with zero repercussions.  It’s what they do.  They did it for John Wooden.  They’ll do it again for Coach K.

Reality is Calling the NCAA and Mark Emmert

Why is a bad thing for the NBA to require some college for an entry level player? Nearly every other Profession requires some level/form of training/schooling/certification prior to considering applicants for hire.

A Lawyer must have a certain level of schooling and pass a bar exam. Medical Professionals all must have some level of schooling or certification. Computer Programmers must have some level of certification.

If the NBA wishes for it’s prospective employees to have one year or two years of college, how is that any different.

Are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Computer Geek Mercenaries? Are the people who exit college early to work for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc mercenaries for hire?

If I were David Stern, I would work towards at least three years and I’d work out a deal with the NBA for the NBA Draft to be treated as an Internship.

The NBA and NFL are Professions in the exact same way that becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Programmer or Pharmaceutical Rep are Professions.

Treat them in the same manner. That is the right thing to do.

This silly use of the terms “One and Done” and Mercenary is moronic. It’s infantile. The NCAA is the problem. Not the NBA. Why treat the NBA as if it’s a drug cartel? Why treat contact with the professionals who are involved in the Sports Profession as if they are drug dealers?

The traditionalists rant and rave that the “One and Done” rule is ruining College Basketball.  They complain that it has turned the NCAA into a minor league for the NBA.  This is exactly how Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, the Supreme Court and Wall Street treat the University System.  Why is this bad for Athletes but good for Doctors and Lawyers and Money Market Managers and such?

Treat the NBA as the Profession and Business that it is. Problem solved.

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‘Nuff said…

My gal painted this for me.  Not quite finished, though.

I asked Unny to paint this sign for me on a whim.  Now that it’s done, I don’t know what to do with it.  Well, when she completes it.  Maybe we’ll sell it on ebay.  lol  Hell, maybe I should Fed Ex it to Coach Cal so he can take it with him to the NCAA Appeals Board.  haha

Riffing on the NCAA and the NBA Age Restriction

Why should one go to college?

Is it for the college experience? I’d say that’s the immature reason to go to college.

The reason that folks go to college or any school is to get training or a degree or some type of higher learning to prepare them for some kind of profession.

Basketball is a profession. Sure, it’s a short lived profession.

Nevertheless, it is a profession.

The NCAA should start treating it as such.

Students of the game should be allowed to maximize their instruction time. They should be allowed to learn their chosen profession.

Instead, the NCAA limits instruction in their chosen profession.

It would be like MIT telling mathematics or comp science/programming students that they can only dedicate certain periods/times to the study of mathematics or quantum physics or programming.

It’s all asinine.

If a kid, regardless of his financial situation, can go straight to the NBA out of HS, then they should be allowed to do so.

Kids can go straight to work for Humana or Google or Microsoft out of HS and make a 6 figure salary.

What’s the difference….????

Some kids need a couple more years.

That is where the NBA and the NCAA sit down and make some common sense rules.

A kid makes himself available for the draft. If he is drafted, his pay is deferred until he is evaluated. If he passes muster in the summer league, he stays. If not or if he goes undrafted, he goes back to college. Patrick Patterson could have benefitted from such an eval period. Orton would have. Meeks would have. Many players each year would benefit.

The Summer League and the Draft Process should be treated as an internship.

Legal Students do it. Damn near every other type of student does it.

The only reason that Collegiate Athletes in the Major Sports are given short shrift on this is so that the NCAA can call itself “amateur” and get a tax break. It’s all about the money. It has nothing to do with protecting the game, the sanctity of college sports or the fabled student athlete.

A program of instruction should be developed around each sport. Sports Management type academic program.

It’s not coddling the kids, it’s being realistic.

The way it is now, it’s a colossal waste of time for everyone involved.

While the owners want to do away with the soft salary cap and guaranteed contracts, the players hope to end the age restriction that forbids players from entering the NBA directly out of high school.

“We want to go back to the way it was,” a source from the National Basketball Players Association said. “The players have always been philosophically opposed to it. The vast majority of players feel a player should have the right to make a living. If he has the talent and wants to make money to help his family, he should have that right. It’s just a matter of principle.”

