Michelle Obama: Let Them Eat Cake

Michelle Obama:  Let Them Eat Cake

How do Barry and Michelle justify to themselves these extravagant vacations while millions go hungry and hundreds of thousands go homeless?

Democrats speak of helping the poor and caring for humanity.

The waste of the Obamas could have fed and housed thousands upon thousands.

Is this the Hope and Change on which Mr. Obama ran his campaign for the Presidency?

I call it hypocrisy.

I see no difference between Bush and Obama except that Bush vacationed at home and the Obamas enjoy travelling the world in the citizen’s dime.

Michelle Obama was Angry — “Whitey is still holding us down…” or was “he” (Re-visited)

I posted the original article and commentary about Michelle and Whitey almost a year ago.  It’s garnered quite a bit of interest.


Barack Obama is the man of the hour in US and World Politics.  He is the President-elect.  How does Michelle feel about her comments now about bars being set and raised now.  She was wrong then and she is wrong now.  The bar was set high on purpose.  No one should be handed the office of President of the United States of America.  Not Barack Obama.  Not anyone else.  (Not even George W. Bush for all of you who will zone in on Dubya.)  Barack Obama has won the election.  The American people have won this election.

My feeling on this issue is that many American Blacks do not see and experience America as it is today.  Too many experience their lives through the past.  They see America through the prism of America 20 and 30 years ago.  Many Black Americans are living with the racist history and past of America as if it is a friend or a childhood blanket that they can’t quite let go.  Before anyone starts, I realize that racism, discrimination and prejudice exist today.  Yet, it is nowhere near as common as it was 30, 20 even 10 years ago.

Also, those problems exist on all sides of the racial/color divide.  I’ve witnessed Black racism towards Whites, Asians and Hispanics.  I’ve witnessed White racism towards the same.  I’ve witnessed Asian racism towards Blacks, Whites and Hispanics.  I’ve seen these people all practice racism in one form or another against Arabs and others as well.

So what?  It exists. You live your life and work around it.  It will always exists.

There are extreme liberal prejudices against Christians.  There are extreme conservative prejudices against Homosexuals.  Many folks are prejudiced against Muslims due to the dangers posed by Islamic Extremism.

It’s there.  It will always be there.  Tough.

Growing up.  I was discriminated against because I was poor.  When I was 19 and in Germany in the Army, I was jumped by 8 Black guys for the sole reason of the color of my skin. I’ve not spent my life being resentful for this treatment.  I don’t spend my days and nights talking about “the Man” and his desire to “get me” and “hold me down.”  I go out and live and try to improve my lot in life.  In spite of the Challenges and sometimes because of the Challenges that have come my way.

Obama will become the 44th President of the United State of America on January 20th, 2009.  This would not have been possible without the vote of White Americans.  This seems to be a fact that many Black Americans overlook.  The election of Barack Obama is a victory for all Americans.  Not Black Americans or racially mixed Americans.  All Americans.  It plainly illustrates that much of White America has moved past the old racist notions that held us back as a Nation.

My question is this:


Are they willing to do so? Will they?  Or will we still have to hear about “Whitey” or “those damn Crackers” or the “evil White man.” Will White America get credit in the Black Community for looking past color in this election?

This is one of the roles that Michelle Obama must take on as First Lady.  The role of healer of a nation.  Will she aid in healing the racial divide or will she exacerbate the divide?  This nation needs a healer.  I hope she steps up.  We have a chance in this nation to move past pettiness and prejudice.  We have been afforded a unique opportunity.  Let us hope that a leader will step forth and carry us forward to that day about which Doctor King and so many others have  dreamed for so long.  May we free ourselves of these chains which have held us down as a people for so long.  May people put down their hates and prejudices and look instead to the individual heart and character of a person.  This is a possibility.

I so tire of racism.  The conversation itself is wearying.

Let’s move past this America.  Let us finally free our national soul of this disease of the mind and spirit.

Michelle Obama.  Lead us on to the future.

