Is Human Life Sacred?

ImageIs all human life inherently sacred and worthy? Why? What makes human life more sacred than a goat, a horse, an elephant or a sea urchin?

I’m not talking in a White Supremacist kind of way.  However, I know many people who hate others simply because of the color of their skin or because they are of a different religion.

Niggers, kikes, nips, chincs, ragheads, zips, spics are all humans.  Are they not?  If one did not know better one would believe that these groups were NOT human.  The people who use these labels certainly do not believe that these groups are human.  Else they’d not hate them so and would not be so willing to murder them.  Infidels are human?  Are they not?  If we are to believe that infidels, niggers, kikes, nips, chincs, zips, spics and rag heads are all human, then how can we cling to the belief that human life is sacred.  For these groups are murdered as if they have no worth across the world by their “fellow” humans.  How can a communist or a socialist lay claim to a belief that life is sacred.  The proponents of these to two political/economic beliefs are responsible for millions upon millions of human deaths.  How can a capitalist lay claim to a belief that human life is sacred when they create anarchy and wreak havoc upon humanity and the planet causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and untold suffering by destroying the planet’s resources.  Capitalists also exploit the weaknesses of humanity and humans themselves in their search for profit and higher stock prices.

We do nothing good for the planet. We are more or less parasites attached to and sucking at the teat of the planet.  We refuse to respect the planet.  Instead, we destroy the planet as we seek to profit from its natural resources.  This greed destroys the planet by slowing making it uninhabitable or, at the very least, less habitable.

What makes human life sacred?  A claim by books written by men in ancient times siting various Gods or versions of God as principle lawgiver?

I simply do not believe that life is sacred.

Judging by the prejudice of men and the wars we constantly and incautiously wage upon one another, life is not sacred.  We murder each other over greed, religion, skin color.  Yet, we attempt to claim enlightenment. We claim that life is sacred.  Our actions speak otherwise.  Any person who hates others based on their skin color, their work ethic, their religion cannot lay claim to the belief that life is sacred.  That is hypocrisy.

Perhaps, I am simply lacking understanding.  Perhaps, I am not human.  I do not hate others because they are Black or Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or because they are not White, Muslim, Christian, heterosexual, etc.  I suppose my willingness to accept differences and not merely tolerate difference makes me some sort of mutant.

I suppose I should be like others who believe that all “niggers are worthless,call Obama a nigger, say that all Muslims should be killed, tell homosexuals that they can’t marry because THEY believe that homosexuality is wrong or perverted or because my belief labels them abominations (again, based upon a book).

We murder each other over these superficial differences and then claim that life is sacred.  Humanity is a plague upon the planet, upon nature and upon each other. Yet, life is inherently sacred.

When someone can explain the contradictions herein, I will believe that life is sacred rather than the phrase being a mere slogan created, like religion, to control and subvert the masses.

It is a lie.  Humans are mostly a blasphemy to the Gods and the books written at the behest of these supposed Gods.  We murder each other by the thousands and by the millions.  We create divisions in order to create fictional power over others.  Even in America, there is no true tolerance.  Tolerance is given lip service by the Left and the so-called Liberals and Progressives.  However, there is no true tolerance.

Tolerance is the game of the weak mind.  There is acceptance of differences or there is not.  To merely tolerate someone is not generosity or kindness or goodness.  Tolerance is merely a way of saying; “I dislike you, what you are and what you stand for but I’ll let you stay around until I show you the truth and you become like me.”

There is acceptance or there is merely delayed violence over differences.  I can accept the differences between myself and others.  I do not wish to change others and certainly I do not with to murder others because they believe differently than I or look differently than I or are attracted to the same sex.

Yet, those who call life sacred do kill others over these differences and have done so since the beginning of the human race.  Yet, they claim that life is sacred.

It is a lie.

Our voices speak to one “truth” while our actions speak to THE truth.





Kurent, also known as Korant, is the central figure in Kurentovanje, a rite of spring and fertility which may date to the time of the ancient Slavs. Kurent has been mentioned as a god in Slovenian folk-mythology, as recorded in folk-tales of Carinthia in southern Austria. Its origin has not been established and has been the subject of ethnological, mythological and historical research. The annual festival of Kurentovanje marks the Shrovetide (Tuesday before Ash Wednesday – initiating the forty day period before Easter) in the northeastern Slovenian city of Ptuj (in the Stajerska region) and nearby towns. It is celebrated for ten days up to Shrove Tuesday. The festival has its origins in a parade in Ptuj of 1939. This helped to revive and re-establish the custom practised in only the Ptuj area in Slovenia. Similar rites take place in Hungary and in Serbia, but the Ptuj Kurentovanje is among the most extravagant. This period of the year is celebrated throughout central and western Europe, and is called “carnival” (the European Reformation of 16th century caused the carnival to disappear in northern Europe, and it is unknown in England and Ireland). Carnival is enjoyed throughout all of Slovenia.

Kurent is regarded as a god of unrestrained revelry and high-spirits. He has been compared as a ‘Slovenian Dionysius’. The Kurents – formed in groups – are dressed in sheepskins with cowbells dangling from their belts or chains. On their heads they wear huge furry caps decorated with feathers, sticks or horns and coloured streamers. The leather face masks have eye-holes outlined in red, long trunk-like noses and enormous red tongues that hang down to the chest. They wear hair made from horse-tails.

The Kurents move from house to house in procession, scaring off evil spirits with their cow bells and wooden clubs topped with hedgehog spines. They continually whirl and jump from side to side to sound the bells and chains they wear. These sounds are heard throughout the villages all day and into the night.

Different and ancient customs prevail throughout the villages; such as before the Kurent arrives at the house, the housewife throws a pot from the attic, to the first person who visits her in the day. This is according to an old belief that this will help the hens to lay eggs.The Kurents carry a basket to collect gifts from the households. A devil (hudicc, zlodej, vrag) accompanied the Kurent, dressed in all black or red, and was covered by a net to catch souls, leads each group. Young girls present Kurents with handkerchiefs which they then fasten to their belts, and housewives smash clay pots at their feet for luck and good health.