If you read this, let me know what you think?

Cheating Kansas ~ Recorded for Posterity

1.  This blog is not abandoned.

2.  Everything on this post is ripped from some form of media.  I didn’t write it.  I’m sharing it and placing it somewhere in which I know it will not disappear.

3.  I posted this and others like it (on UCLA) not to say that Kansas or UCLA is bad or a cheater.  I don’t post it to defend Kentucky or to say that any other school is worse than Kentucky or that Kentucky is any better than Kansas or UCLA or whichever school one wishes to name.

This is primarily up here because the fans of so many other schools such as Kansas and UCLA are so annoying in their self-righteous blathering.  They go on and on about Calipari cheating or Kentucky being the “cheatin’est skool n da ho wide wurld” and other nonsensical inanities that I decided to research the skeletons in other closets.

What did I learn?

There aren’t any boneless closets.  Every school has skeletons.

Wilt Chamberlain being threatened to stay away from those purty Kansas lily white virgins on the plains.

Things like that are just as bad as anything that has been perpetrated at UK where Rex Chapman was widely criticized by the genteel White Folk of Lexington for dating Black co-eds.  He was supposedly sent death threats.

There isn’t a school out there that hasn’t cheated.  Many of them simply haven’t been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

If a school is suddenly successful in recruiting and, therefore, in a certain Big Time  College Sport like Football or Basketball, I can almost guarantee that some rule breaking or “boostering” is going on.  It may never come to light.  It’s still there.

So, please, fans of other programs, PLEASE stop being so annoying.  Realize that even Coach K has a closet full of skeletons.  If Wooden had them, Coach K has them.  Tom Izzo has them.  Bobby Knight has them.

John Calipari has them.  I’m not talking about Camby or Rose.  That wasn’t really on Calipari.  There’s no way that Calipari could have been watching Camby when that deal went down.  There’s no way that Calipari drove/flew up to Chicago to arrange for someone else to take Rose’s SAT.  It just doesn’t happen that way.

Know this.  The NCAA is ridiculous.  They punish kids in 2013 for the actions of kids in 2008 or 2011.  It’s an idiotic institution.  As long as it is THE regulating body, we have to abide by their inane rulings.  And they do hand down some inane rulings.  Period.  I don’t know how anyone can defend the NCAA.   Compare the cases of Camby and Maggette.  Compare the cases of Cam Newton and Enes Kanter.  Then look at the rulings.  If you can still defend the NCAA after that, you’re blind, stupid or your livelihood depends on the NCAA.

I’ll leave it with that and give you the following:  A history of Kansas’ run ins with the NCAA.  Kansas should have had their 2008 NCAA Title stripped right along with Memphis’ Final Four.  The charges are similar and the parties involved have as much as admitted to the transgressions.

I don’t care.  Awareness is my endgame.  You read it.  You judge.  Again, I didn’t write these articles.  I simply compiled them.  Follow the links…









Brandon Rush commits to Kansas basketball program. Rush narrowed his college choices to Illinois and Oklahoma. Rumors are that he couldn’t qualify at Illinois or Oklahoma. He decided he would have to enter the draft straight from high school as he couldn’t qualify at a D1 university, except it looked as though he wouldn’t be a first round selection, something his brother already had happen to him. His brothers talked him out of it. Two weeks after school started he got into KU and even though he at times carried a 0.0 GPA in high school managed to get a 3.6 at KU while missing the first two weeks of classes. This strangely coincided with the same time frame which their compliance department was noted to be severely understaffed and inadequate by the NCAA and academic fraud was occurring.

Sherron Collins commits to Kansas amidst various media reports that he was steered by his coach Anthony Longstreet, (More on Longstreet in a future post), considered by Chicago Public League coaches as the new Landon “Sonny” Cox for his ability to recruit players to Crane. Scheduled visits promised to various other schools are abruptly canceled. Afterward, Longstreet, without being prompted or even accused of taking money, bizarrely challenged local sportswriters to “get the proof, produce the canceled check.” Thereafter, Longstreet refused to ever speak again on the subject. He explained, “Right now, I’ve been told to be quiet because
this stuff is getting too ugly.”