America elects first Minority Head of State

America elected her first minority Head of State.

Are you listening?

Europe?  China?  Asia?  Africa?  Russia?  Australia?  South Africa?

Not too many other nations of the world have elected a minority to lead their Nation in a free and inclusive election.  Key words here being elected and inclusive.

I’ve sat and listened to people from Southeast Asia and Europe tell me how Barack Obama cannot win because America is too racist.  They’ve been proven wrong.  Again.   Without the White Vote, Barack Obama would not be President.

Does racism still exist in America?  Sure.

But it is just as pervasive in the rest of the world as it is in America.  My opinion.  It’s more pervasive in places like Europe and China and Africa and Asia.  Otherwise skin whitening solutions wouldn’t be flying off the shelves in Thailand and Cambodia and China.

The rest of the world and it’s judgmental hypocrites should stand up and take notice as America leads the way once more.

It is a great day in America.  A shining moment as America once again transcends.  America stands alone in this.

God Bless our President.  May providence grant and guide President-elect Obama the wisdom to steer America to the correct course.   Long may our flag wave and shine as a beacon for the oppressed masses of the world.

As an aside, Senator McCains concession speech was magnificent.  All the right things were said.  It’s a new day.

Let’s get this right America.

Stupid Obama?

For this country’s safety, we must pierce the smoke of Obama’s ‘intelligence’ at the earliest possible moment. If Obama’s smoke of obfuscation obscures long enough to gain him the White House, that fatal smoke could be blown away only to reveal a greater smoke rising from the ruins of America – a deadly smoke which next time will surely dwarf the ghostly clouds which broiled up from the burning buildings and planes on 9/11.

Barack and Michelle Obama have benefited from the greatness of America and white guilt (Affirmative Action) more than any other two people in American History. Yet, they still complain.  Perhaps, they’re just too stupid to see their fortune in having been born amongst “whitey” in the oppressive apartheid state of America.

Stupidity. Lack of Intelligence would go a great way in explaining this. I suppose the puppet masters could only hide it for so long.

Barack Obama wants to disarm America

Barack and Michelle Obama think that some mysterious band of nefarious evil doing “whiteys” are out there raising bars over their heads.  Yet, Barack thinks that he can deal with madmen like Ahmadinejad and the pedophile king of North Korea.  Barack is a babe in a forest full of wolves.  He’s not ready.  What more proof does one need than the video above.  Barack actually thinks that the Russians want to talk to the US about disarmament.  I don’t see it.  I suppose that he, too, can see into the soul of Putin and the Russians.

Barack wants to unilaterally disarm America. He’s of the same liberal ideology as Carter. He and the rest of the fools who believes that if we smile warmly and disarm ourselves, the rest of the world will love us.

A country with the size, resources and ambitions of America must have a solid defensive capability. What’s more. If we wish to maintain our democracy at home. We must promote democracy abroad. We must protect fledgling democracies. We must protect our interests abroad.

More than that. We must be willing to do these things. We can not shy away from the difficult decisions. Decisions of weight. Obama is not ready for them.

The man wants to shake hands with the devil and doesn’t know the price. 

This man can not be President.

Michelle Obama Interview

I’ve hit Michelle hard on here a few times. For the sake of fairness: Michelle in her own words.

Your next First Lady?

With SpongeBob on her TV, Lauryn Hill on her iPod, two BlackBerrys in her purse and, she hopes, the White House in her future, Michelle Obama is moving fast. Writer Tonya Lewis Lee attempts to catch up.

Michelle Obama

Obama: campaigning for her guy

I have to admit I was a little intimidated by Michelle Obama when I first saw her. She was standing on the far side of a hotel conference room, and I got the impression of a regal woman who has a model’s height (she’s 5’11”) and a classic, understated chic. But then she came forward, extended an endless arm and broke out her famous million-watt smile. She gave me a big hug—as if we were old girlfriends—and I felt as though I’d known her forever. I guess part of my comfort came from the similarities in our lives. Michelle and I are both lawyers; we both have two children (I have a daughter, Satchel, 12, and a son, Jackson, 10; her girls are Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6); and we’re both married to very public men. My husband is director Spike Lee; hers is Barack Obama, the third black United States senator since Reconstruction and our would-be next president.

