Ever Rising Surge

Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Lee and many other founding fathers spoke often of the abhorrence of slavery. Yet, each owned slaves.

Each of these men equally spoke of the equality of man. Yet distrusted the “lower orders” to one degree or the others.

They spoke of how the common man would raid the rich eventually when too much power passed to the masses.

This is true on some level as many folks on the lower economic rungs would love nothing more than to take from those who have.

However, those who now have are in possession most probably due to a penchant for theft, bribery, graft…corruption.

Thus it has always been. Thus it will always be.

Hamilton was expressly against placing too much trust in the unwashed masses. For he knew that power changes the economic tide. He had already robbed his way to the top and had no desire to have done to him that which he had done to others.

All rich men were at one time swindlers. Either they or their fathers.

The system being designed to keep in the hands of the swindlers that which they wish to not have likewise swindled away from their pockets.

This is society. This is civilization. Rules by the elite to maintain their status against the ever rising surge of the masses.