The Erroneous Left and Word Usage Nazism

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Catey Hill of Moneyish tells us that we should NOT use GUYS to speak to groups of people because it is not “gender inclusive. I’ve always understood “guys” as gender neutral. I was born in 1968 and have always referred to groups of Males and Females as “guys”.

There is a story behind most slang that could be offensive to any number of hypersensitive Leftists people.

Why not, instead, stop being so sensitive and looking for offense under any and every rock.

Let’s go with “slave driver.” Apparently, the uber sensitive White Guilt people on the Left and some Black people are under the erroneous impression that ONLY Black people have ever been slaves and that ONLY White Europeans in America were ever slave masters.

This is wholly erroneous.

Black people were enslaved for about 400 years in the United States. Yet, they were enslaved far longer IN AFRICA and in the Middle East by Arab Muslims and Africans. Africans were enslaved in these areas LONG AFTER THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR and Abolition in the US.

Curiously, some Black folks have taken Arab Muslim names despite this historical fact. Irony.

Greeks and Slavs were enslaved in Rome for over 1,000 years. Greeks and Slavs, among others, were enslaved by Arab Muslims for over 1,000 years. How long were Jews enslaved by the Pharaohs of Egypt? Indians and Irish were also enslave in America.

Yet, you White Guilt folks on the Left seem disinclined to acknowledge these facts in order to make Black Democrats feel like especial victims. I can only assume that this is a tactic to keep a majority of Black Americans from going Kanye on you.

To sum it up, there is not a “Race” on planet Earth who have not been subjugated, enslaved, conquered or occupied & oppressed. No special group of people who have been exempted from history.  Only the Western Left seems to not know this.