Taliban Burns Facebook on Freedom of Speech

It’s horrible when even the Taliban can burn America on Freedom of Speech.

That’s when you know you’ve hit rock bottom, Facebook.

Facebook is code for Fascism.

Twitter and Facebook Need to Be Destroyed

These two internet bastards need to be shut down. Forever.

Twitter is a disease.

Facebook is a disease.

The real pandemic has been ongoing for nearly two decades. Social Media is mentally and emotionally destroying the world.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey’s inventions have killed more people and wrought more destruction than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.

Oh yeah. Chrissy Teigen is cyber syphilis. This woman puts her whole sad sack life on the internet. WTF is that? Idiots.


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I quit Facebook a long time ago. I quit because Facebook employs idiots, morons and social justice warriors who do not care about facts. They care about emotions. Facebook is run by Fascists and Socialists who idolize Adolf Hitler, Iosef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and other totalitarian criminals and monsters.

Today, they put a friend of mine in Facebook jail for this statement:

Well, illegal immigrants are all criminals else they’d not be illegal immigrants. Bad meme.

There is nothing factually incorrect in that statement. If a person crosses the border into another country of which that person is not a Citizen, that person is an illegal immigrant. That person has committed a crime.

A criminal is a person who commits crimes.

That statement may hurt the feelings of social justice warriors and overly emotional idiots who Facebook employs. However, it is factually correct.

Facebook defines “hate speech” thusly:

We define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We also provide some protections for immigration status.

“Illegal Immigrant” is a word that is specific to none of those categories. It is a descriptor that could include members of any or all of those groups. A person does not become an illegal immigrant by virtue of belonging to any of those categories. They do so based upon an action. One becomes an illegal immigrant by virtue of a choice to enter another Nation illegally.


Facebook is insane, dishonest and needs to be destroyed. It needs to be  annihilated. It needs to be wiped from the Earth because it is a social virus. Twitter should be given the same treatment. Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey should be exiled to the ends of the Earth and threatened with immediate and prejudiced termination if they attempt to return and may they both burn in the torment of Babylonian Hell for eternity.

The minions of Facebook need a dictionary. They need to learn the English language. Facebook purposely employs weepy, whiney, weak people to enforce their “standards.” Facebook and its minions hate Freedom.

facebook is stupid



trump 2020 9



The root cause of oppression is greed. A person or group wants something. It matters not what that thing might be. Land, Gold, Women, Power!

Ignorance is the tool. Ignorance of the masses.

I want political power in the US. I ramp up hatred of some group. I rally my people to that cause. Rail against that “enemy.”

Most humans are easily led. Many of us are lazy by nature. Obtaining knowledge takes work. Hard work. One must actually read. Turn pages. Research.

It’s easy to turn a man against his neighbor by claiming that “this is our land.” Those people are this or that.

Most will not research or think about it.

With the media today, it is easy to saturate the “airwaves” with spurious claims. It is far more difficult to motivate people to learn truths or unlearn old lies.

Convince the ignorant that all Black people are lazy and criminal and you have an enemy. Dehumanize Black people by labeling them as such. Use Black people [or Muslims, terrorists, anarchists, liberals, conservatives] to move the masses in the desired direction. Cause fear and panic.

It is not so difficult.

I see it all over Facebook.



Social Media Goodness!





People whine and bitch and complain about Facebook and other social media. Yada yada yada…this and that. I almost understand their complaints.

However, there are positive sides to social media as well. It has the power to bring us together.

For instance, Unny is all over the social media world. Her jewelry has taken her to Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Twitter and other platforms. Across these varied instances of social media, Unny has met hundreds of people. 

Recently, she met a couple of her Instragram buddies in Bangkok. Two gals from Chicago traveled to Bangkok and Unny met them out and had a great “girls night out” with them. She showed them around town and over a few drinks, they had a great time together.

These are two wholly different worlds and cultures coming together because of social media.

So while social media does have it’s drawbacks, it also has immense potential for positive affect across our world.

Don’t discount it as merely a billboard for boredom and ignorance. The potential for beauty and fellowship exists as well. We need only step out from behind the screen from time to time and to come together in brotherhood…or sisterhood as was the case with Unny and her Chicago buddies.

Facebook Censorship and Faux Outrage

What happens when you change  your Relationship Status in Facebook but not in real life?

Nothing really…

Except that you get a bunch of messages of support from people who believe everything that they read on the internet.

Recently, I deactivated my Facebook account.  They censored me and said censorship irked the piss out of me.  Aside from that, I waste entirely too much time on Facebook.  I want to start on my second book.  With Facebook readily available, I waste too much time picking at scabs and generally mucking about with morons such as the “Soldiers are not heroes, they are tools of War” guy and his crew of moronic followers as well as the followers of Islam who love to get on Facebook and quote Qu’ranic scripture at non-believers.  I think that they actually believe that quoting scripture is going to change minds about their idiotic religious creed.  I guess they have that in common with Christians who quote the Bible to defend the Bible.  That’s tantamount to quoting Charles Manson in defense of Charles Manson or quoting Hitler in defense of Hitler.  Sorry, it doesn’t work.  Even so, I love to get in there and tell them that they’re morons.  It’s an addiction.  What can I say.

Facebook — people take this shit too seriously.  My GF will put her thoughts about events that she sees happening around her.  Sometimes, those thoughts are relationship oriented.  She’s got some girlfriends who are always getting into bad relationships.  She’s posted her thoughts on those GFs and their relationships.  For some reason, her friends always want to think the worst of me when she does so.  These friends log onto Facebook, read Unny’s thoughts and start pounding me.  “What did Dave do?”  “Tell Dave that I’m going to kick his ass.”  But the Unny commentary has absolutely nothing to do with me.  Yet, I get faux cyber-wrath bombs exploding all around me.   It’s comical.

Lesson being, I suppose, don’t read into Facebook anymore than what is actually posted.  Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook.  Facebook is at times akin to a long chain email.  Most of the time, it’s stuff that you shouldn’t take too seriously.  It’s like taking Glenn Beck at face value.  Half truths abound.  Half wits believe.

10,000,000 USD Out Of Thin Air!!!

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Facebook ~ Patrick Patterson

https://i0.wp.com/a.espncdn.com/photo/2008/0229/ncb_u_ppatterson_300.jpg“To the entire Big Blue Nation.. Do not talk to me or message me about the performances of myself & my teammates OR question our talent, pride, or love for this University.”  ~ Patrick Patterson

Established.  Some UK fans are retards.  Idiots.  Morons.  Call them what you will.  Anyone who would go on the board/page of a UK player and talk smack to one of the Athletes on the team or any team for that matter is a low life piece of  human trash.  They deserve their trailer park lives.  If you know the guy(s), it’s one thing.  If you’re a fan, get off the stalking vibe and let these dudes live their lives.  Give ’em room.  Let them breath.  Especially after a loss.

I’ve got a few choice words that I’d like to use to any moron who went onto Facebook and was talking smack to Patrick Patterson or any of the team.  I like to keep this site PG rated, so I’ll not post it here.  Gimme some face time with one of these cyber-tards and I guarantee I’ll make the little punk cry.