Darnell Jackson is ruled ineligible by NCAA Eligibility Committee for nine games for receipt of $5,000 in benefits from a Kansas booster over a three year period while being recruited by Kansas.

A article suggests that J.R. Giddens is also ultimately wrapped up in the Darnell Jackson scandal, questioning: “Did Don Davis also have a “relationship” with Jackson’s best friend and former AAU teammate, J.R. Giddens, the McDonald’s All-American who signed with Kansas in 2003? Because if the answer is yes, Kansas has a big, big, big problem.”

2005-2006 Season
Kansas loses to Nevada at home, 72-70, falling to a record of 2-3 for the first time in over 30 years. After the game, ESPN TV cameras captured an exchange between Kansas University assistant coach Joe Dooley and 19 year old Nevada player Nick Fazekas. When Fazekas
held out his hand to shake Dooley’s in an apparent show of sportsmanship, Dooley instead screamed “F*** YOU!!!!” directly at Fazekas. Afterward, Coach Bill Self reprimanded Dooley stating: “Obviously, in a hotly contested game like this one, emotions were high after the game. Coach Joe Dooley responded in an inappropriate manner to an exchange with a Nevada player.” Coach Dooley added: “I have great respect for the Nevada team. They played well tonight. I
responded in a negative manner to something that was said to me following the game. I certainly apologize to the Nevada program and this is not the manner in which Kansas basketball should be represented.”

Reports surface regarding an NCAA investigation into potential violations involving Kansas freshman Brandon Rush. The potential violations centered around Rush’s involvement with an agent and possible payment of travel expenses by NBA teams the previous summer during Rush’s workouts with the teams.

The NCAA suspends Brandon Rush after the NCAA determined that he had improperly received benefits from an agent after applying for the 2005 NBA draft. An appeal by Kansas is granted within one day and Rush is re-instated without missing any games.

Kansas loses to in-state rival Kansas State at home, 59-55.

Micah Downs announces he is transferring from the Kansas basketball program.

Following up the once in the last 20 year accomplishment of losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament, Self manages to again accomplish this feat by losing to Bradley, 77-73. Considerable pressure mounts as “win at all costs” goes into full effect when the fan base begins to call for his firing.

2006 Off-season
Christian Moody becomes the first Jayhawk player since the 1980s to not be eligible for his graduation checks from alumni, as the pending investigation causes KU to cease such open forms of paying their players. Later, his agent writes a note requesting video of him missing free throws to lose a game to Missouri be taken down from as he feels it is hindering his client from finding gainful employment.

The NCAA responds that KU failed to demonstrate Institutional control and that the minor violations self reported in basketball in KU’s report do not seem to be all-inclusive.

KU is placed on probation for major violations across multiple sports and for Lack of Institutional Control. The committee seems impressed with KU’sKU didn’t detect or report
violations in a timely manner, which resulted in them being able to claim a statue of limitations on many violations and go unpunished), however they are still charged with:
•Illegal payments given to potential recruits
•Illegal payments given to current players with the approval of coaching staff
•Illegal payments given to players after eligibility is exhausted
•Providing illegal transportation to recruits Providing illegal clothing and other benefits to recruits
•Providing illegal transportation to family members of recruits
•Making special arrangements to facilitate a vehicle for family members of recruits.
•Academic Fraud
•Failure to report violations
•Failure to employ a compliance auditor
•Negligence to provide adequate oversight
•Lack of Institutional Control

KU is placed on three years probation including reduction in the total of grants-in-aid award in the men’s basketball program to no more than 12 during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons. Also reduced the total of official paid visits by a total of eight from the maximum number allowed during the 2006-07 and 2007-8 academic years, dissociation of a representative of the university’s athletics interest for a period of four years, and annual compliance reporting required. innovative strategy of eliminating the middleman (by electing to not maintain a compliance department, Summation: probation and a reduction in 2 scholarships to be taken in the years KU chooses for the above violations.

CJ Giles is suspended indefinitely.

Giles re-instated to team, then 5 days later kicked off team for misdemeanor battery to his girlfriend.

