ISIS Is Exactly What the Muslim World Needs Right Now

ISIS Five Year Plan — These boys mean business


ISIS/ISIL/IS is exactly what the World needs right now.

They are a wake up call to the Muslim World.

ISIS is the ultimate expression of Islamic values at their most extreme. ISIS is the Spanish Inquisition of Islam. ISIS is a heinous, violent, vile organization that expresses it’s Islamist values at their ultimate Wahhabist/Muslim Brotherhood level of hate, exclusivity and intolerance for all others.

The Sunni Muslim world now has a choice. Embrace ISIS and show the world that Islam truly is a wretched religion of hatred and death OR reject ISIS and show the world that there is hope that Islam can normalize AWAY from the House of Saud’s death cult and it’s various branches in Hamas, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

The Muslim world has a clear choice. Embrace ISIS’ Islam and reject the World community or reject ISIS and join the World community.

Islam or Muslims do not need to embrace Western commercialism as a culture. They do need to step out of the 14th Century and allow for the existence of other peoples and cultures.

This is why we need to allow the Muslim world to deal with ISIS. Stop interfering. If ISIS wins, we can deal with them at that point. Until such time as ISIS wins, the Muslims need to make choices and decide to embrace and support or reject and fight ISIS.

We have coddled these people for too long. We have protected despots, petty monarchs and dictators for far too long.

It is time to step back and let Islam reform itself one way or the other. Either they embrace the Extremist culture and ultimate expression of the Salafist way of Islam or they reform their religion and culture in a positive way that allows for the existence of and cooperation with others.

Islam at this point is a decrepit beast that is hell bent on a path that leads down the road to violent death. ISIS is nothing more than an Islamic Khmer Rouge.

If the Muslims wish for this and embrace it, they are our enemies. If they reject it, they can become something more and better.

However, if the West keeps fighting the battles that Muslims need to fight, they will never know who they are, what they can become and why they should or should not become whatever it is that they are to become.

The only thing that Obama and other Western “leaders” are doing at this moment is giving future generations future excuses to reject the West as interlopers and enemies of Islam. If the West defeats ISIS without letting Islam confront this “face of Islam,” we are simply giving future generations of Muslims an excuse to re-open this Pandora’s box when they too become disillusioned by the corruption and ignorance that prevails in the Middle East and other areas dominated by Islam.

We are simply transferring angst from one generation to the next. That angst needs to be let loose. It needs to be resolved by Muslims within Islam. This is humanity. This is what we do. No reform will come in Islam until ISLAM is allowed to face itself stark naked in the mirrors of the deserts of it’s own cultural soul.

Another look at Petra

These photos speak for themselves.  I may come back later and place titles for them.  I think you’ll enjoy them if you are interested in the ancient world.

Petra is a beautiful locale.  If the sculptures, architectural facades and Roman and Greek ruins did not exist, the pink and purple sandstone vistas of the mountains alone would be worth the visit.

This is Petra

Petra, Jordan.

The magnificent facade pictured above was featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I traveled to Petra in April of 1998 with the US Batt CSM and Chaplain.  We traveled down through the Sinai via Eilat, Israel and Aqaba, Jordan.  On the way there we stopped off at a Crusader Fortress Island on the Red Sea.  We didn’t get to go into the Fortress as we had no means of crossing the Red Sea.  We snapped a couple of photos and drove on.

Petra is high in the mountains.  I was surprised to see snow drifts that were 3 feet high on the road there.  One thinks of Jordan as arid desert.  I never imagined snow.  Certainly not that amount.

Petra is a city built into the side of cliffs by a civilization called the Nabateaens.  They pre-date the Greeks and Romans by a few centuries.  It is believed that they were a Semitic people related to the Arabs.  The city was occupied by the Greeks and Romans in later times.  Therefore, the architecture reflects the various styles of those civilizations.

Accessing the ruins of Petra is a bit of an adventure.  One must walk down a steep valley and into what amounts to a crack in the mountains of the area.  At points the path is no more than 2 or 3 meters wide.  As you walk down the path, you see brilliant colors swirling all about you in the sandstone walls.  Reds.  Pinks.  Blue.  Purples and Browns.  The path narrows and widens.  Always sloping downwards.  The end of the trail is fairly abrupt and leaves most of us stilled in awe.  Mouth agape.  Staring at what is truly one of the wonders of the ancient world.  The Treasury.  You’ll catch glimpses of it as the trail ends.  Even so, nothing prepares you for the wonder of coming upon the Treasury.  There are no words that can truly describe this place.  I stared at it for 15 minutes before I finally remembered to snap a photo.  It is as memorable and as beautiful as the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids.

After passing the treasury, you must climb several paths to access the incredible ruins dating from the Nabateaens, Greeks and Romans.  There is the Roman Amphitheatre.  Several tombs and catacombs.  A prison.  Roman and Greek buildings and temples.  The masterpiece, though, is the Cathedral.  A massive structure built high up on the mountain.  It’s a challenging trek to reach the Cathedral but it’s well worth the effort.