Morals Morals Morals War Mongers

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It is funny that the party of no morals is going after Trump over moral scruples.

It’s FUCKING hilarous.
Kinda like an evangelical going after someone for prostitution and that evangelical is Jimmy Swaggert.
This is all….ALL…..all about war. It’s about the Neo-Libs teaming up with the former Neo-Cons to keep pushing towards war with Russia or China or Iran or NoKo or anyone who can keep those receipt waterfalls for the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.
Sorry Lefties, you’ve been sold out. You are now [again] the Party of War.
I’m all for it.
Let’s crash this market.
Whatever does that, I’m for it.
I do have a question, though.
What does a check prove?
Trump gave his lawyer a check for 35,000USD. That proves exactly what?
Does Cohen have an email that says; “Mikey, take dis 30 Grand and give it to da ho. Take da udder 5 Grand fo yo’self. Buy your wife [or mistress] something nice.”

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Is America a Christian Nation?

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I don’t mind the US being a “Christian nation.”

I do mind Christians forcing their beliefs on the individual.

Morality and Religion are not the same thing.

I loosely follow Buddhism. I call myself a Chaotic Buddhist. I give freely and constantly to causes that I believe worthy. I do not believe in the divinity of Ieshua or that the God of Abraham is the one God. I don’t believe or disbelieve in God, a God or the Gods. I believe that they may be there but that, if they exist, they do not involve themselves with our affairs. If they do, they’re either incompetent or evil…or just plain unable to communicate effectively. All of the religious writings that I’ve read are…well, let’s just say that they’re poorly written and not convincing. The Books of the people of Abraham read like a schizophrenic madman communicated them.

More than that, every moral teaching in them can be found in the teachings, wisdom and writings of Shakyamuni (the Buddha), Zoroaster and Mani. Zoroaster and Mani probably took theirs from that of the Sumerian prophets and teachers. Buddha probably learned from some older monk on the path to nibbana as well.

Morality is not unique to Roman Christianity. It wasn’t even unique to Ieshua from whose followers the Roman State stole Christianity.

The US need not be a Christian Nation. It need only be a moral nation.

I’m not saying that Christianity was NOT a foundational supporting system of the United States of America. It undoubtedly was such. Some of the founders were devout followers of Christ Jesus. Some were deists who generally worshiped “Providence” or the “Creator.” It is a debate that will go on until all tongues are silenced. Nonetheless, it is an unnecessary debate.

Christians have been violent and immoral throughout their history. Christians have murdered enmasse, at least, as many of their fellow humans as did the atheists and communists and communist atheists. Muslims have acted likewise. As have the Jews. Buddhists have done the same. Hindus…maybe more as human sacrifice was a greater part of their orthodoxy.

It matters not. Moral people act differently than religious people and morality is not synonymous with religiosity.

America needs to be a moral Nation.

No moral Nation has ever had a Vietnam War and an LBJ. That was, from beginning to end, an immoral war and that President lied to the American people in order to back us into that war and then sacrificed thousands of young Americans to maintain that facade.

America has had epochs of morality and epochs of immorality. Chattel slavery was immoral. The Civil War was immoral. Jim Crow was immoral. No nation that produced the War on Drugs or which empowered such inhuman filth as J. Edgar Hoover is completely moral. I could go on and on with this.

Bringing the light of Liberty to the world was moral.

The many missions upon which Americans have been sent out to selflessly help others in the world was morality.

Though done for less than selfless reasons, the Monroe Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were moral acts.

I know of no Nation which has been all moral or immoral. No people such as this has yet existed.





More Signs of the Coming Backlash Against Muslims in Europe

A bit sensationalistic, this.  However, some truths lie within.  Regardless, this video will upset the masses of Muslims around the world   Hopefully, they’ll realize that it wasn’t made by Americans as we usually are blamed for everything.