2006-2007 Season
Despite what most consider Self’s best coaching job to date, he is under enormous pressure as the NCAA tournament get underway as most feel a repeat of the last two years will cost him his job. Self’s Jayhawks do advance before being knocked out by UCLA, 68-55.

2007-2008 Season
Brandon Rush arrested for failing to appear in court. The hearing is ultimately delayed until after the basketball season.

Self begins to be courted by Oklahoma State to take over their head coaching vacancy. KU beings to make a strong push to retain Self despite the distraction it is causing.

The beneficiaries of a historic collapse by Memphis, who led by nine points with two minutes to play and could have done about five different things to ensure KU had no chance of getting back in the game, KU wins its second national title of the modern era. They are the first team ever to win a championship while on probation for cheating, and every player on KU’s roster who played more than 21 minutes in the championship game had a shady story surrounding them.
2008 offseason
Self claims he wants to stay at Kansas, but won’t rule out talking to OSU. He elects to stay at KU.
Reports surface that Darell Arthur, KU’s leading scorer in the championship game, did not actually pass high school and passed through the NCAA clearinghouse by submitting fraudulent transcripts. If ruled ineligible, per NCAA rules KU would be required to forfeit all games in which Arthur was a participant, which would result in KU being the first ever 40 loss team in a single season, the worst season in the history of the NCAA.

Listing of NCAA rules he was in clear violation of:

Unethical conduct by a prospective or enrolled student-athlete or a current or former institutional staff member (e.g., coach, professor, tutor, teaching assistant, student manager, student trainer) may include, but is not limited to, the following:
(d) Knowingly furnishing the NCAA or the individual’s institution false or misleading information concerning the individual’s involvement in or knowledge of matters relevant to a possible
violation of an NCAA regulation;

(g) Failure to provide complete and accurate information to the NCAA or institution’s admissions office regarding an individual’s academic record (e.g., schools attended, completion of coursework, grades and test scores)

Prospective or enrolled student-athletes found in violation of the provisions of this regulation shall be ineligible for further intercollegiate competition, subject to appeal to the Committee on
Student-Athlete Reinstatement for restoration of eligibility. (See Bylaw 10.3.2 for sanctions of student-athletes involved in violations of 10.3.) Institutional staff members found in violation of the provisions of this regulation shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth in Bylaw of the NCAA enforcement procedures, whether such violations occurred at the
certifying institution or during the individual’s previous employment at another member institution. Unethical Conduct.
A prospective or enrolled student-athlete who is found to have engaged in unethical conduct (see Bylaw 10.1) shall be ineligible for intercollegiate competition in all sports.

14.11.1 Obligation of Member Institution to Withhold Student-Athlete from Competition.
If a student-athlete is ineligible under the provisions of the constitution, bylaws or other regulations of the Association, the institution shall be obligated to apply immediately
the applicable rule and to withhold the student-athlete from all intercollegiate competition. The institution may appeal to the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement for restoration of the student-athlete’s eligibility as provided in Bylaw 14.12 if it concludes that the circumstances warrant restoration.

June, 2008. A judge rules in favor of the woman Sherron Collins sexually assaulted in an elevator in May of 2007, granting damages in excess of $75,000. She accused him of exposing himself and rubbing against her on May 18, 2007, in an elevator at a University of Kansas apartment complex. Collins does not show up to court.

Ronnie Chalmers, no longer the son of a KU player after Mario declares early for the NBA draft, vacates the Director of Basketball Operations position.

While living in university paid for housing prior to being eligible for scholarship benefits, 18 year old Markieff Morris drunkenly shoots a lady with a BB gun from his dorm room window. No action is taken.

