And the CHOSEN ONE goes down…

And the CHOSEN ONE goes down...

Kentucky took down Wichita State.

Two things.

1, Wichita State was overhyped. Not entirely their fault. The rest of the NCAA are too cowardly to risk an in season game with the Wichita States of the NCAA.  There should be more teams willing to schedule the likes of Wichita State, Dayton, Xavier, SDSU during the non-conference portion of the season.  If that happened, we would know what kind of teams were out there flying off the radar and on to the Top 25 rankings.  Wichita State is, no doubt, a Top 20 team this season.  They weren't a Top 10 or a Top 5 team.  We don't know that soon enough, though, because no one will give them a game and the Media falls in love with their little small school darlings.  Wichita State was good.  They're weren't Top Ten good.  

2. Kentucky is finally coming on. Finally becoming a talented TEAM instead of a collection of talent.  Great for UK. Great for THAT game. Not great for Wichita State. This should have been an Elite Eight or Final Four game.

I hope it’s not too late and the Cats rip through the Cards tonight. This happened because an extremely talented troop of kids took their time learning the game at the College level. Wichita State met a team coming on after a season of guessing and learning.


The Courier Journal, Kentucky Fans and the Rivalry


There probably aren’t many bigger fans of Kentucky Basketball than myself.  I’m sure that there are a couple.

I’ve specifically traveled from Afghanistan and Thailand just to see UK play games and to attend the SEC Tournament and, oh by the way, “Hey Momma!”

That’s some effort.

Even though I am a huge fan of the Cats Basketball, I just can’t bring myself to be such a sensitive little chump about everything that is said, posted, written or drawn about the Cats.

For instance, the cartoon above.  It says to me the following:

1.  Nerlens Noel meant a lot to this team.

2.  Without Noel, UK is going to have trouble getting into the NCAA Tournament.

3.  The NIT is a likely destination this year despite Cal’s posturing and attempts to say that “this team is special.”  Special how?

The cartoon also says “get well soon Nerlens” which I thought was a nice touch.

Many UK fans with their strange and unique combination of inferiority/superiority complexes saw nothing but insult in this cartoon.

I see reality.

Reality is not insulting.  It’s just reality.

UK fans are apt to overlook every good thing that someone does if one supports Louisville as an athletic program.  Oftentimes, UK fans can not separate the city of Louisville from the University of Louisville.

I’m no UL fan.  Honestly, I tried once or twice to root for UL.  It just didn’t work for me.  I felt queezy in red.  I felt like I was somehow committing a crime…or something.  It just didn’t feel right.  After years of following UK and not hating UL but not really feeling much of anything excluding game days,  I really don’t feel anything for UL.  They’re just there and I don’t care.

The Courier Journal is a Louisville News Organization.  Of course, they are going to be homer-ish.  It is not the CJ’s fault that the Lexington Herald is full of people who have taken it upon themselves to “hate” on Kentucky Basketball.  Jerry Tipton is a Lexington curse.  The CJ can’t help that.  Just because Jerry takes every opportunity that he can to bash on UK even reaching to the ends of the known universe to create, lie and generally make shit up in order to create bad press for UK or it’s team members.  Jerry Tipton is not the fault of the Courier Journal.   Jerry Tipton is more than likely not on Tom Jurichs’ payroll.

Why do Kentucky Fans whine so much?  The program is a winning program.  It’s great to be a Kentucky Basketball Fan.  Even on strange down years like this.  The only bad aspect of being a UK fan is the fans who have lost touch with reality.

You know them!

Maker’s Mark places an advertisement on I-64 with a Cardinal on it.  UK fans scream, “Let’s boycott Maker’s Mark!”

Maker’s Mark?  Boycott Maker’s Mark?

Maker’s Mark is as Kentucky as KFC (KENTUCKY Fried Chicken).

Papa John’s owner donates money to both UK and UL.  You’d never know it if you were speaking only to UK fans.   UK fans overwhelmingly hate the guy.  Doesn’t matter that he’s spent quite a bit of money on UK and assisted with Calipari’s charity efforts.

I’m surprised that Kentucky fans are still including McCarty as part of the ’96 Championship Team.  After all, he went to work for the Louisville Cardinals for Rick Pitino. McCarty coached at UL.  Now…explain to me again, pls, WHY am I supposed to hate Rick Pitino?

It gets old.  The whole UL thing.  The saying goes that UL is “Little Brother” and UK is “Big Brother.”  If that is the case, why do so many UK fans act like a little brother constantly whining about their big brother picking on them?

Nothing wrong with the rivalry.  I love the rivalry.  It’s the stupidity, faux outrage and other imbecilic movements surrounding the rivalry that astound and keep me flabbergasted.

Finally, we have the Calipari worship.  I know this will not be well received.  Too many UK fans worship this guy.  Want proof.  Go to some UK board or a similar place and say something slightly critical of Cal.

For example, “Cal has failed to get Goodwin and Poythress to buy into the program?”

You’d think that you just slapped a baby on an airplane by the reaction that you will get.

Now, change that around.  “Goodwin and Poythress haven’t bought into the program.”