First I saw Michelle’s friendliness, then I saw her focus. This was business; she had a job to do and a message to get across. She answered each question with enthusiasm, leaning in to me and gesturing with her expressive hands.

Being First Lady was probably not on her mind in 1988, when she met Barack. A product of Chicago’s South Side (her father was a city pump operator, and her mother a secretary) and a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she was an attorney at the Sidley Austin firm in Chicago when she was assigned to mentor a new summer intern, Barack. Four years later they married. Now, while her husband runs for the presidency, Michelle, 43, does the lion’s share of raising their girls and works as vice president of community and external affairs for the University of Chicago Hospitals. She’s on the road several days a week for the Obama campaign, shaking hands, charming the media, making speeches…and history.

TONYA LEWIS LEE: People seem to think that you are the secret weapon of your husband’s campaign.

MICHELLE OBAMA: I feel so much passion for this candidacy. When we made the decision to get in this race, there was a side of me that said, “Oh, no. This is going to be so personally disruptive—why put yourself through that?” But then I let myself dream about what his presidency would mean [to the nation and the world] and I get goose bumps.

TLL: You once said, “Politics is a waste of time.”

MO: That statement reflects my cynicism about politics, not about Barack. My thought has always been that he has something special to offer the political process, which can be a mean-spirited game. Over the years I’ve become more confident in people’s ability to recognize a good thing.

continued here

Honestly, if it weren’t for her liberal (as opposed to progressive) views and her husbands Marxist taint, I’d not have a problem with Michelle Obama. At a certain level, I understand the race issue. I don’t completely agree with some black folks on the issue of racism. I do, however, see the problems and I undertand how certain views are formed. There is guilt enough for everyone.

As I’ve said before, though, America has a discrimination problem. Not a racism problem. People say that Michelle didn’t mean what she said with the “first time/proud” statement. If that is the case, she should speak more clearly to her ideals. General statements like that serve only to stoke the flames of unrest and division. If she [and Obama] wants unity. Truly. She should strive to speak and act towards unity.

Michelle Obama and Abortion

Michelle Obama, the attorney wife of pro-abortion Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, is coming under fire for a letter she wrote defending partial-birth abortions. The 2004 letter, written to help Obama in his campaign for his U.S. Senate seat, opposes the ban on the abortion procedure.

In February 2004, Michelle Obama penned a fundraising letter to help her husband Barack raise funds for his Illinois-based Senate seat.

The letter contends the federal ban on partial-birth abortions “is clearly unconstitutional” and “a flawed law.”

Though the three-day-long partial-birth abortion procedure involves the partial birth of a baby during the middle trimester of pregnancy and the jamming of scissors into the back of her head to kill her, Obama’s wife describes it as “legitimate” medicine.

“The fact remains, with no provision to protect the heath of the mother, this ban on a legitimate medical procedure is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned,” Michelle Obama writes in the letter.

She also said the Bush administration should not encourage the abortion practitioners who sued to reverse the ban to drop their lawsuit to make it unconstitutional. The Supreme Court later sided with Bush and Congress in saying the ban is legitimate.

In closing, Obama told prospective donors that they could “count on” Barack to “keep the Bush team from appointing the Supreme Court justice that will vote against Roe v. Wade.”

Noted pro-life advocate Jill Stanek highlighted the letter on her blog and said Michelle was “leeching off the partial birth abortion ban” to raise funds for her husband.

“I’d like to ask Michelle to explain her legal opinion about this law the Supremes went on to declare constitutional,” Stanek said.

“I’d like to ask Michelle how in the world she could in good conscience raise money from fear-mongering about this barbaric abortion procedure,” she added.