All religions have skeletons in their closets. The “Virgin Mary” impregnated by God at/abt age 13. Did GoD get down with the boogie in the Virgin Mary or did he just reach up there and throw a baby inside?  Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, married a girl somewhere between the ages of six and nine.  No one knows for certain and the actual age is hotly contested by Muslims and “Infidels” alike.  The one thing that the record makes clear is that he did not have “relations” with her until she had “passed her first blood.”  Mohammad also had multiple wives as did nearly all of the Prophets of the Bible.  Such was the custom of the times.  Abraham, the great patriarch of all three major Western Religions, pimped his wife out at least two times.  Both times, he denied that Sarah was his wife.  Both times, he allowed her to “marry” a local ruler by deceiving said ruler into believing that Sarah was his sister.  Abraham also sexed up his consort (slave), Hagar, in order to bear a child.  Did Jesus not say “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

The Europeans in this video and elsewhere are complaining about the actions of a subset of Muslims.  They are complaining that nothing is being done to counteract the criminality of this subset.  Here’s the thing, though. Muslims in Europe are being treated differently because of European Culture and European Politicians. Who elects these creatures? Oh….EUROPEANS!

If you do not like what is happening, stop electing these people.

The other problem is the immigration programs of these nations.  Immigration, at certain points, was selective.  Europe took in oppressed peoples.  They accepted immigrants with certain needed skill sets such as Doctors, Engineers and Scientists.  This was a wise policy.  In the past 40 years, European nations have accepted all comers.  Many of these people journeyed to the Scandinavian nations, France and Germany because of these lax immigration measures and because of the benefits and “entitlements” offered by these nations.  These people had nothing to offer but the “equality” mindset of Europeans made it so that all immigrants were seen as equal.  There is an issue with this egalitarianism in that all people are not equal.  Some are base criminals.  When a country accepts large numbers of these undesirables and treats them as the oppressed when they are actually the oppressors, these are the problems that will arise.  Europeans, primarily because of the World Wars and Colonialism, became myopic and wished to offer themselves as reward or recompense.  The guilt of the collective European nations overwhelmed sense and has created a situation in which large numbers of criminals were accepted and their activities excused as being “part of their culture.”  That sentiment in and of itself is bigoted.  All peoples have morals.  Even the “other” who arrive from distant lands.  To act as though this subset of folks are representative of any culture is ludicrous and bigoted.  It is an insult to those who are of those cultures who do act with common courtesy and are law abiding, moral peoples.

I’ve long said that there is coming a backlash in Europe. That old race hate will again raise it’s ugly head. Muslims in Europe had best pay heed. Europe has a long and nasty history of murdering the masses of immigrants who come to their lands.

The past 60 years has been an anomaly in European history. With the resurgence of Nationalism and the threat from the old Russian Empire raises, Europe will revert to form.

All it will take is a major economic slowdown. Muslims will become the targets of massive hate. Some will deserve it. Others will not. Some will have laid the seeds of their fellows destruction. Others will be innocent victims. When the wave strikes, it will destroy the lives of many innocents. It is coming. If you read between the lines, Europe is close to the edge.

It does not matter that it is a small percentage of Muslims who are guilty. All will suffer. All will reap the whirlwind.

60 years in the face of thousands of years of history…the “tolerance” of the “new Europe” will be wiped away and blood will run in the streets.

Muslims would be well instructed to police their own. Yet, this will not happen.  Eventually, they will all pay for the actions of a few.  Europe will set itself afire and the dead will pile up as the pyramids of old.  The blood will be on the hands of all.

Moral Injury, Military Suicide and Bowe Bergdahl

Before I took command of my company in Baghdad, I helped my boss manage interrogation operations for Task Force 1st Armored Division. When the Abu Ghraib prison was established as the military’s consolidated interrogation facility for Iraq, I regularly called the prison and asked them to pull prisoners that we had given them out of the general prison population for interrogation.

I never received a single piece of useful intelligence back from the prison. Those guys have to be the worst interrogators ever, I often thought. But in war, especially a counterinsurgency, you feel you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned in the search for intelligence. So, I kept up a steady stream of requests.  

