Obama Bows Again…


If the Emperor bowed lower then protocol was followed as the US is the more powerful Nation.

In Asian cultures, the bow is a greeting and the person of lower rank bows lowest.

According to the picture, Obama is the lower rank as he is bowing lower. He screwed up.

“IF I see another king, I think I shall bite him,” Teddy Roosevelt once growled.

A US President should bow to no monarch. Period. Obama is taking this a bit too far.

Probably made the Japanese people love him. Is that worth the votes that these moves will ultimately cost him at home.

Everyone knows who the real power in the room was.

As long as Obama knows it as well.

Too many more moves like this are going to start adding up and cost him in the next election. Is his staff full of imbeciles or is Obama this stupid? One has to wonder. This makes me seriously question his judgment. He seems seriously naive as to how this makes him look in the World.

What next? Will Obama start lowering the Colors to every passing Nations Flag as well.

This is the move of a leader of a subordinate Nation. Not an equal or superior, but, a subordinate nation.

Does Obama realize this? Is his staff full of retarded people?

Democrat president Barack Obama bows to the Saudi king

Above, President Obama bows to the King of Oil.