Two weeks after school starts (shades of Brandon Rush before them), the Morris twins are cleared to play basketball for KU. “While it may have taken a bit longer than we had hoped, the important thing is that the process worked,” Self said regarding having them take classes in

Dallas School District re-opens case regarding Arthur not really being a college eligible player. Ashmore, Arthur’s Math teacher said when Arthur was failing Algebra I as a freshman in the fall of 2002, his coach asked for leniency. Ashmore said when he refused, Arthur was
abruptly moved to another class. A closer examination of Arthur’s grades reveal that his English III grades of 75, 60, 70 and 65 don’t actually add up to a 70 as is reflected on his transcript. In fact, the average should be 67.5, meaning he should have failed the course that is needed to graduate. “Like I said, he [Arthur] just kind of checked out that third six weeks,” Yourse, his English teacher said. Melanie Kidd was Arthur’s theater arts teacher in the fall of 2004.
She said she remembers Arthur failed the course during the final six weeks. Arthur made a grade of 50, she said. According to his transcripts, Arthur’s grades for the last six weeks of theater arts are also missing. A block of grades from Arthur’s Algebra II were also
missing on the transcript from the fall semester of 2005. All that is present is a final grade, which was changed from “failing” to a passing grade of 70 nine months later in September the following year. NCAA officials have confirmed that if Arthur never officially graduated, his eligibility at Kansas is something that may have to be investigated. My question is: are they investigating it?

2008-09 Season
During a ‘no contact period’ as defined by NCAA rules, Self pays a visit to John Wall, the #1 unsigned recruit in the nation. To demonstrate his respect for NCAA rules states in front of a witnesses:
Self: “I’m not supposed to be talking to you, and you know that, but I just wanted to tell you that was a great win.”

Confirmation comes in the Darell Arthur case that his grades were artificially changed and that his ‘graduation’ from high school wasn’t legit.

This is all on record.  Yet, KU is still a National Champion for one of these years.

And Memphis has had their wins vacated.

The NCAA up to their usual shenanigans.

Coach Choke Hold Speaks

Knight: college hoops lacks integrity

(AP) – 4 hours ago

INDIANAPOLIS — Bob Knight said integrity is lacking in college basketball and cited Kentucky coach John Calipari as an example.

During a fundraiser for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Knight said he doesn’t understand why Calipari is still coaching.

“We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching,” he said. “You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

Massachusetts and Memphis were both sanctioned by the NCAA for violations committed during Calipari’s tenure.

Knight, who won a record 902 games as coach of Army, Indiana and Texas Tech, did not elaborate or take questions from reporters.

This from the guy who made a career out of throwing temper tantrums on the court and choking students among other forms of abuse involving him and students and student Athletes.

HEY COACH!  Choked anybody lately?

RMK is off the reservation again.  Maybe he needs his meds.

John Wall ruled Eligible for NCAA Amateur Status

From the UKAA website:

Oct. 30, 2009

LEXINGTON, Ky. – University of Kentucky men’s basketball student-athlete John Wall has been certified with conditions by the NCAA. The conditions are repayment of expenses and a two-game withholding, including the first exhibition game versus Campbellsville (Nov. 2) and the first regular-season game against Morehead State (Nov. 13).

Wall, a 6-4 freshman point guard from Raleigh, N.C., was one of five freshmen on the Naismith Preseason watch list. A pre-season All-American according to several national publications, Wall was the top recruit in the country last season according to

“I’m grateful to have this decision behind me. All I ever wanted was to go to school and play ball with my team,” said UK freshman John Wall. “This has been really hard for my mom and I want to thank her for her support during this process.”

The repayment of expenses includes a total of $787.58, consisting predominantly of travel expenses incurred during Wall’s unofficial visits to various institutions during his junior year at Word of God Christian Academy.

“We’re appreciative of the process and the NCAA’s willingness to listen,” said UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart. “The NCAA staff worked to keep the welfare of the student-athlete in mind throughout this process. I’m happy for Coach Calipari and John Wall that he will get a chance to represent the Wildcats this season. He’s a great young man and deserves to be able to concentrate fully on his academics and basketball.”

John Wall is a great kid who always tries to do the right thing and his mother is a great lady,” said UK head coach John Calipari. “I’m just happy this is behind us.”

John Wall must repay 757.58 USD to his former AAU Coach.  His AAU Coach was a registered, though, inactive agent.  It’s a bunch of hogwash.  The archaic NCAA rule book, though, is full of idiotic rules.