I had no inkling at the time of the awful abuses prisoners were enduring in the prison’s hard site, where interrogation subjects were housed and questioned. That inkling came later, in early April 2004, when my battalion commander told me that there was an investigation into serious prisoner abuse at the prison. Suspicion turned to disgust when, a couple weeks later, I viewed the shocking Abu Ghraib photos on television.

For years afterwards, I wondered if any of the prisoners I had asked Abu Ghraib interrogators to question were in that naked pyramid. Then I learned that the prisoners in the photos were, for the most part, not interrogation subjects. Although the prosecuted abuses took place where interrogation subjects were held, nearly all of the prisoners in the published photos were common criminals. They had been pulled out of the general population tents by a group of corrupted military policemen looking for some late-night fun.

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Part of the problem as I see it is the very idea of American Exceptionalism.  We (or at least I was) are raised to believe that America was the greatest nation on earth.  More than that, America was the most moral nation on earth.Our soldiers, esp. those of “The Greatest Generation, were men of character.  Unimpeachable character.  America, as the mythology goes, has always ushered forth from our shores in righteousness for causes which are always great and good.  We fight, not for greed or imperialism, but for the good of mankind.  We fight for Liberty, Freedom and Democracy.

And then we send men and, now, women off to war.

We find out that perhaps we’re not in Afghanistan to spread democracy and human rights.  We read about Malalai Joya and her fight for minority rights and how American Political Leadership has not only ignored her and those like her but actively stood against her.

We commit atrocities such as, the obvious, Abu Ghraib.  We find that some of our fellow soldiers have raped non-combatant locals in our theaters of war AND that some high ranking members of our military sought to cover up those crimes.  We learn that our President is willing to kill any and all random “military aged males” who happen to congregate in areas which he or some military or intelligence official deems and geographic area of concern.  We learn that the American President has signed off on the assassination of American citizens in effect becoming judge, jury and executioner.

We find, in the end, that we are not so exceptional.

And these are the moral enigmas bewildering us outside of America’s borders.

There is the Drug War that legislates a criminal class from amongst our poor.  We see affluent members of American society sentenced to 4 months probation for molesting children while an 18 year old who sells pot brownies is sentenced to life in prison.I could go on and on.

At some point, one has to ask oneself; “What am I fighting for?  Is THIS America worth the sacrifice or potential sacrifice of my life?”

It is a difficult question to ask?  And if one believes that yes, America is worth fighting for, then how does one go about doing so.  Does one fight for the status quo or does one fight to change this status quo.

It must have been incredibly ironic for Black World War II soldiers to return home to America and Jim Crow after fighting for “Freedom and Democracy” in Europe and Africa.

It must be ironic to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for minority rights and Democracy, Freedom and Liberty only to return to the America of Homeland Security and TSA Airport fascism, NSA home spying, Defense of Marriage Amendments and life sentences for marijuana.

There is a cognitive dissonance associated with fighting for a cause in a foreign land only to return to an America in which Statism has slowly, quietly and criminally creeped into everyday America life.

The moral ambiguity of fighting for citizens rights across the world while losing rights at home must be bewildering.

If we are fighting for the rights of the people of Afghanistan to forge their own national identity and to exercise freedom and liberty, our return home through airports that are now essentially prisons from which there may be no escape once one has become a “suspect” where they can detain you indefinitely for nearly any reason.  I can see how a soldier would begin to question his sacrifice at that moment.

I have been held at a US airport for upwards of 12 hours for no reason and for mistaken identity.  Yet, I have been in Afghanistan attempting to teach these people about rights, freedom, liberty, due process and similar theories.

Take all of this together and I have to ask myself sometimes if I should not have been fighting in America for these ideals rather than wasting time overseas as Iost my rights as an American to the very people who have sent America’s soldiers overseas in the first place.

Bergdahl, apparently, had a moral crisis in Afghanistan.  He asked questions that I know have been asked by many.  His conclusion was that his commitment to the Army was not worth his soul.  Perhaps, he should have stayed on and committed suicide.  He would then be honored as a soldier instead of being vilified as a deserter.  Sometimes, the Army is not worth one’s soul.

