American “Soldier” Murders Civilians in Southern Afghanistan

Salway Kamees or Man Jams

It’s finally happened.  An American has gone off the deep end in Afghanistan.

This guy wakes up this morning.  Puts on some salwar kamees or Man Jams.   Man Jams being the colloquial term for the local fashion of the region.  They’re called Man Jams because they look like pajamas for men.  I own a couple of pair and they are comfortable.  This Insane Idiot grabs his rifle and walks off the base.  I guess when he woke up this morning,  He shit, showered and shaved.  Drank a cup of coffee.  Then he stood up and thought; “Fuck, I’m gonna go kill me some motherfuckers…” and strolls on off the base.

A few minutes later, he’s in the middle of Panjwayi District.  The Dude starts shooting civilians.  The rumor is that he may have wounded or killed up to16 victims.  One rumor has him walking house to house.  Shooting victims in their beds.  That’s the nature of war and rumors.  Every iteration grows in violence and strangeness.  We’ll have to wait for the real story and casualty count.  Once he’s finished, he walks back to the base and turns his rifle and himself in and tells his command what he’s done and that he’s crazy.  He thinks that he should be sent home.  The amazing thing is that he was able to walk off the base, kill several people and walk away unopposed and unnoticed.  No one seems to have known that anything was amiss UNTIL this guy tells them what he’s done.  No one had a clue.  WTF!

Everything is calm.  There are no tires burning.  No protests or demonstrations of which I am aware despite the photos in the attached media links.  I’m sure that most people aren’t even aware of it.  Most of the Afghans who are even aware that something occurred probably still think it was a local bandit.  The rest of Afghanistan is most certainly clueless about the event entirely.

BUT!  The US has released the information on the shooting to the local representatives of the international press.  The local press, of course, is printing the news all over the wires and the internets.  I’ve seen links from media in Pakistan (of course), Indonesia, the AP, Reuters and several others popping up over the last few hours.

It was insane what this guy did.  It was more insane to have released what he did to all points North, South, East and West.  This should have been kept on the down low.

This guy opened up the potential for many, many deaths.  His actions were onerous.  His actions were heinous.  He killed innocent people for no reason other than he was mentally imbalanced.  Someone should have caught that and that soldier should not have been here.

The one thing that is not really being discussed is that this kid is supposedly from the same unit where two soldiers were killed during the Qu’ran Burning Intifada over the last couple of weeks.  I’m sure that is what put the kid over the edge.  He’s here trying to make Afghanistan safe.  Afghans who are supposed to be our allies are murdering us over a couple of burnt books.  Quite a few Coalition Soldiers are angry that Afghans turned on us in such a manner.  There’s a lot of mission burn out over the Qu’ran Burning incident.  Not because the Qu’rans were burned but because Afghan Soldiers went native and started shooting at us and Civilians were so vocal thanks to the press about Americans “disrespecting Islam.”  Most of the Coalition goes out of their way to “respect” Islam.  We’ve spent Billions on this place.  We’ve shed blood in this place.  The Taliban is constantly murdering Afghans and no one bats an eye over it.  Americans burn a few copies of the Qu’ran and it’s a mad house.  Nah, I doubt that has anything to do with this.

But was it a mad house?  Were the demonstrations truly nation wide?  What percentage of the population protested and demonstrated?  From what I could tell, less than 1% of the population demonstrated over the burnt Qu’rans.  That same week of the Qu’ran burnings, I had an Afghan Officer tell me that “we have to pray that the Americans do not leave us.”  The press, though, made it seem as though the country was being over run with protestors and demonstrations were being held in every city, town, hamlet, borough and village.  The media, of course, lies and sensationalizes to sell advertising space or their agenda.

The US Department of State and the US Department of Defense are equally insane for having released the news of the shooting incident.  Lives are at stake here.  Not theoretical lives.  Real lives.  The potential for blood loss from a reaction to this is massive.  Of course, the media will sensationalize any reaction.  They’ll sit at the Serena Hotel or the Safi Landmark Hotel in their comfy chairs and loveseats and type out little white lies and no one will call them on it.

But!  I suppose that if we didn’t release the news in a timely manner, there was no way that we could have sent a swift and appropriately groveling apology for the incident to that thief Hamid Karzai.

The plus side of this, potentially, is that these were people who were killed.  Mere humans.  Political pawns to be played for sure.  They weren’t Qu’rans.  Many Afghans probably won’t bat an eyelash.  They’re inured to violence unless riled up by the local Mullah with a bone to pick.  Especially if it was mostly women who were killed.  No proper Afghan cares about the lives of women.  Especially if they’re past their breeding prime or if they haven’t squeezed out a few boys by the time they’re seventeen.  If they were little girls who were killed, many, if not most, Afghans won’t care much either.

Thankfully, the guy didn’t kill any donkeys or goats.  Then we’d have a real problem on our hands.

I’ve seen donkey deaths cause instant mini-riots.  I’ve seen Afghans shrug off the death of a little girl like it was a fly that had just been swatted.  These two incidents occurred on the Jalalabad Road.  Little Girl gets hit by a car.  They pulled the body off of the street and carried her away.  A donkey got hit and the owner went crazy.  The crowd grew dangerous and started throwing objects.   Both times, it was the French.  They seemed to be prone to these kinds of incidents back in ’05 and ’06.

Since no Qu’rans or livestock were involved, many Afghans will probably give this incident little notice.  Of course, the Afghan politicians (THUGS) will use it to soak us for more money and to show their influence by having Obama and the various ISAF Generals break dance with more groveling apologetic acrobats.  After all, the Coalition funding at their disposal to embezzle is slowly drying up as we near 2014.  The Afghan Parliamentarians, Ministers and Generals need issues like this so they might better fund their retirements.

