The Common Good


There is no dignity in dependence upon the State. The State only ever enslaves. In one way or the other, the State is the greatest Slave Master of History. Now and then…

The “common good” is what exactly?

How does education bring about dignity? Are illiterate people bereft of dignity?

How does healthcare bring about dignity? Are those who die from incurable disease lacking in the dignity of those who are cured of disease?

Who assigned to the Democratic Party the right to define dignity for me and others?

Taxation is slavery to one degree or the other. Especially when it is taxation of income gained by virtue of my own labor. It is especially so when it takes from me to transfer my morally gained income to those who did not sweat, bleed and sacrifice for it.

Who are you to say how much of my blood, sweat and tears are not mine but to be taken forcibly from me to be given to others?

How is forcibly plundering me not also robbing me of a part of my dignity?

When did anything “free” ever lift anyone up?

I can live and die without the State every touching my life and still have my dignity.

I can die of cancer and still have lived with dignity.

The State which you love and to which you assign as the guarantor of dignity has murdered millions of people around the world.

One such victim was Patrice Lumumbu. He died with dignity despite the best efforts of the State.


Obamacare Whistles Past the Train Yard

Ozombies standing at the Obaminable Care Train Station

Ozombies standing at the Obaminable Care Train Station

To the whining, illiterate Democrats out there:

This is not a comparison of Obamacare and the Holocaust/Nazi Train rides:

“Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for “train rides” for Jews in the 40s.”

In this comparison, the subjects of comparison are Democrats and Germans.

The Tennessee Senator is likening Democratic bragging to German bragging.

He is not likening or comparing Obamacare with the holocaust or to “train rides.”

Apparently, Democrats have comprehension issues which explains why they voted for Obama, Carter, Kerry, Mondale, etc.

However I disagree with the Senator. I would liken Democrats to Mao’s minions during the Great Leap Forward not to Nazis. Democrats have always identified with the communists and socialists. This is their preferred oppressive style. They prefer slow, indirect murder of the masses disguised as cultural egalitarianism or “progress” to straight out undisguised murder based on hatred or supremacy.

Though, Democrats do believe in their own supremacy and Democrats are extremely hateful.  In this, I see no difference between the average Democrat and the average Republican. They exist as two sides of the same hateful, self aggrandizing coin.  Each believes that they are victims of the other and each believes wholeheartedly that they know the true path. Each party and it’s respective minions is willing to sacrifice all others as a means to achieve their good and noble ends and in this way paves the paths to hell with their good and honest intentions.

Leaving the rest of us to hell on earth.

Instead,  I’m hoping that the GOP and DNC burn in hell.  May the GoDs make it so.