You’ll get a completely different reaction.   Why?  Because that is not a direct criticism of Cal.  It’s ok to say that something hasn’t happened as long as you don’t level any of the blame or criticism towards Coach Cal.

Get Cal involved and the little old ladies and grumpy old men on the boards lose their minds.  It’s sadly hilarious.  These people worship Cal.

It irks me to no end.

I love what Cal has done but he isn’t perfect and he’s certainly no God.

Just don’t tell that to the majority of Kentucky Basketball fans.  If you do say it out loud, remember to duck.


CATS ADVANCE! Slick Rick and the Tards Sent Home Early.

I don’t care who you are.  That’s funny.

Does Ricky P still love his team?  HAHAHAHA

Kentucky Advances…BARELY!

Knights Only Basket Saves the Day!

Kentucky escapes with a 59-57 victory over the Tigers of Princeton.  I’m watching the score on the internet during the game.  I’m in Hanoi.  Can’t see the game.  Can’t get it on the internet.  All I can get is Yahoo Sports Game In Progress.  I was going insane.

Had to leave for the Airport with Ten Minutes to go.  Had no idea if they won until I got to the Business Class Lounge and hooked up to the Net.  Elated.  Freakin’ elated that they won.  Almost happy I didn’t get to watch this one.  lol  It would have been a a ball buster to have to sit through this one.  I might have destroyed my TV.

GO CATS!  Survive and Advance.  Two points up is better than 2 points down.


I still can’t believe that the Tards lost to Morehead.  I’m still laughing my ass off.

UK Football is a JOKE

I think it’s funny.

All of these football people who follow Kentucky have all of these reservations about UK playing Louisville.

All of these Joker apologists have all of these reservations about playing Louisville.


I thought UK Football had improved so much.

If it had improved so much, UK could and would take any challenge and super it.

Instead we have all of this talk about “is it worth it?”  All of these folks admitting that UK could lose a game like this.


UK has immensely improved in football.  Yet, with all of that improvement, it is still flat out MEDIOCRE.




UK Football is still sitting at roughly 11th place in the SEC and might have gone from a 150 to 200 ranked team to a 90-140 ranked team.


I don’t see much to celebrate.

Barely making .500 each year and barely making a Bowl Game.

Still can’t beat Florida.  Still can’t beat UT.

BUT HEY!  It’s exciting that UK can beat the decent to good SEC Teams when they are having a down year.

UK Football.

It’s a joke.

If there isn’t significant improvement in the Second Year of Joker, I think the guy should be fired.  Especially if there is a set back.  If UK doesn’t win at least 8 games next season, the Joke should be terminated.  Period.

I’m tired of being forced to cheer for 5th Rate Football.  I’m equally tired of the perenially lie that UK is coming up.  I’m tired of exhortations to believe.

Screw that…show me something.  Something.

And I’m not talking about 2nd rate bowls or winning at Tennessee when UT SUCKS!




We have the newest revolution from the mind of the Joke.

Operation 517

What an idiot!


Coach Calipari, the Ex-UK Coach Media Circus and NCAA inanity.

Mike DeCourcy on the troubles of Billy Gillispie, Rick Pitino and John Calipari:

2. So the Bluegrass State has the Pitino deal, the cloud hanging over UK coach John Calipari stemming from alleged violations at Memphis, and former Wildcats coach Billy Gillispie gets a DUI charge.

Can you rank them in order of who created the biggest PR nightmare for himself? Quote: DeCourcy:

No. 1 is obviously Gillispie. He already had two DUIs in his past from several years ago, plus the difficult tenure while he coached UK. In order to get back into college coaching, he needed to keep his record clean and allow athletic administrators to remember he once had terrific success at Texas A&M and UTEP, two difficult jobs. It is not going to be easy for him to become a college head coach again.

No. 2 is Pitino. The circumstances that led to him facing an alleged extortion attempt were outside the boundaries of good behavior and good taste — and then he exacerbated the problem by blaming the media for how much trouble they were causing his family. Well, that fooled no one. Radio talk shows in the state buzzed Wednesday night with callers pointing out it was Pitino who, with his admitted infidelity, caused whatever problems exist under his roof.

Calipari? He recruited Derrick Rose, whom any coach in America would have loved to sign, and played him after the NCAA approved his eligibility. What exactly was it he did wrong?

DeCourcy is dead on.


Rick Pitino created this whole problem.  Rick brought the roof in over his own head.  He had extra-marital sex.  He covered it up.  This is a scandal of his own creation.  His own poor decision making cycle come full circle to bite him  in his ass.


Billy Gillispie.  The only guy who pisses me off more than Tubby Smith and his merry band of worshipers.  After 9 or 10 years of Tubby, I knew that there was absolutely no hope of UK ever reaching the Final Four.  Gillispie came in with fire and I really thought he was going to make things happen.  Then he goes off the deep end.  Forcing players to sit in toilet stalls and walk home alone from games and berating players so much so that they lose confidence.  The only man who would tell Jodie Meeks to not shoot.  What an idiot.

