Assume the Position America!


Yelling White Power makes a White Person racist no more than yelling Black Power makes a Black Person racist.


Yes, of course, there are racists who scream “White Power.” There are also racists who scream “Black Power.” Racism knows no color limit despite what the #BlackLivesMatters and other Color Conscious Groups demand that everyone believe. Racism is both individual and institutional.

Ferguson Police Department is an excellent example of institutionalized racism. Baltimore Police Department is another example of institutionalized racism. FPD is nearly all White. BPD is nearly all Black. Yet, both targeted Black Citizens. Both also targeted the Poor and the Disenfranchised. Institutionalized Racism is only part of the issue with the American Police.

The American Police targets the poor, minorities and any other disenfranchised group of peoples precisely because of those groups powerlessness. The GOP and DNC pay lip service to human rights and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights just long enough to talk you out of your vote. Neither of those parties care about you and both parties are in favor of current police tactics and targets. As long as the Police do not offend the Politically Connected and interfere with those campaign contributions.

We all want to feel empowered. Unfortunately, the States have many of us Color Conscious. To be proud of the color of one’s skin is, in my estimation, stupid. Color consciousness and division is exactly what the DNC and GOP seek. That’s why Race Politics were invented. That is also why #BlackLivesMatters and similar organizations concentrate on the Racial Divide exclusively. That is exactly why despite Black on Black Crime being over 90% of the problem in “Black America” and the fact that over 90% of Crime against Black People being perpetrated by Black Criminals, #BlackLivesMatters succumbs to the Racial Politics of our age. These Race based movements are about division. The DNC and GOP divide the Citizenry and, thereby, conquer the Citizenry. Most of America is too ignorant to see this obvious truth which is why #BlackLivesMatter fails. It’s why the Black Panthers failed. It’s why Black Americans have seen a decline in their economic and social opportunities despite having a Black President images (2)and a Black SecState and the Congressional Black Caucus.

#BlackLivesMatter said that America has a White Violence problem. This despite the overwhelming evidence that most White people are apathetic about Black America and the majority of Black Crime in “Black America” being perpetrated by Black Americans.

The Black Lives Matters movement chooses to concentrate on the smaller, more politically popular issue because it is the easiest to fight in public. Therefore, it is the issue that will gain a brighter spotlight. It is the issue that will be popular with White Guilt Liberals. It is the issue that White Guilt LIberals will line up behind, reach into their pockets and hand over wads of cash. It is the issue that will create a new generation of Al Sharptons. Always eager for the spotlight and a wad of cash. Never eager to actually solve a problem or talk about real and difficult issues.

Most White Americans do not care about Black Americans because they do not know any. The Fly Over States are overwhelmingly White. The Northeast, outside of the major cities, are overwhelmingly White. To them, Black Peoples problems are Black People’s problem. White Americans have their own problems. Cops in their neighborhoods don’t have Black Teens to target. Cops in those White Americans neighborhoods target White kids. When #BlackLivesMatters spokespersons talk about Police Brutality against Black Men, they alienate millions of potential allies by ignoring the fact that Police Violence is not only a problem for Black Americans but for ALL AMERICANS.

Yeah, I know. It’s unpopular to talk about ALL AMERICANS with the Black Lives Matters folks. They think they are unique and that violence touches no one else. They believe that the government works for everyone else. They think that only Black People have problems.

And therein lies the problem.

Americans should unite to fight these issues. Instead, Americans allow the two political parties who have created all of the problems drive the conversation and frame the issues. This needs to halt.

Americans need to unite. Not along color lines. Not along class lines or party lines. Americans should unite as a people. As one.

Until Americans unite as one people and stop allowing the two Political Parties to define the issues, nothing will change.

We’ll have each “special” group clawing at one another and the Political Elite perched above looking down, laughing and picking up the pieces. Occasionally, they’ll toss a bone to this or that group. No one group will ever achieve anything meaningful and anything that is achieved will be at the expense of some greater Liberty.

So keep on with your racial politics and divides. Keep on with your Middle Class vs Welfare divides. Keep on dreaming that you will be THE ONE who becomes the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. It might happen but it’s a one in a billion chance. The Rich will get Richer. The Clintons and the Bushes will laugh. The Kochs and the Soros’ will eat Gold and drink Silver whilst swimming in pools of sterile petroleum.

Your children? They’ll drink chromium enriched sewage from fracked up water tables. GMO foods that engineer diseasesimages (3) yet unheard of. They’ll swim in rivers brimming with pollutants and play in fields contaminated and toxic. Oh and that minimum wage will never become anything other than the bare.

Keep voting for your favorite GOP and DNC puppet.

Keep believing that it matters.

Because…you know.  #BlackLivesMatter  #AllLivesMatter #GirlsLivesMatter

But never as much as #PoliceLivesMatter


Who else is gonna keep your poor Black and White Ass in line.


America & Instant Gratification (or Moral Decay as Conservatives call it)



I think it ironic that America became one of the Great Nations on the world scene in a way that is now being called a vice.

America rose to prominence swiftly. Instant Gratification was the key. Delayed Gratification was the way of Old Europe. America had no patience with a slow, plodding path to greatness. We wanted ours and we wanted it now!

Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1804. A mere 16 years after our founding. That purchase doubled the territory of the United States immediately. He didn’t wait. There was no delayed gratification. Manifest Destiny was proclaimed almost as soon as this nation was born. Our fourth President, James Monroe, proclaimed that it was the fledgling American Nations destiny to span the continent from Maine to Florida to California and Oregon. He dared any to stand in the way by announcing our intentions to the world.

Texas pried itself from the corrupt Spanish-Mexican dalliance to the South. Proclaimed themselves a Republic and immediately announced their intention to join the America Union.

America told its youth to “Go West, Young Man” to seek fortune. There was no prohibition attached to it. There was no caveat. No one told them to anchor themselves responsibly or to establish themselves first and then move West. Negative. It was Go West….NOW! Fortune awaits you.

Our Banking Industry has ever been speculative. Speculation is not delayed gratification. It is the taking on of debt. It is a gamble. It pays off, it indebts. It creates, it destroys. Who told Rockefeller, Morgan or Vanderbilt to wait, to bide their time. The person offering that wisdom would have been shunted aside.

Did Steve Jobs or Bill Gates tarry? Did they establish themselves first? No, they set out to blaze new paths. They made it.

I wanted to write a book.  I did it.  It took me three years to do so.  I didn’t want to wait for one of the Big Five Publishing houses to deem me worthy or to never deem me worthy.  I wanted to publish it and I wanted it published NOW!  I went to Amazon and did so.  Instantly.  Is that a part of the moral decay of instant gratification?  It may be but No Regrets is for sale on Amazon as I write this.

American History is replete with men and women who could not wait. Who took chances. Men and Women who refused to wait their turn. They stepped out inot the World and demanded a place…they made their place. Not by waiting. Not through delayed gratification but in demanding of themselves the discipline, hard work and sometimes the bending of rules in order to get ahead and to make their fortunes.

Only conservative fools expect delayed gratification. Usually, they expect this “discipline” of others while they themselves acted in the same manner that they later decry as moral decay.

I find this senseless.


America was born impatient. We created ourselves. No God helped us. If anything, God stood by and watched. He may have admired us. To listen to some, though, he looked down upon America with disapproval for we dared to not delay our gratification.

We refused to wait our turn.

In the Immortal Words of some damn infantryman from time immemorial; “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” If you are so old that you can’t remember your youth or if you’ve led a life so boring that you waited for everything, go ahead and die. There are people behind you who are willing to live…who want to live. We do not see why we should wait until we are too old to enjoy it to do so.


Abolish Incumbency

Abolish Incumbency

#Idiot America

Congress is universally hated, disregarded, abhorred, disrespected. Congress has our disdain. They’re earned no respect.

Yet, we send these criminals back term after term.

Are the American people just plain stupid?

We Disapprove…but fuck it! Let’s re-elect the criminals anyway!

Misty Copeland — Ballerina


Ballet is, culturally speaking, a European dance. That a black person (really…she’s multi-racial — African-America, German and Italian) would become a ballerina is only striking in that she chose a culturally non-aligned field of interest and that only so if she was of pure African escent.  It is not interesting or remarkable that a black person would excel at ballet simply because of her race. It is more interesting that she mastered this skill and was talented enough to do so having started at a late age.  What seems to have been discounted is her German and Italian heritage.  Apparently, if one is “Black” or “African America,” no other part of one’s heritage is of consequence.  That seems odd to me.  Why would I acknowledge one part of me and not the others.  I don’t believe that Ms. Copeland is guilty of this.  However, it seems that the rest of the world has forgotten that Ms. Copeland is a complete human being and not just broken or scattered and discarded pieces.

Am I to become excited when the first White person becomes a master at some African dance or cultural interest/skill? Perhaps, we should go back and seek out the first White person to master the banjo, the first White person to master the canoe, the first White person to master Arabic belly dance, the first White person to master Chinese calligraphy. Hell, the list could go on and on. We could move on to the Asian peoples and Arabic peoples and find the first of those persons to master non-culturally aligned talents and skills.

I congratulate her on her talent and skill and the blood, sweat and tears that she obviously spent in mastering her craft as well as her general “BADASSERY.”

I refuse to congratulate her based on the color of her skin. Personally, I believe that this belittles her accomplishment.

QUICK: Someone name the first White person to master some skill or activity that Black people invented? Oh…that’s right. No one cares.

Actually, many people complain when White people co-opt or borrow some non-White cultural dance, music or other cultural talent, skill or development. (21 April 2015 Edit: Now they’re calling this #CulturalAppropriation. However, it seems to be cultural appropriation if a White person does something that Black people did such as a hairstyle or hip hop dancing/music.)

So a Black woman excels at Ballet. Awesome! But should I really congratulate her because she was Black or because she dances beautifully and her talent takes the breath away.  Can’t I simply appreciate that she is a beautifully skilled human being?






End Prohibition and the Drug War


One reason that crime is down is that the STATE is now not inventing criminality via legislation. Marijuana should have ALWAYS been legal. It should never have been made illegal by this corrupted State called America with it’s contrived War on Drugs.

We can all thank Nixon for the trumping up of the War on Crime which morphed into the War on Drugs which has always, in reality, been a war on American citizens (specifically the poor and minorities).

If one reads the history of the War on Crime/Drugs, it becomes apparent that this scheme has always been, first and foremost, a scam to scare Americans into voting for particular candidates as well as a means of slowly and methodically gaining acquiescence from the pubic for destruction of the United States Constitution.

Nixon all but clearly states this as his goal in the beginning of the mad and criminal venture.