Trump & Separation of Powers

Trump always proposes the extreme. It’s just his personality.
At the end of the day, he settles just like he does in court.
Can you guys REALLY not see the pattern?
It’s truly odd that people can’t seem to understand this.
Also, we have three branches to our Government.
1. Executive
2. Legislative
3. Judicial
They are supposed to “check and balance” each other. There are supposed to be a Separation of Powers. “Supposed” being the operative word.
Under Obama, so many of the Liberals of this Nation loved the fact that Barry was so fond of overreach. Under Bush, so many of the Neo-Conservatives loved the fact that George was so fond of overreach.
Now, we’ve got a guy who scares about 60% of the country to death.
Only now…do you people finally come to the understanding of why Executive Overreach is so dangerous to the American Republic.
Yes, the Republic.
Because we are a Republic.
We are not an Imperium wherein the Lords Bush and Obama can do as they please.
The Founding Fathers set up a Republic that was designed to protect the minority from the majority.
It hasn’t always worked especially when we allowed the South (and many in the North) to treat some of our fellow humans as less than or about 3/5ths human and when our Great Democratic Socialist Hero FDR slammed a few hundred thousand of our fellow citizens in the klink for nothing more than being born to American Citizens who were of Japanese Heritage.
Now…do you understand how your hero worship of Politicians is dangerous.
Now that you’ve got a guy who loves himself more than any Islamic Potentate in history?
Of course, it is dawning on you now.
Will you remember when it is one of YOUR own who believes exactly as you believe?
Somehow, I don’t think most Americans will learn the lesson. They’ll forget within six months or right after the latest news cycle has ended.
Trump can do no more harm than the Legislative Branch and/or the Judicial Branch allows him to do.
He can do no more harm than the Citizens of America allow him to do.
Perhaps, it is time that the American people wake up and do their jobs. Be informed. Be active. Vote responsibly. Hold Politicians accountable. All Politicians. Not just their politicians.
There are Americans. There are Democrats. There are Republicans. You cannot be both an American and a Republican. You cannot be an American and a Democrat.
You can be an American.
Be a good American.


George Washington ~ Repugnant, Undesirable and Unqualified.

H L Menchken on GW

I listen to the news today.  I hear America including friends and family talking politics.  I’m constantly bewildered at the perfection that the average imperfect American expects from their leaders.  Adultery is pretty common in American life.  Yet, when a Politician or Leader is found lacking in this area of personal discipline and marital fidelity, he is crucified.  Often enough, he is crucified by people who are guilty of the same transgressions.  This is pure hypocrisy.  I’m sure it’s common outside of our borders as well.  This is about us, though.  Not Africe, Asia or Europe.  I know not one perfect person in America.  Not one.  Neither Jesus nor Mohammad are with us right now.  Nor is Siddhartha the Shakyamuni.

Yet, we have this strange obsession with the faults of politicians and business leaders and any person who becomes a sensation or a “star” in the American galaxy.   We obsessively place these folks on pedestals and then just as obsessively knock them off.  The Fall seems to be more eagerly followed than the rise.

Looking back through our history, I can not find one of our heroes or leaders who would endure unscathed the microscope of paparazzi and gossip magazines and talk television of our era.

This begs the question.  What amount of talent has gone wasted.  How many highly qualified people has this intense scrutiny stolen from our republic.  How much that once would have been freely and happily given is no longer offered because of the hassle of having your life scrutinized from top to bottom.  From head to toenails.

What great person has remained in the shadows because he’s gay or likes an occasional joint or a imbibes a bit too heavily for the hypocrits of mainstream America.

What have we lost due to this insane phenomenon of parasitic vicarious couch dwelling?

As H.L. Mencken makes perfectly clear in the scanned page above, George Washington would have been driven out of town by the townsfolk with their torches and pitchforks.  He’d have been called a drunkard, an Atheist, a profane scoundrel of the worst sort — A Business Man. The old Man even had a thing for the young pretty ladies.

George Washington is the Father of America.  More so than any other.  He is the Great Man.  The Indispensable Man in the pantheon of the Creation Mythology of America.  Yet, today, he would be a pariah.  What have we lost because of our inability to accept imperfection in others that is innate in ourselves.  I believe that too much has been lost.