Disband the American Police


From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York down to Miami and over to Houston across the Boston and over to Seattle.

Disband all American Police institutions including the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF and every Police Force in every City and municipality throughout America. Fire them all.

Ban all current Police from ever serving in a Law Enforcement capacity for Life.

They are all corrupted. If they are not corrupted themselves, they are cooperating with their corrupt fellow Law Enforcement Officers. There is not one Police Department in America that is scandal free. There is a Police Department right now that is about to break in the evening news over a scandal. There are Police Departments right now deep in corruption and scandal. Most of them will get away clean.

If one is a “Good Cop,” one is forced to cross the corrupt #ThinBlueLine. One pays a heavy price for such noble action. From the point of crossing to one’s death, the “Good Cop” is in the cross hairs of every Law Enforcement Officer in America. If one decides to tell truths about the Police, be prepared. Do so from a protected vantage point. Cover and concealment is necessary. Do not take the decision lightly. One’s life is in danger from that moment forth. The Police Departments and their minions will do everything in their power to destroy you and your family. (Ask Frank Serpico)
It will be impossible to reform corrupt Blue Thugs from the inside. An outside force is required. Corrupt Cops will murder anyone who dares defy them; any who foolishly crosses that thin blue line with no plan and no body armor. The American Police are the most violent, corrupt and immoral gang in the history of American Governance.
If we are to have a Free Nation, the Police Forces of the United States must be reformed. I would advise disbandment. Start from the ground up. Take away their guns. Take away their precious #WarOnDrugs. Take away their sacred qualified immunity. The majority of the American Police should be in prison. They are thugs. They are corrupt. They are murderers. They are thieves. They are bullies. They are every bad character in every bad novel ever published.
Fire them all. This is the only path to Justice in America.


Will America Grow into the Promise it once Held?

I’m reading Lennon by Tim Riley. I can not fathom why the FBI would waste time and money following Lennon and Yoko Ono around New York City and the rest of the country.

Hoover must have been the biggest joke in the history of America. Collosal waste of resources. I’m sure Nixon had something to do with it as well.

Sometimes, I have a hard time reconciling the actual America to the America in which I grew up believing. They seem different places. Sometimes I feel that way about the present.

The America that Christians envision for us is definitely not an America in which I want to live. Superstition, bigotry…these are not things that should be encountered in an enlightened nation with an intelligent people.

Perhaps, America has yet to exist.

America is a 200 plus year work in progress.  The fundamentalist Christians would take us backward to the days of superstition and backward thinking.   They would have the laws of their petty God codified into our legal system.  If they get their way, America will be little better than a Christian Taliban State.

I hope that the people of my nation truly believe in Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all.