The Man Hug


How to correctly execute a proper Man Hug:

1. Approach your intended Hug Target.
2. Extend Right Hand and grasp Targets Right Hand Firmly. Keeping the clasped hands between you and the Intended Huggee will assist with the Correct Man Hug Posture.
3. Continue into a Hug like Posture.
4. Wrap Arm around intended target.
5. Arch back whilst thrusting derriere to the rear and at all costs avoiding groin contact.
6. Give a Hearty Slap to the Back. (No More Than Two Back Pats Allowed).
7. Slowly back away while sharing a knowing smile and avoiding eye contact.
(Do not allow cheeks to touch. At all costs avoid this.)
8. End of Exercise.


NOTE: The importance of avoiding groin to groin contact is paramount. Do not ever, EVER allow groin area to come within 4 inches of the groin of Hug Target. This will cause maximum discomfort for all involved. Friendships have been ended for lesser offenses.

Mike Rice, Rutgers and “Homophobia”


If Rice was hurling non-homosexual slur ridden abuse would it have been less offensive to those who are centering their criticisms of Rice/Rutgers on the homosexual agenda?

The abuse is the problem. Whether it was insults laced with racial slurs, homosexual slurs or no slurs, the abuse was still the problem.

A slur is a slur is a slur. Who cares if it was the use of the word “faggot” or if was calling them “losers” or “sorry fucks.” He was abusing the kids. Flying balls. No one who isn’t gay is affected by homosexual slurs.

Honestly, when I have been called a faggot, I’ve never thought that the person was saying that I was homosexual. Faggot is not really a slur if one is not homosexual. Only homosexuals are sensitive to the word.

And it’s only really an insult worthy of note in America or to homosexuals outside of America who are overly attuned to American slang.

I understand that there are folks out there who fear homosexuals.  That said, how does Rice calling someone a “faggot” equal a homophobic slur.  Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals or homosexuality.  Not everyone who has a problem with homosexuality are fearful of homosexuality or being/becoming homosexual.

Aside from that, I’ve had occasion to hang out with homosexuals on occasion.  They aren’t always exactly hetero-friendly.  Once they accept you, you are welcomed in but there is always an element of distrust.  Are these folks heterophobic.  Is this phobic activity acceptable.  I’ve heard homosexuals speak of heteros as if they were all dogs.

All of this politically correct nonsense has to go.

Mike Rice was fined 50,000 dollars, lost income due to the three game suspension, was ordered to take “sensitivity training” which is punishment in and of itself.  I’ve never had a problem with homosexuals, never had an incident which would have caused me to be ordered into training, yet, I’ve had to suffer through sensitivity training mandated by several companies for which I’ve worked.  This training makes my eyes want to explode with it’s inanity.  I don’t feel anything towards homosexuals usually.  When I’m forced to attend one of these sensitivity training sessions, I start to loathe everyone including homosexuals.

I don’t care if you are Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Transexual.  Your gender or choice of gender or choice of sexual partner is beside the point for me.  My question is are you a decent human being.  Everything else is eyewash.  BUT!  LGBT folks can not force themselves on to the world.  People aren’t going to be more likely to love you because they’ve attended training or because they’ve been mandated by a corporation or government to love you.

It has been less than 20 years that homosexuality has come into the mainstream.  There are folks who are going to die having never accepted that homosexuality is anything other than a sin.  Sorry, but, that is the reality of the world we live in.

You can vote.  Soon, that ridiculous DOMA garbage is going to be tossed aside with the bigots who created it.  Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted as normal.  And that is the key.  Not to be tolerated by to be accepted.  Tolerance is idiotic.  It’s basically a person saying; “I can’t stand you, I abhor everything that you stand for, but, because I wish to fit int, I will tolerate you.”  The better plane of existence is when people say, “I accept you.  You are different from me and that is ok.”

Tolerance begets Sandy Hooks and Columbines.  That’s what tolerance gets you.  It’s a bunch of folks living side by side that can barely tolerate each other and only do so until they explode.  Tolerance is unhealthy.  Tolerance means that you do not accept differences.  You simply TOLERATE them.  The people who developed the concept of tolerance deserve a special place in hell (if it existed…which it doesn’t but that’s ok, too).

I know people who think I am sinning because I date women outside of my race.  I am race polluting to these people.  As strange as it sounds to me, I can’t change their ideology.  It’s the future generations who will decide the outcome of these hotly debated issues.

Homophobia is a misnomer.  Most people do not fear homosexuality.  They think it’s wrong.  It’s 2,000 plus years of religious ideology that is the challenge.

Political correctness is part of the problem.  Tolerance of outdated ideas side by side with supposed enlightened ideas.  How does that work?  We are supposed to accept Islam and Christianity which both state that homosexuality is a sin, an abomination while simultaneously we are supposed to accept homosexuality.

I have no problem accepting homosexuality.  It’s been with us since the beginning of time.  If it wasn’t around in Biblical times, it would not have been written about and prohibited.  The mere fact that it was prohibited because it was a religious rite of another God is proof that it has been with humanity for eons.  How can something that has persisted in human culture be unnatural.  It’s impossible.

The Greeks, Romans, Persians — all practitioners of homosexuality.  All accepted homosexual behaviors as part of the norm.

Not until Rome was Christianized did homosexuality as abomination become a primary theme in human consciousness.

Yet, again, we are supposed to tolerate both Christianity and Homosexuality.  No wonder people are confused.

