Opportunity Vs Gun Control

ciara meyer

Murder rates and crime has much less to do with availability of firearms and much more to do with poverty and hopelessness.

If our Political and Corporate Leadership were not greed driven gluttons and actually created opportunity for the masses of American Citizens, we would see crime rates lowered. That is all crime.

However, the idiots for whom the idiot Citizens of the United States vote do not care. The Corporate leadership of American Business do not care. They line their pockets and pat each other on the back as they tax our income and send jobs overseas to increase profit and stock prices.

This is the problem. Attacking firearms is a delusion of the Left. It is a strategy of divide and conquer as is religion, racism, abortion, sanctity of marriage and other identity politics.

You have been divided, you have been publicly “educated” (brainwashed), you have been conquered.

Vote, pay your taxes, obey, vote again.

Imagine if the American People stopped voting for Parties and Personalities and started voting for substance and policy. Imagine!