Gillette – The Best A Man Can Get?

DLzy2enWsAAthDtWho else is going to moralize to us? Next, NAMBLA will tell us how to be good “big brothers” to little boys?

I can never help but remember that it is the loudest voices of morality who are often the most guilty.

The TSA can lecture us on groping and invasions of privacy.

When is Gillette going to make a commercial for the ladies?

It can discuss how they use men for money. The anti-Gold Digger commercial.

They can also talk about the false charges of sexual harassment and rape.

While they’re at it, they can hit on the Pregnancy Rate of women in the Military at times of war and deployment.

They can also talk about all those times that women lied on the stand and sent innocent men to prison for rape in the Jim Crow Era….as well as today.

Then they can get with Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and the rest of the Defense Industry big dogs and preach to us about peace.

Oh…next the Clinton Global Initiative can preach to us about transparency and corruption.

Then…Facebook and Google can preach to us about privacy.
Twitter can preach to us about freedom of speech and moral outrage.

Law Enforcement and the Association of District Attorneys of America can combine with Private Prisons and preach to us about Justice.

Fuckin’ Hell! It’s the mother lode of virtue signaling.


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That Feeling When You’re First In Line For Bread



The Leftist Media attempted to make this into a sexist attack. It is not. It is a political attack AND it hits the mark.

The video is in the public domain. She is in the public domain. It’s fair game.

Sorry, not sorry, Ocasio-Cortez, not everything is about your vagina. Not every attack on you is due to your sex or gender. Most attacks on your are due to your political views. That you are a woman is beside the point.

You cower behind your vagina every time someone levels a bard or political commentary at you.

That you hate men does not mean that all men hate you. Many, if not most, men love women and accept them as equals and partners. We’re not all hateful, misogynist, Leftist scum like the men in your life.

The Travesty of Gender Pay Disparity

Gender Pay Disparity!

Equal Pay for Equal Work!

This is shameful.

Men and Woman should be paid equal wages for equal work.

There is no excuse for this Travesty of Social Justice!

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