A Duke player can be paid.  A USC player can be paid.  ZERO repercussions to the program.  Those two incidents were proven and the parties involved even publically admitted to the facts and allegations.  A player is alleged to have cheated on an SAT.  No proof mind you.  The NCAA lays down sanctions.

What is the difference between what occurred at Duke and that which occurred at UMASS.

One thing:  Coach K!

That is the only difference.  Had it been any other coach or any other program and that Final Four banner would be gone from the official records.  Oh yeah, and most of the press would be writing articles about it and how it’s the end of the world for Amateurism.  Coach K could personally pay players.  Get caught red handed.  On video.  Deny it.  The NCAA would claim that it had no proof against him.

This time next year, I’m sure that the NCAA will re-open the investigation on John Wall.  I’m sure that they’ll find something that they missed.  I’m sure taht John Wall will be ruled retro-actively ineligible.

BUT!  Only if  UK and Coach Cal make it to the Final Four and Championship game.  If UK bails out of the tournament in the Sweet 16 or below.  No one will say a thing.

John Wooden and the Best…that money can buy.

John Wooden has never acknowledged that he had the best players that money could buy during his 15 year run.  Sure he was a fine coach.  But without the backroom deals and money exchanges, those future NBA ballers would have been showcasing their talent elsewhere.

Wooden was a case of right time, right place and a damn fine Booster program that paid his players under the table.  From Kareem to Walton, they all were well cared for by the Contruction Magnate who was the true father of the UCLA legacy.

…and the NCAA never did a thing about it.  Except ignore it.

All Eyes on Billy Gillispie.

It should come as no surprise.  Random school does it.  Anything.  It doesn’t matter.  From recruiting 8th graders to UCLA paying players to stay at UCLA.  Whatever it might be.  Any school does it.  No headlines.  No outrage.  No real objections.

UK does it.  Suddenly it’s a problem.  Billy Gillispie inks an 8th Grader.  Dick Vitale screams that it’s a sign of the Apocalypse.  Billy Donovan inks an 8th Grader and it’s a sign of his genius.  Billy Gillispie holds midnight madness a week early.  Headline news.  Four other schools did the same thing this year.  Can you name them?  A UCLA Booster paid it’s players thousands, tens of thousands over a ten year period.  Openly.  It was an open secret.  Absolutely not a peep from the NCAA.   Duke Boosters hire parents of players into positions for which they are unqualified and help them obtain loans for housing for which they are woefully financially unprepared.  Not a sound.  Not a whimper.  An Emery Envelope falls open in the hands of a UCLA fan containing $1,000.00.  Supposedly this envelope originated with a UK booster.  UK is put on two years probation.  Almost given the death sentence.  Emery was sued over this and settled out of court.

Now that UK has a Coach that will play the recruiting game within the rules.  He does things that journalists have always found “questionable” but rarely made much noise.  That is the old days.  A Kentucky Coach doing it is news.  Now they will make noise about it.

Jeff Goodman.  He admits that everyone is doing it.  But now that UK is doing it, he’s got himself a story.  That Baylor was doing it or Kansas or Oklahoma State were doing it.  Not big enough.  UK.  That’s a different story,  And one that must be written.

It’s a lack of journalistic integrity. It’s a lack of integrity within the NCAA Rules and Infractions Committee. It’s been there since the beginning.

Oct 13, 2008 | 7:54AM

I have to admit I wasn’t surprised that Daniel Orton, one of the top big men in the country, committed to Kentucky over the weekend while in town for an early Midnight Madness.

Not because Kansas took itself out of the equation when the Jayhawks took a pledge from forward Thomas Robinson.

But because it certainly didn’t hurt that Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie paid Orton’s father, Larry, to speak at camps in Lexington on three separate occasions this past summer.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t against the rules.

It’s just Gillispie being Gillispie.

Remember, he was basically the guy that came under fire for being one of four coaches to hold Midnight Madness a week before the “official” start of practice.

Creative? Absolutely.

On the verge of being unethical?  It depends who you ask.

Larry Orton admitted he was also paid to speak at Kansas and Oklahoma State, but he only picked up one paycheck from each of those schools.

