On Blaming Mohammad


Why “Fuck Mohammad?” Why blame Mohammad for the lunacy of some Muslims today. Mohammad was a man of his age. He was a conqueror. Comparatively speaking, he was as great a conqueror as any of the Greats of any Age in history.

Mohammad is not making these folks do any of this? He acted, in his day, no different than any other leader of his age. They all used religion. They all used God. They all raped, pillaged and conquered their way to “Greatness.” He is accountable for those “sins” and no more. If he were a European, he would be celebrated by the West.

Islam moderated and was a center of enlightenment, creativity and modernity for a good while. Were it not for Islamic Qaliphs, we’d have lost much knowledge from the Old World. It was contact with the Islamic World that spurred the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

Does Mohammad get credit for all of the good that came from Islam as well as all of the nuttiness that is occurring now?

This is not Islam doing any of this. This is humans acting. Islam can be interpreted a thousand and one ways.

Much like anything else. Much like Christianity.

I can’t stand religion but really what I can’t stand are religious people.

I can read the Bible or the Qu’ran and come away with beauty, freedom, liberty, love and life. All too many others come away as slaves, violent, hateful, ugly, putrefied, inhuman scum.

In the end, Islam is not different than Liberalism or Conservatism or Socialism or Capitalism. All of these movements and philosophies can be good. We, humanity, bring them to reality and, all too often, use them as tools of greed and destruction.

Mohammad is guilty of nothing more than Alexander, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan (my personal hero) or any other Great Conqueror in history.


The War on Terror is not the War on Islam

How can it be when scenes like this are common place? This is the casket of one of our fallen Soldiers.  Mohsin Naqvi.  He gave his life fighting against the monsters who have co-opted Islam into their insidious aims to crush freedom in the lands of Muslim peoples and ultimately all peoples across the globe.  The kid on the floor mourning is Hassan Naqvi.   Is there someone who has the nerve to tell this kid that Islam killed his brother.

Islam is not the enemy.  Wahhabism is the enemy.  Extremism is the enemy.   Extemism in any form.  Political, civil, religious, cultural.  It matters not.