Stanek pointed out that Barack Obama recently issued a warning to “lay off my wife” after she came under fire about an unrelated issue.

Stanek said the request amounted to “Free speech for me but not for thee” — something she called “a typical left-wing position.”

“So it’s fine to kill late-term babies, but we can’t risk hurting Michelle’s feelings about it,” she added.

Michelle Obama. Not content with merely hating on white folks [WHITEY!]. She thinks that jamming a pair of scissors into the back of the head of a baby inside the womb of the mother is a constitutional right. So babies are the enemy of Michelle Obama as well. I wonder what perceived slight the babies of the world committed. Michelle and her Liberal Marxist Cronies and Universal Victim-hood. Liberal Victim Theology. “Libvictomology.” A new leftest religion.

What is wrong with these people?

Michelle and Barack advocate murdering babies in order to raise money for an election. I find this disgusting.

Tough Guy Barack Obama Threatens “Lay Off My Wife or else!”

Sen. Barack Obama ripped into a Republican ad today that targets comments made by his wife, Michelle, and called the GOP tactic “low class” and “detestable.”

The senator and his wife discuss the race for the White House. The Illinois senator told “Good Morning America” that he expects hardball tactics from the Republicans if he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

“But I also think these folks should lay off my wife,” he told “GMA” as his wife chuckled beside him.

Obama told “GMA” that he believes he will win a majority of the Democratic delegates once the votes are counted after Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon. Obama is favored in Oregon while rival Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York is expected to win Kentucky.


The Republicans seem to have come to the same conclusion and a GOP Internet campaign in Tennessee has an ad featuring Michelle Obama’s comments during the long Democratic campaign that “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

Michelle Obama was asked about the ad on “GMA,” but her husband said, “Let me just interject on this.”

“The GOP, should I be the nominee, I think can say whatever they want to say about me, my track record,” Obama said. “I’ve been in public life for 20 years. I expect them to pore through everything that I’ve said, every utterance, every statement. And to paint it in the most undesirable light possible. That’s what they do.”

“But I do want to say this to the GOP. If they think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful. Because that I find unacceptable,” he said.

(Excerpt)

Barack Obama wants to use his wife on the campaign trail but wants her off limits to the GOP. Sorry Barry. As long as she runs her mouth and campaigns on your behalf, she is open to criticism. Especially when she is such a divisive point in American Politics as she undeniably has become. Her “I’m proud of America for the first time in my adult life” comment was idiotic. She wasn’t proud when the Berlin Wall fell. She isn’t proud of any other American accomplishment. If we want to talk race. She wasn’t proud about Colin Powell and Condi Rice or Clarence Thomas. She’s only proud because a Black DEMOCRATIC made an advance. Pure party politics. She’s as big a hack as her husband.

I hope the country has enough sense to change their minds about Obama. We can elect a real President as opposed to a Marxist tool.

“Che” Obama — Let the Bloody Revolution begin…

Barack Hussein Obama, Black Liberation Theology (Theologically Enshrined Racism) and Marxism

Basically, a large group of American people desire to elect a Marxist who is more than likely a closet racist to the Presidency .

The DNC may as well nominate an Ahmadinejad/Hugo Chavez ticket. While they’re at it, they can disband Congress and emplace Hamas in the House and Hezbollah in the Senate. Cement the destruction of the Constitution by placing the former Soviet Politburo in the Supreme Court. Special bonus: Kim Jung Il as Speaker of the House. Khamanei can be Attorney General in this ideal State of Affairs.

I wonder where Michelle and the Mullahs will build the first Gulag. Alaska, perhaps? Or will they just cede it back to Russia as a special Red Gift. I wonder if Obama will be as bloodthirsty as the men he admires. Che and Fidel the murdering twins of South America. Perhaps, Che Obama will be the American Stalin or our Mad Murdering Mao. Jeremiah Wright will re-emerge as Political Thought Commissar.

The DNC has finally gone off the deep end. Obama will make Jimmy Carter look like a mastermind.