C’mon. He may be articulate, knowledgeable and could even rival Bill Clinton in terms of his ability to captivate a crowd, but that’s not why he was there.

He was there because he is Daniel Orton’s father.

AAU coaches, high school coaches and many others affiliated with top recruits have collected a paycheck for getting up in front of young kids at these summer camps.

Texas Blue Chips director Mitch Malone spoke a couple times at Baylor this past summer. He was involved in Ekpe Udoh’s transfer from Michigan to Baylor and also coaches Quincy Acy – who committed to the Bears and is one of the top players in Texas. There are plenty of others who take advantage.

It’s getting out of hand and isn’t illegal. Not yet.

It’s triggered an NCAA proposal ( in which a school is not able to employ a speaker in its men’s basketball camp or clinic who is involved in coaching prospective student-athletes or is associated with a prospective student-athlete as a result of the prospective student-athlete’s participation in basketball.

I don’t mean to go after Orton here, but this guy isn’t exactly on par with, say, legendary high school coach Bob Hurley.

His background: a couple years of junior college ball, a cup of coffee at Old Dominion capped off at Cameron University in Oklahoma. He’s also an assistant AAU coach on his son’s team.

However, Orton’s resume doesn’t matter. He says he speaks about the recruiting process and “what’s going to happen once the kids get to school” and “to get kids to understand it’s hard work.”

“I’m not trying to get any special privileges or anything like that,” Orton said. “I just think I’ve got something to say. I think I’m a pretty good speaker.”

That’s not why Billy Gillispie has brought him to Lexington on three separate occasions – two with his son.

Orton wouldn’t divulge how much he was paid per appearance, but it’s likely somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$1,000 a pop plus travel. That’s how much two other high school coaches were compensated to speak at one of the UK camps.

Orton’s other son, Terrence Crawford, who played for current Kentucky assistant Glynn Cyprien at Oklahoma State, also made numerous appearances at the Kentucky camps.

Larry Orton was recently unable to confirm whether schools had offered Crawford a position on their staff.

“I heard Kentucky and Oklahoma State both offered him a job,” Orton said. “I don’t know. Nothing’s done until it’s done. If he gets a job, it’s going to come out, anyway.”

As we know, that isn’t illegal either.

The Cats take on Marquette today

The Cats make the tournament in 2008 as an 11 seed in the West Region. A 12-4 run in the SEC regular season makes it possible.

First opponent: Marquette. 2:30 EDT in Anahem, California
UK has met Marquette in the NCAAs 9 times. This will be the 10th. Marquette has won the last two meetings with UK in the tournament. The last being the year that Dwayne Wade showcased his NBA Superstar potential and Bogans broke his ankle in the Wisconsin game. I haven’t seen any Marquette games this year. But from all I’ve read, UK is a slight favorite for an upset bid in round 1. If UK loses this game, it will be the first 1st round loss in over 15 years.

From the UK presser today, an interesting tidbit. Perry Stevenson was asked about UK fan expectations. Here’s the quote:

Or as Kentucky forward Perry Stevenson remarked when asked what Wildcats fans expect from their beloved basketball team: “Seven championships in six years.”

Hilarious and a nugget of truth as well.


“We became a blue-collar team,” Stevenson said. “We come out and scrap and fight.”


As you can see, Perry Stevenson is UK’s shot blocking phenom. Here’s to him swatting a dozen or so Marquette shots today. His emergence along with Jasper and Ramon Harris are the reasons that UK can still win minus Patrick Patterson. Perry really picked up his play though. A fairly amazing transformation from his Frosh campaign.

Perry has benefited from the loss of Patrick Patterson somewhat. Pat being out has given Perry room to grow and experience this year. I don’t think he would have been forced to grow as much if Pat was still in the game. Next year should see those two wreaking havoc down low and inside/out on teams. With the additions coming in, I think UK will be in fine shape for 2009.

But first this season must be played out:


For all of you doubters, I’ll leave you with this:

“He just had so much belief in us,” Bradley said. “It was hard to doubt ourselves.”

Ramel Bradley on Coach Gillispie

I say the Cats advance in a bruiser.  Final Score:  Cats – 56  Golden Eagles – 50