Now this idiot.  In the middle of negotiations, that heretofore, he was winning.  He grabs himself a DUI.  Consider the lawsuit all but over.  Gillispie will be lucky to walk away with 500 Grand and that is just so he’ll go away.  UKAA should put a clause in that states that Gillispie can never utter, write or even think the words/thoughts “UK”, Kentucky, University of Kentucky, Kentucky Basketball or mention his tenure at the University.  He must omit the years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 from his resume and is not permitted to explain the omission to future prospective employers.   Lastly, he should never again be able to enter the Commonwealth of Kentucky or play against any SEC school at the Division 1 Level.

They should burn this guy.  And then burn him in effigy.  August 27th should become a Statewide day of celebration during which Billy Gillispie paper mache’ dolls are burned in effigy each year across the commonwealth.

What an idiot! we have John Calipari.  Recruited Derick Rose.  Check.  The NCAA granted him eligibility.  Check.  Then Calipari played Rose on a team that broke records and made it to the Championship game.

THEN…the NCAA–the National Collection of Asinine Assholes–comes back a year later and states that “OOPs!  We made a mistake!  But, it’s not our mistake.  It’s the fault of Memphis!”  And they want to enforce strict accountability on Memphis.  But not on Duke.  Not on the sacred cow named Coach K.  And definitely not on the Holy One on High.  The Holy of Holies.  Coach John Wooden.  Not on Pete Carrol.  Only on the little guys at the little schools or the schools with Administrations that don’t fight back.

The NCAA is full of cowards.  Memphis needs to fight.  They need to file a lawsuit.

And the rest of the member schools need to join that fight.  Especially the small schools.  Duke boosters can provide housing and jobs for Duke Athletes.  UCLA can have open and rampant cheating.  USC can have guys being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Duke can have championship runs with Corey Maggette who admitted to taking money from his AAU coach while an “amateur.”  But that’s not Coach K’s fault.  He had no way of knowing.  Duke had no way of knowing.

But somehow, Memphis was supposed to know that Rose had a guy take a test for him in Detroit, MI.

I guess Memphis should have escorted Rose to his test.  But then that would have violated contact rules.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The NCAA is full of shit and so are half of the reporters out there who are calling for Calipari to be “punished” by the NCAA.

Kentucky Football: Signs of things to come?

Is this a sign of terrible things to come for UK football?  Is it the coaches working the kinks out of inexperience?  Was it just a momentary stroke of good fortune on the part of MTSU and UK overcame their mistakes to win a ball game.

I’ve been following UK football for a while now.  I’ve been talking to UK football fans who have followed the program for years.  One recurring theme when it comes to UK football is that every time UK starts to do well, the program self-destructs.  Usually probation over recruiting violations.  Most often, UK is caught at something comparatively laughable.  But instead of fighting the NCAA like UT and Bama and USC, UK cooperates and is burned for their efforts.

USC gets a Reggie Bush and his agents.  No problem.  Ohio State gets caught paying it’s players thousand.  No problem.  A teacher comes out and verifies that UT is cheating academically, hell, the teacher gets fired and UT is cleared of any and all cheating.

UK gives a couple of jackets away and is caught writing a grand worth of checks.  Probation time.

UK has enjoyed two successful seasons.  8-5 Bowl years.  Sounds great.  I love it.  But I’m still waiting for the other shoe to fall.  In some fashion or another.

I hope to god it doesn’t happen.  I want the program to be successful.  I’d love to Rich Brooks to retire with a BCS Bowl added to his resume.

Coach Brooks and company are making great gains in recruiting.  This is hopeful.  Signs of a program on the rise.  They have beat UL two years in a row.  This year they embarrassed the Cards in their own stadium.  The Card fans ran out on their team before the 3rd quarter was over.  Last year, Brooks had this team roaring.  Defeating the #1 LSU in a huge upset.  Ranked #8 in the country at one point.  Then came 3 losses in a row.  The Cats just didn’t have the depth to compete.  Not even with Mississippi State.  That’s not Brooks fault.  That’s Kentucky Football.

Brooks seem to be doing everything right.  He’s adding depth and talent.  UK finally has a respectable Defense.  A first in my memory.

I hope the end of the game is a symbol of persistance and not a sign of things starting to unravel.  Kentucky plays in the SEC.  If they don’t tighten up, there will be plenty of losses.  UF.  UGa.  UT.  Bama.  All on the schedule.  USC and Spurrier are on the schedule.  the Gamecocks might be down.  With Spurrier, they are never out.

UK must get at least 3 wins in the SEC.  Arkansas, USC, VAndy and Miss.  Those are 4 winnable games.  UK has to take care of business here.  That would be an 8 wins season and a good bowl game.

UT looks beatable this season.  But Phat Phil isn’t going to take that last game of the season off.  He’ll be ready for UK.  That is for certain.  In a down year like this one seems to be heading, a loss to UK would be unforgiveable.  The Vols might chase him out of Knoxville.  Hell, they might put him on the Big Blue Bus and tell him not to come back.  So a UT win is going to be a challenge.  But not impossible.

Upset one of UF, UGa or Bama.

Well, that’s a lot to hope for…but, if it happened.  Oh, if it happened.