Perhaps, Bergdahl felt that the mission in Afghanistan and the Army that was “half assing it” was not worth further sacrifice.

He must be willing to accept the consequences of having contracted with the military and then “renegging” on said contract for acting on his conscience.  However, there is no doubt from his emails that he was morally conflicted and having been around the military for nearly 30 years, I know exactly how he felt.  It’s one of the reasons that I did not retire.

I spent two tours in Korea listening to half literate NCOs calling the Korean Augmentees “buckets” which was short for bucket head.  I’ve been around many military members in Afghanistan who treat Afghans as though they were sub-human.  This was one of the primary complaints of Bergdahl.

He was a lower ranking enlisted person with absolutely no power to affect change.  A Specialist does not tell an NCO in an Infantry company that he doesn’t like the way said NCO talks to anyone.  It’s just not done.  Where is the outlet for this?  Upping it to the Chain of Command.  lol  I’m sure that would have worked out well.

In the end, the Army failed Bergdahl as much if not more than Bergdahl failed the Army.

Moral dissonance…moral injury.  There’s your first case.  I’ve been conflicted over this since I first heard that this kid went AWOL back in ’08 or ‘9.  He’s a traitor, a deserter but…wait a minute…he’s also a kid who was caught in a situation which conflicted with his morals.

This case has the potential to rip the military apart and America along with it.  And it is exactly about Morality, Moral and psychological injury and damage.  This is a kid who seems to have thought deeply.  He broke laws.  He made his decision.  He should face the consequences but that does not make this any less poignant of a situation for Bergdahl, the Military and America.  This could rip America to shreds if it is covered honestly.

No fear there…it will become political circus instead.

Christian Morality

What is right and what is wrong?

The Christian God believes that murder is moral. The Christian God killed or allowed to be killed the whole family of Job based upon a wager with the “adversary.” The Christian God is not a moral God.

The Christian God demanded a blood sacrifice in the form of his “only begotten son” in order to forgive sin that was already in his power to forgive.

If it was not already in his power to forgive those sins then there is a higher power than your God by whose rules YHWH is playing. Otherwise, he could have saved his son the trouble of being tortured, whipped, humiliated and hung on a cross and simply forgiven the world.

There is absolutely nothing moral about Christianity. It is based upon human sacrifice. How moral is that?

“Abraham, you must sacrifice your son.”

Later that night: “Oh, shit! My bad dawg…I was hittin’ the Ganja!.  You really don’t need to do that, Abraham. I was just testing you in the cruelest manner possible by seeing if you were willing to murder your own son to prove your loyalty to me. Dude, Abraham, you really are loyal.  Just like a dog.  There’s a good boy.”

3 or 4 thousand years later.

“Ah shit, Yeshua…. Dude… You have to go to Earth. After you’ve been there and preached this new ambiguous message of faith, hope and love, I’m going to need you to subject yourself to temptation from that Satan dude. Then I’ll need you to allow one of your best friends to betray you and you have to forgive him. Then I’ll need you to let the Romans take you away. They’re going to torture you…humiliate you…probably piss and shit on you…then they’re going to kill you in the most excruciating manner ever devised by crucifying you.”

“Fuck Dude, why didn’t you just let Cousin Abe sacrifice Isaac.” said Jesus/Yeshua

“Yeshua, dude, I am the lord thy God. You must obey me. Now shut the fuck up and get down there. I’ve told Joseph that I could impregnate his wife without her losing her virginity. Humans! They’ll believe anything.”

“Ok Pops, but only because you so love the world.”

“Why yes….I do.”

This Christian God can’t even make up his mind. Killing good. killing bad. Genocide good. Genocide bad. Slavery good. Slavery bad. Rape and pillage good. Rape and pillage bad. Human sacrifice good. Human sacrifice bad. Human sacrifice good.

Where is this great and absolute Christian morality?

Studying the Bible and the acts of Christians themselves…I don’t see it.

So please tell me again how Judeo-Christian morality is good for the world.

I guess that it’s flexible and situational….that’s a good thing mostly.

God changes his mind more than a flip floppin’ Political Candidate.