US Marines Urinate on Dead Combatants

OK.  It’s not good.  I get it.  US Marines shouldn’t run around desecrating the corpses of the dead.

That said, I don’t want to hear it.  Almost any time that an enemy combatant is captured in the Muslim world, they’re beaten, kicked and dragged through the streets.  If an enemy combatant is killed and the body is somehow left in possession of the taliban or whomever in the Muslim world, that body is mutilated, dragged through the streets, kicked, beaten, sexually molested, sodomized with clubs and sticks and rifle barrels.  They hang dead bodies from light poles and light them on fire.

The taliban is most guilty of this behavior.

If a Westerner is captured by the taliban, expect to be beaten and then beheaded.

Yet, the Media, Hamid Karzai, the taliban jumped on this event like it was the worst behavior ever witnessed in the history of mankind.  They even issued a statement speaking to the horrifying torturous behavior.  Stating that the US Military is trained to terrorize the world.

Of course, Hamid Karzai the hypocrite has issued a statement condemning the behavior.  He issues a statement anytime someone other than an Afghan does something terrible.  When Afghans do something or the Taliban, who, let’s face it, are mostly Pakistani, Karzai is strangely silent.

Our politicians, led by Hillary Clinton, fell all over themselves lining up to apologize and condemn this behavior “in the most strong terms possible.”

Al Jazeera has been running this story every ten seconds.  It makes me laugh.  Go back and run those pictures of the taliban beheading Gurkha soldiers down in Qandahar.  Run the pictures of Najibullah being hung from a telephone pole in Kabul.  He hung there for weeks.  Run those photos of Muslims sodomizing Qaddafi again. Run the photos of the Blackwater guys being dragged through the streets in Fallujah.

It’s idiotic.

5 or 6 Marines.  They look to be around 20 years old.  They acted foolishly.  There is no doubt.  They pissed on dead bodies.  Dead bodies of taliban who more than likely have done much worse than pissing on a corpse or two.  Let’s not kid ourselves here.  Those dead enemy combatants when they were alive belonged to the most heinous gang of monsters to run across the pages of history.  They’re lucky that a few drops of urine were all that dropped on them.  The taliban are the most disgusting and decrepit group of genocidal criminals in history.  They’re 100 times more monstrous than Stalin or Hitler.  These people are criminals who are not deserving of human dignity.  How concerned were the taliban with human dignity when they were the power in Afghanistan?  How concerned were they with human dignity when they forced women to confine themselves to their homes and starve to death because there was no male family member extant to take them to the market to purchase food.  How concerned were the taliban with human rights when they captured US and ISAF soldiers and desecrated their bodies?  How concerned are the taliban with human dignity when they’re attempting to assissinate Malalai Joya and other dissidents in Afghanistan.

A taliban spokesman speaking about human rights and human dignity is comparable to Hitler talking about respect and love for Jews and Judaism.  It’s farcical.  I’d rather listen to Iran talk about human rights for homosexuals and freedom for woman.  It’s the same thing.

I’m disgusted that we’re talking to the taliban at all.  We should be annihilating them.  The taliban are inhuman.  They’re disgusting, child molesting monsters.  They should be treated exactly as we treated Hitlers minions.  Every last one of them.  Hunt them down and kill all of them.

All of this whining about a squad of Marines pissing on a few talib djinn is fluff.  It’s beside the point.  Punish the Marines for being complete Jackasses and then get on with annihilating the taliban once and for all.

And then, we have this:

The Council on Islamic-American Relations, a prominent Muslim civil rights and advocacy group based in Washington, quickly condemned the video.

“We condemn this apparent desecration of the dead as a violation of our nation’s military regulations and of international laws of war prohibiting such disgusting and immoral actions,” the group wrote in a letter faxed to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Would CAIR give a damn about this incident if these taliban were not Muslims?  I’d say no.   Not at all.  Did CAIR send a fax to the taliban the last time that they desecrated the dead.  I doubt it.  Hypocrites.

The difference between the US/West  and the Taliban could not be more obvious in times like this.  The taliban celebrates this behavior when their people act in this way.  America and Americans condemn it.  America and the West will punish those responsible for behavior like this.  The Taliban would celebrate and reward such behavior.

So, please, Mr. Taliban Spokesman, please.  Shut the hell up.

Another Excellent Cartoon Commentary on Afghanistan

Rape and Murder: The Tools of Karzai Democracy

The Karzai Government is corrupt and beholden to Thugs, Thieves and scandalous, corrupt Mullahs who want to force medieval religious “values” on the common people as they use Islam to rape the country.  These thieving scoundrels use Islam as a tool of rape, plunder and intimidation.  They use their power in the government and their association with the United States to empower themselves and to bully the people.  They use rape and murder to intimidate any voice which rises in defense of the people of Afghanistan.

The worse thing about this situation is that it is American money and influence which allows this situation.  Rumsfield, Cheney, Bush and, now, the Obama Administration are keeping these men in power.  These scum are the anti-thesis of Democracy.  They are Taliban lite and in some cases, they are worse than the Taliban.  They have become so under the protection and with the help of the US and NATO forces.

We empower these corrupt “leaders” and allow them to use Democracy as a guise under which they protract a decrepit despotism that they started after the fall of  King Zahir Khan.

America is not spreading Democracy in this region.  We are doing the very opposite.  It’s shameful.

We should be supporting the Malalai Joyas of Afghanistan.  Instead, we are supporting the evil, murdering and raping despotic Warlords who are democratic only in the sense that they mouth the word from time to time.