The Hypocrisy of Pat Forde

forde-lol.png.pagespeed.ce.8FckQal1a3As occurred when John Calipari finished his first season with Kentucky, Draft Night was a huge success for Kentucky Basketball Athletes. Along with that occurred what was become an annual affair. Pat Forde railed against Kentucky Coach John Calipari’s insistence that College Basketball be not only centered on a successful National Championship run but a successful night at the NBA Draft. Calipari wants the players he recruits to have success in moving on to a successful career in the NBA. Pat Forde thinks this is a bad idea. Pat Forde thinks that this is bad for College Basketball.

Pat Forde seems to think that College Basketball should not be about the players themselves but about everything else. Pat Forde seems to begrudge the Athletes any success or monetary gain themselves. All the while, Pat Forde’s whole financial existence is predicated upon College Basketball athletes.

College Sports Columnists can make money off of College Basketball. The Coaches whom Pat Forde admires such as Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino can rake in millions off of College Basketball. Mark Emert and the NCAA can make Billions off of College Basketball. Pat Forde, himself, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year off of College Basketball.

However, College Athletes are supposed to subsume their own financial well being for the greater good bottom line of the NCAA, College Basketball and College Sports Columnists.

Pat Forde loves nothing more than to crank yank John Calipari for not winning Championships with “the most talented roster” in College Basketball. Talent doesn’t always work out to the best team on any given night. Potential sometimes takes time. Some talent, such as Anthony Davis & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, can make the leap from High School to College and reach the highest potential. Others take more time. One cannot tell this to Pat Forde. If Calipari has the most talent, he should have the best team. He should win the NCAA Tournament. We shouldn’t even play the games. We should just crown that team whom Pat Forde has deemed the most talented. Certainly…

Pat Forde rips on Calipari each year after Draft Night. Of course, he let that animosity slide to the background in 2012 when Kentucky won the National Title. One has to wonder how Pat Forde held in all of that hatred. It must have killed him. I suppose he consoled himself by ghost writing a hagiography about the Philandering Pitino and Petrino Brothers.

ReboundRules_hc_cCalipari says that Draft Night is important to Kentucky. Kentucky is a Player’s First Program. To Pat Forde that is anathema to College Basketball. Talented men (and one assumes women) should put the NCAA first. They should be students first. They should be everything first except human beings who wish to put their talents to use at the highest level of their chosen profession. God forbid that these human beings wish to profit themselves from their talents. These particular children of God should stay in the NCAA for four years and allow the NCAA to profit immensely while they themselves “earn” a degree that is mostly worthless and as they themselves take all of the risk upon themselves.

For it is a given that if a talented athlete suffers a “career” ending injury, the NCAA will throw them under the bus.

The morality of it all! Calamity of Calamities!

A Black Teenager or early Twenty Something using his talents to enrich himself. We can’t have that. That’s bad for the NCAA. Because it is bad for this to happen:

John Calipari accomplishes his prized goal: watching Kentucky players get drafted

That is the Column Title to the latest Pat Forde hit piece aimed at John Calipari.

Below are to more gems from the keyboard of the most hateful human in College Sports:

Fortunately he has educated the Kentucky fans on the miniscule nature of the national title mission. They now see the bigger mission: helping guys like Karl-Anthony Towns get drafted No. 1, because he surely wouldn’t have had a chance at being the No. 1 pick if he’d been coached for six months by a lesser man and smaller stone than Calipari. Imagine if Towns had made the monumental mistake of playing for Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self or Roy Williams – he’d probably be an undrafted free agent.

And another:

Who said winning and getting your players drafted are mutually exclusive? Duke won it all and had three first-round picks Thursday night. Wisconsin played in the title game and had two in the top 20. Yet neither Krzyzewski nor Bo Ryan feel compelled to sell their fan base on the dubious premise that the draft is a higher goal than a national championship.

Apparently, winning is everything to Pat Forde. It is a zero sum game. Either Calipari wins the National Championship each year or he is a failure. Thus sayeth Pat Forde.

The irony! Oh, the irony!

This is the same attitude which Pat Forde uses as a weapon against the University of Kentucky Basketball Fan Base. When Kentucky fans were upset that Tubby Smith wasn’t getting to the Final Four much less the National Title game, columnists such as Pat Forde ripped into them. Kentucky fans were unrealistic. “No Coach can get to the Final Four or win a Title as much as Kentucky fans desire.” Kentucky fans were crazy. Kentucky fans were/are racist. Kentucky fans were bad people. Kentucky fans chased off a good Black Man because he was Black. These were all characterization made by Pat Forde and the National Sports Media. Yet, this is the exact same expectations that Pat Forde seems to have for John Calipari. Now, who is being unreasonable.

John Calipari has had an amazing run of success in the NCAA at Kentucky. He has 4 Final Fours, one Championship and a string of successful players transition to the NBA. His players have remained academically eligible. His players have been active in the community. There have been very few off the court issues. His four year players have graduated. And, yes, he has had Three (3) Number One NBA Draft Selections since 2010.

Of course, all has not been perfect. Aaron Harrison was not drafted. Daniel Orton was Daniel Orton. A couple of guys have transferred out for playing time or because they did not fit in well at the program.

