Kentuckys Joe Crawford goes to the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Draft

Joe C got Drafted!

Congratulations to Joe C!

I, for one, give all credit for that to Billy Gillispie and Joe Crawford. Joe was drafted number 58 in the 2nd Round. It’s not guaranteed money. Historically speaking, the odds are against him making a roster. I gotta think that Joe will beat the odds. At the beginning of this season, no one and I mean NO ONE gave Joe C a chance of being in the NBA Draft conversation.

Joe will beat the odds and make his way onto that Lakers roster. Give him a couple of years and this fellow is going to be a starter. I know. I know. IMPOSSIBLE.

Nonsense. Joe is a fighter. And he was given a new lease on basketball life when he bought into what Coach Gillispie was selling. If Joe had benefited from Gillispie as Coach from the beginning of his College career, he would have gone 1st Round. Probably after his Junior year.

Joe came out of HS a McD AA. 3 years of Tubby served as a period of regression and zero discipline. 1 year of Coach G took Joe back to being a true baller. A prospect with a future and potential. As long as Joe stays hungry. He’s been given the tools to be great again.

To all of those LA fans out there. You are getting a tough nosed defender. A guy who can take it to the hole. A guy who can score. Joe stays healthy and drops about 10 to 15 pounds and picks up the speed that being lighter will give him, he’ll be a much better offensive weapon. The dude has been at 85% the past two years and he was still a beast for the Cats.

Joe was injured off and on the past two years. If he stays healthy, he’s gonna be a force in the NBA. He’s got the same potential to make an impact that both Prince and Rondo had. He’s accustomed to the limelight. Those LA stars aren’t going to phase Joe. I don’t think LA is going to be disappointed in this pick.

Congrats again to Joe Crawford and to the Lakers. This will be one move that they won’t regret.

Joe Crawford scrambling up the NBA Draft charts.

Pre-draft camp: Day 2 Stock Watch

Joe Crawford: Made things happen with the ball in his hands, scoring 19 points in 26 minutes. He was his team’s most aggressive player and showed nice versatility mixing up his perimeter shooting with his slashing ability.

Crawfords year under Billy Gillispie put him on the NBA radar. Just imagine what four years would have done for him. He might have left early.

I always have to wonder what a real coach could have done with guys like Morriss, Rondo, Bogans and Prince. Imagine a driven coach with the talent of that 2001 Turmoil Team. Pitino would have added a Final Four at least. Tubby let it slip through his fingers through piss poor management.

Smith did a disservice to guys like Prince, Rondo and Bogans. Crawford and Morriss as well. These guys are NBA Talent who under a coach who knows how to develop and showcase talent would have been higher draft picks. Hayes has proven that he should have been a First Rounder. Rondo and Prince should have been lottery pics. Bogans should have had guaranteed money. Bradley could have been a 2nd Rounder. He may still make it. But it won’t be due to Smith. It will be due to his year under Gillispie.

Thanks for the Memories. The ’07-’08 Campaign was one crazy ride!

The Cats go down to Marquette in the 1st round.

Joe and Ramel’s last game.

It was a hella four years guys. Thanks for sticking around.

I’ll let Bob Hope do the honors.

Crawford on Coach Gillispie:

“He’s done more for me than a lot of people in my life,” Crawford said. “He changed the outlook everyone had on me. He changed me as a person. He got me believing. He’s done so much for me and I love him for that. I don’t know how I could repay him, ever.”