A Dream


A dream
I have a dream
Dream of freedom
Dream of non-stop dance of happiness
I have a dream
Made of awareness

Dream of soothing this repeated pain
The pain of a world which is getting empty from love
The pain of a tree that is drying from the root
The pain of the women who are sentenced to be hurt
Or the children who are in the work cycle
The Interpretation of this dream is a cure for my pains
My dream is this:
A world without Hatred
A world without Hatred
This is my Dream.
I have a dream
A colorful dream
Dream of a green and war-free world
I have a dream
Which is not uninterpretable
A world empty of stop signs
A world that doesn’t build bombs and rockets
doesn’t throw rockets on children that are asleep
A world in which the jails are closed
People are not killed because of asking… and they are not killed… they are not killed

Song by Shadmehr Aghili and Ebi
(Translation thanks to Wali Habib of Herat, Afghanistan)