Overall, Kentucky Basketball under John Calipari has been a smashing success and many attached to the program have gone on to success in the NBA and elsewhere.

I’m not certain why Pat Forde has such a problem with this…unless he just hates John Calipari.


Kentuckys Joe Crawford goes to the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Draft

Joe C got Drafted!

Congratulations to Joe C!

I, for one, give all credit for that to Billy Gillispie and Joe Crawford. Joe was drafted number 58 in the 2nd Round. It’s not guaranteed money. Historically speaking, the odds are against him making a roster. I gotta think that Joe will beat the odds. At the beginning of this season, no one and I mean NO ONE gave Joe C a chance of being in the NBA Draft conversation.

Joe will beat the odds and make his way onto that Lakers roster. Give him a couple of years and this fellow is going to be a starter. I know. I know. IMPOSSIBLE.

Nonsense. Joe is a fighter. And he was given a new lease on basketball life when he bought into what Coach Gillispie was selling. If Joe had benefited from Gillispie as Coach from the beginning of his College career, he would have gone 1st Round. Probably after his Junior year.

Joe came out of HS a McD AA. 3 years of Tubby served as a period of regression and zero discipline. 1 year of Coach G took Joe back to being a true baller. A prospect with a future and potential. As long as Joe stays hungry. He’s been given the tools to be great again.

To all of those LA fans out there. You are getting a tough nosed defender. A guy who can take it to the hole. A guy who can score. Joe stays healthy and drops about 10 to 15 pounds and picks up the speed that being lighter will give him, he’ll be a much better offensive weapon. The dude has been at 85% the past two years and he was still a beast for the Cats.

Joe was injured off and on the past two years. If he stays healthy, he’s gonna be a force in the NBA. He’s got the same potential to make an impact that both Prince and Rondo had. He’s accustomed to the limelight. Those LA stars aren’t going to phase Joe. I don’t think LA is going to be disappointed in this pick.

Congrats again to Joe Crawford and to the Lakers. This will be one move that they won’t regret.

Kentucky and the NBA Draft — Joe Crawford

Another year, another NBA Draft. Another year with no Kentucky players being projected to be drafted.

Neither Joe Crawford nor Ramel Bradley are projected to be drafted. Bradley has no chance. He won’t even get a cup of coffee in the NBA. This will make Tubby fans sad. They are so proud when Tubby Smith “gets’ guys into the NBA in this manner. They literally fall over themselves pointing out that both Erik Daniels and Gerald Fitch spent 5 or ten minutes on an NBA roster.

Joe Crawford may geta late 2nd round draw. If not, he will get a couple of calls for free agency before he has to head to Europe to play ball. I think Joe will get on in the same manner as Chuck Hayes.

OF course, the mindless Tubby drones will all credit Orlando. Saying that he is the reason. Another Tubby recruits gets in the NBA due to Tubby and his excellent development skills. I laugh at the thought.

Joe came out of High School highly regarded. His growth was retarded by Smith. Later, Billy Gillispie accelerated his growth. 4 years under a Coach (Gillispie) who knows how to develop, utilize and SHOWCASE talent and Joe Crawford would be looking at the late First Round and guaranteed money.

The Tubby era saw two Orlando recruits go First Round for the guaranteed money. One was a guy who stayed the course through four years of turmoil and dissent that was not seen even in the Probation years–Tayshaun Prince. Is there anyone who would argue that Prince was not a steal when Detroit swooped him up. Then there was Rondo, more team turmoul and another Draft where a UK player was a steal for a team in the late first round.

I’m hoping those days are over. Patrick Patterson should go high first round. The recruits that Gillispie and his team are bringing in should see UK back in the top of the draft. That in turn will help recruiting. Recruiting is a machine that feeds off of highlight reels and draft potential. If a Coach can get his recruits into the NBA, more and more high talent will fall in line for that Coach. More talent translates to deeper runs in the tourney.

Talent combined with good or great coaching will translate into Championships.

Good Luck in the Draft, Joe. I hope some team sees your skill and talent and picks you up.

Go Cats!

Joe Crawford scrambling up the NBA Draft charts.

Pre-draft camp: Day 2 Stock Watch

Joe Crawford: Made things happen with the ball in his hands, scoring 19 points in 26 minutes. He was his team’s most aggressive player and showed nice versatility mixing up his perimeter shooting with his slashing ability.

Crawfords year under Billy Gillispie put him on the NBA radar. Just imagine what four years would have done for him. He might have left early.

I always have to wonder what a real coach could have done with guys like Morriss, Rondo, Bogans and Prince. Imagine a driven coach with the talent of that 2001 Turmoil Team. Pitino would have added a Final Four at least. Tubby let it slip through his fingers through piss poor management.

Smith did a disservice to guys like Prince, Rondo and Bogans. Crawford and Morriss as well. These guys are NBA Talent who under a coach who knows how to develop and showcase talent would have been higher draft picks. Hayes has proven that he should have been a First Rounder. Rondo and Prince should have been lottery pics. Bogans should have had guaranteed money. Bradley could have been a 2nd Rounder. He may still make it. But it won’t be due to Smith. It will be due to his year under Gillispie.