The Great White Lies of Don Lemon

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Don Lemon says that White People are the greatest Terror Threat in the United States of America.

Don Lemon CNN is a liar.

The greatest “terror” threat in the United States are the gangs surrounding the drug war. Included in that group are the State Enforcers of the Drug war. They are no better than the street gangs and other cartels that murder in the name of non-FDA approved pharmaceuticals.

I believe the death toll of Islamic terror in the US is around 100 deaths per year. “White” terror kills about 40 per year. The terror of the Drug War kills over 10,000 per year. Those deaths generally come at the hands of Black inner city gangs, Mexican and other Latino gangs, a few Cracker gangs in trailer parks and rural areas and by the Thin Blue Line.

Gangs are responsible for 80% of homicides in America each year.

Anyone who subscribes to the White Terror fear mongering is a slavish Leftist who subscribes to White Guilt or a bigot who is simply searching for another justification to hate White people and blame us for their own failures.

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The “Good” War

So you would have fought during World War II but not Nam, Korea or Iraq and Afghanistan.

What was the actual outcome of World War II?
Why did we fight World War II?

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

Britain and France declared war on Germany because Germany invaded Poland. That was the pretense at any rate.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after America had engaged in a systematic effort to deny the Empire of Japan the resources necessary to build their Nation and Empire.

By the end of World War II, Poland and all of Eastern Europe was in the hands of a greater evil than Hitler could ever have hoped to represent. That evil being the Soviet Union.

Soviet Communism which later morphed into Maoist Communism took China.

Communism also swept through Southeast Asia.

The end result of World War II was that the West fought Japan and Germany in order to hand over their Empires to the Soviet Union.

World War II was a direct cause of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and attributed to the rise of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the cause of 90% of the Islamic Fundamentalism on this Globe. Islamic Fundamentalism is the root of Islamic Terrorism.

If there were no Saudi Arabia, there would exist no taliban, no ISIS, no al Qaeda, no Khorasan and so on and so forth.

Fundamentalist Shi’a Iran can also be traced to poor decision making based on the the Cold War anti-Communist paranoia that haunted the West from 1945 through the end of the Soviet Union circa 1991.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict can be traced back to World Wars 1 and 2.

World War II also gave us the CIA and the NSA via Cold War paranoia.

You can research any and all of this with a simple google search.

I’m not seeing how World War II was “the good war.” It was an asinine war prompted by the American Banking conglomeration.

World War II was not the good war. It was a war like any other only on a global scale. It put the globe to the flame and destroyed millions of lives and billions of dollars of property.

America profited from the outcome immensely which drove our recovery out of the Great Depression and into the boom years of the 50s and 60s.

It was as much an elective war for the United States of America as Polk’s Mexican War or LBJ’s Vietnam War or Bush’s Iraq War or Obama’s wars in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.


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America and Oil Independence (Dollar Diplomacy)


If it weren’t for oil, our military presence would not be necessary.

I say this as a Ten Year Military Vet, Logistics Subject Matter Expert, Author of a book on Afghanistan and a person who has spent the last decade in/arnd & studying the Middle East & Central Asia and American Strategy/Foreign Policy.

If our addiction to oil could be kicked, we would not need a military presence in the Gulf.

If we could kick that addiction to oil, we could nix our relationship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the origin of 90% of Islamic Terrorism. ISIS and al Qaeda are funded by Saudi Arabia.

Imagine if we funded Hemp Farms. Hemp could replace much of the petroleum industry in so far as plastics and such are concerned.

Imagine solar power being the source for all Federal and State Agencies as well as Home Electricity. Supplement that with Gas & Oil that is produced in America.

There are also immense energy production capabilities from our rivers, wind, the ocean currents, etc.

We could halve (at least) our dependence on fossil fuels if we would be smart about it.

Halve our oil dependence and we do not need any outside oil resources.

Also, it is not oil which necessitates our large military. It is the “petrodollar.” You should look that up if you don’t know what it means.

Is Obama a Complete Idiot or a Dhimmi?

Obama has either not read the Qu’ran or:

1. He is a Muslim.

2. He is a Muslim Dhimmi.

3. He’s a complete apologist, appeasement addict and a moron.

There is no way to treat with radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the religious equivalent of the Red Bolsheviks in Russia of the 1920s. They have one goal. Sucker everyone into letting them get their way. The blood will be on the

hands of every person who engages them peacefully.

The Muslim Brotherhood should be hunted down and exterminated. Anything else is cowardice and self sabotage.

If Obama goes through with providing aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, he should be tried for treason and hanged.