Either Islam and Christianity are wrong or homosexuality is wrong.  Both can not be correct.

As for me, I think homosexuality is natural.  Some people are simply born with that “gene” or characteristic.  I’m sticking with that.

As for the word “faggot,” homosexuals need to give it up.  I hear homosexuals calling each other fags all the time.  “Oh Johnny, you’re such a fag.”   Let a heterosexual person say it and it’s similar to a White person uttering the word “nigger.”  People lose their minds.

End the word.  Stop referring to each other as fag.  Then you can talk to me about saying’ “that’s fucking gay.”

Gay, queer, fag — all of these words have evolved from usage and meaning to different usage and meaning over the past hundred years.  Let them evolve again.

Queer — Strange, weird, also homosexual.

Gay — Happy, also homosexual.

Fag — to tire or grow weary, cigarette (UK), also homosexual.

The Homosexual community does not own these words.  They do not have a monopoly on these words.

Much like quasi-illiterate people over-reacted to the word “niggardly” when used in a speech.

Get over yourselves.  Homosexuals have gained a level of support and relative normality that they haven’t enjoyed since Alexander the Great was sexing up his palace guard.  Look around.

Many people see homosexuality as a non-issue these days.  Of course, there are folks who still have a negative view of homosexuality.  It’s a hotly debated issue at times.

Stop trying to be a special class of people.  Stop trying to be a protected class of people.

Homosexuals aren’t special.  They’re just people who differ from the boring mainstream of life.  Maintain your originality.  Maintain your uniqueness.  Stop trying to become a special,protected class.  You aren’t that damn special.  And if you want people to NOT use homosexual centered slurs, stop using “hetero” as a slur.  Respect runs both ways.

Here’s the thing.  I know homosexuals who just live normal lives.  They don’t hide the fact that they are gay but they act like it doesn’t matter.  They have no need to feel special and feel no need to hide their homosexuality.  I accept that and love that attitude.  I’m straight.  I feel no need to flaunt it and do not feel special because I’m straight or hetero.  I don’t feel that I’m better than a guy or gal who is homosexual.    Point blank, I don’t give a damn one way or the other.  Are you a decent person?  That’s what matters.  If you are homosexual and a bad person, you’re still a bad person.  If you are homosexual and you are a decent person, you’re a decent person.  It doesn’t make you special.  It makes you a decent person.  Likewise, with heterosexual persons.  It all sounds so obvious.

Mike Rice acted like a buffoon.  True.  It can not be denied.  More than likely, it never

Fire this guy, too.

Fire this guy, too.

occurred to him that calling someone a “faggot” was a “homophobic slur.”  Everyone deserves a second chance, a chance at redemption.  Even folks who use the word “faggot.”  He was abusive.  THAT WAS THE ISSUE.  That he used the word “faggot” should have been beside the point but that is nearly all that I’ve heard.  As if that was the cardinal sin.  Punching kids, throwing balls at their heads, shoving them, grabbing them in choke holds — none of that seems to matter.  The criticism centers on his use of the word “faggot.”  He used more abusive terminology.  I distinctly heard and saw his lips forming the word “motherfucker” numerous times.  That’s a greater insult than the word “faggot” any day of the week.  Call someone a motherfucker in Afghanistan and you’d best be prepared to defend your life.

However, the only word that seemed to matter was “faggot.”  The act that is central to the hue and cry, the uproar and the outrage is the “homophobic” slur.

What is that?  Are we insane?  It’s almost as if it was of no consequence that balls were bouncing off of heads constantly in that video.  One ball seemed to slam into a kids face.  No one seems to be too upset about that….it’s all the word “faggot” that is causing the rage.  This nation is insane.

And then there is Tom Pernetti.  Firing Tom Pernetti was/is inexcusable.  They guy, reportedly, made one mistake and that mistake was not being sensitive enough of the gay community.  It is inexcusable that his career at Rutgers was sunk over that single issue.  The Gay Community should be ashamed of their behavior.  He went with legal consensus and had the approval of the University President who, apparently, could not be bothered until months later to actually watch the video that brought all of this insanity to the light of day.

We sacrificed a seemingly good guy who gave up millions for this job to political correctness, tolerance and a Salem-like witch hunt.

If Pernettis is out, Robert Barchi should be out.

What’s next?  A national register of convicted homophobes?

Register your child molesters, domestic abusers and homophobic slur users.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to register your gun owners, too.

Surely. the apocalypse is upon us.  I find this intolerable.

The Promise of America. Is there Hope?

The hatred and vitriol directed towards homosexuals and immigrants from Latin America is a stain upon the fabric of American Society today. This same venom that was once directed at the Natives, Irish, Black people, Chinese and Japanese Immigrants darkens the soul of every American who does not speak out against it.

The War on Drugs is a war on American Liberty. As is the War on Terror. These are threats fabricated by the American Federal Government that are being used to erode our liberties.

Where is the America of the Revolution? Where is the America of the Statue of Liberty? When did we lose our attachments to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the “pursuit of happiness” and become a nation in pursuit of security from fabricated threats.

We send our troops around the world to liberate the peoples of other nations while we ignore, shun and sow hate against our neighbors.

America! We are a nation of immigrants. We were once the Champion of the oppressed. What has happened?

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

Thomas Jefferson

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyrannyThomas Jefferson

All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.

Pat Paulsen