The Left Loves Fox News


The Left’s Witch Hunt

I always find it comical that so many who abhor Fox News seem to be so intimately acquainted with it.  These people then go on to publicize Fox News via their constant yammering about Fox News.  I don’t watch it.  I don’t watch any news really.  Not a big TV person anymore.  I get most of my news via Twitter and other net resources.  Rarely do I go to Fox.  Not because I do or do not like them but because they are obviously biased.  I don’t want to read an O’Reilly or Beck or whomever opinion on every event.  I want to read about the event unfiltered and without left or right slant.  Then I wish to form my own opinion or slant, if you will.  After that, I find it interesting to see just how the Left or Right will slant it.

Folks on the Left give Fox too much credit and go a long ways towards giving them much  free publicity with the constant cries against them.  Half of the time that I do go to Fox, it’s because some Lefty has whined about them.  I go there to see what the fuss is all about and more often than not am let down by the whole leftist “much ado about nothing” whirlwinds created by Liberals.

Then I go to CNN or MSNBC and see programming thereon throwing a left slant on news in a political mirror image of Fox News and somehow no one except for a few right loonies seems to care.

Fox News is the Witch Hunt of the left.  The Christians have their homosexuals.  The far left has it’s Fox News viewer.  Both sides led by the nose for the political advantage and profit of the DNC or GOP elite.

Violating the Constitution — The Case of Professor Gates

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano defends Gates and American civil liberties. Napolitano is one of the few conservatives allowed on Fox who actually believes that individuals should be protected from the power of the police state.

The law says, unless [a police officer] witnesses a felony…or unless he has a piece of paper from a judge—a search warrant or an arrest warrant—saying “you can go in that house,” he can’t go in the house. So when Professor Gates said “no you can’t come in,” and the police went in anyway [the police] violated the federal Constitution.

The police violated this guys constitutional rights.

The police didn’t merely act “stupidly” as Obama stated.  Apparently, they acted unconstitutionally.  Regardless of what kind of ass this guy may or may not have made of himself.  I haven’t seen the incident myself.

This is the kind of garbage that is turning this country more and more towards being an “un-American” police state.

The Po Po aren’t all powerful.  Citizens have rights.  Bush and Obama be damned.

McCain wins Missouri!

Yeay!  Who cares?

Fox news ran this story constantly today.   Why?

And that blonde girl Natalie Holloway story is back.  I feel for the girls family but why is this national news.  A rich girl went to Aruba and was murdered because she couldn’t get enough of the bad boys who in this case kinda look like violent nerds from the black trench coat Columbine generation.

If this were an Asian chic who was barely making ends meet and got herself killed, would FOX run the story non-stop.  I don’t think so.

The real news is the economy.  But even there they go on and on and on.  Droning until you can’t take it anymore.  GM, Chrysler and Ford.  I own stock in Ford and I think that they will make it through all of this.  But if they can’t survive without a bail out, they should not survive.  Let them die.  They’ve refused to come to terms with the new world.  If they can’t do so, they deserve to die.  I’ve read that Ford is releasing a hybrid in Europe.  Why not release it in America?  Lots of people in America who are now hybrid friendly.  They should all three be jumping on the hydrogen bandwagon before they get left behind there as well.  I don’t know if the Unions should be busted or not.  But the Unions need to get out of the way of progress and let these companies adapt.  No one deserves a free ride.

Obama is saying the right things right now.  I’m on a wait and see pattern with Obama.  I don’t know if I can compare the guy to Lincoln or FDR just yet.  He’s done nothing.  But neither had LIncoln when he came to the the White House.

We’ll see.

I’m not committed to the Christian agenda.  So I am not as adamantly against him.  The gay agenda is silly to me.  But I have no dog in that fight.  Parents raise your children and give them your example to follow.  They’ll do the right thing.  Hedging your bets by railing against others isn’t going to keep your child from being gay.  I don’t know what will keep them from being gay but I’m certain that the gay marriage issue is not the thing that will prevent it.  Marriage is a joke approximately 50% of the time anyway.  Marriage protection act.  Sure.  I’m not buying it.  It’s the “Christian Abomination Act.”  Christians pushing their agenda one way and homosexuals pushing in the opposite direction.  Get out of each others way and live your lives as you see fit.  I’m tired of hearing both sides of this idiotic argument.

Don’t even get me started on abortion.

Make your own choices and live with them.  If you can’t live with them, stay home.

Allahu Akhbar!!!