Equality is a Sham

Male equals female

All people are equal or should be treated equally in so far as Civil and Human Rights are concerned.

However, the Left does not stop there. The Left wants equal outcomes. That is IMPOSSIBLE. Not improbable but impossible.

No two people are alike. Inequality is inherent in the human condition. The default for all Humans (Homo Sapiens) is poverty. No human is born with wealth or a place in life. All is given after birth or earned after birth.

The peasant who becomes King or the scion of wealth who becomes a pauper all entered life naked and exposed. That moment, we are all equal. After that, much depends on self initiative and/or the initiative of those to whom we are born.

Equality of outcome is a pipe dream unless we are going to disable some purposely so that they cannot achieve.

Life is neither fair nor equal. Humans are the same.

Atomic Blonde and Reality


I enjoy movies that are well crafted regardless of who is in the lead role. It could be a Black Man or a Blonde Woman.

Hollywood is much more conservative than their audience. If the movie has a good script and good acting or, better yet, excellent script, casting and acting, people will watch it. This has been proven time and again.
The only problem with these roles for women is that, barring something supernatural, there is no way that these skinny, little women could take on these huge men and come away still alive. I understand that these movies are fictional and entertainment. Unfortunately, much of the Left takes these roles and translates them to life. It isn’t going to happen.
If Charlize Theron or Zoe Saldana hit or kicked me, I’d fall alright…from laughing. Women and Girls need to keep this in mind and not take these movies as a way ahead. I’ve seen it already. Women thinking that they are empowered so they can strike out physically at men. It’s all good as long as the male doesn’t retaliate. Once the man strikes back, he is suddenly the criminal and a woman abuser even though he is defending himself from a crazy woman whose been watching Wonder Woman and thinks that she has the power.
Equality only goes so far with the Left. Women are equal in all things RIGHT UP UNTIL THEY HIT A MAN AND THE MAN HITS BACK. Then the man is a misogynist despite the fact that he was attacked.
That kid from Oklahoma is a prime example. He is attacked by a drunken woman. He defends himself. Of course, the power observed used by the male is going to seem too much as compared to the female. It is natural. Men have more power. This is multiplied when the male works out on a regular basis.
Women need to keep this in mind in the age of Equality. If you want to be completely equal, think twice before physically attacking a 215lbs Athletic male when you are a 90lbs female. 

Bigotry and Elitism in Professional Sports


It is time to demand true and equal representation in all areas of life. With this in mind, it is time to boycott the NFL and the NBA. White, Asian, Native and Arab American Athletes are under represented in both of these institutions.

White Americans are a full 60% plus of the population of the United States of America. Yet, the White athletic population of the NBA and NFL fall far below this number and does not accurately reflect the citizenry of the US.

This is unacceptable.

The NFL and NBA should be forced to accept less talented athletes on their teams in order that the teams shall make up a truly representational reflection of the population of the United States of America.

We cannot stand for the racist, elitism of the NFL and NBA. That Black American Athletes are more talented than White, Asian, Native and Arab Americans is meaningless. White, Asian, Native and Arab Americans deserve the “opportunity” to play for pay in the professional sports field as much as their more talented Black American counterparts.

Furthermore, State Universities should be mandated to award scholarships based n proper representation of the population of the Unite States of America. Therefore, College Scholarships for all Sports at State Universities and any University or College which accepts State or Federal funding should be held to strict statistical standards of population representation based on the demographic make up of the United States of America.

Anything short of this is pure bigotry and intolerable in a truly civilized society.


The Travesty of Gender Pay Disparity

Gender Pay Disparity!

Equal Pay for Equal Work!

This is shameful.

Men and Woman should be paid equal wages for equal work.

There is no excuse for this Travesty of Social Justice!

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Equality is a Sham

Equality is a sham.

Equality is discrimination against the talented and driven.

Is a Soldier in the United States Army treated the same as a General?

Is a Mayor treated the same as a homeless person?

Is a checkout clerk treated the same as a manager?

Is a brilliant scientist treated the same as a five year old?

Is a #1 NBA Draft selection treated the same as an undrafted Free Agent?

Is Hillary Clinton treated the same as Monica Lewinski?

Humans should be treated with dignity. We should all be exposed to equal opportunities.

However, I cannot take advantage of the same opportunities as a brilliant scientist much like that brilliant scientist could not take advantage of the opportunities which I have had.

Education is there to be had for the citizens of Baltimore. I can no more force parents and Bloods and Crips to ensure that the children of Baltimore take advantage of said education any more than you or Obama or Bush or Hillary or the Mayor of Baltimore.

The Federal Governments War on Drugs is also an equal opportunity offender. It legislatively criminalizes certain drugs. Everyone has the opportunity to abide by these idiotic laws and prohibitions.

No one is forcing a Black person, an Asian person or a White person to become involved in the drug trade or to purchase drugs.

Once a person becomes involved with drugs, equality shifts. White people are less likely to be prosecuted or even accosted by a State Thug (Police) than Black people. The affluent are less likely to serve time than a poor person.

And so on and so forth.

We are all born. At that point, we are more or less equal. From that moment on, equality is an illusion that can only be forced upon us coercively via Statist intervention.

For us all to be equal, we must all be in some way diminished.

Equality -~Liberal Madness and all but Impossible






There is no such thing as equality in nature. Only bureaucracies and liberal government can bring about a semblance of faux equality. And that for only a short period of time. Equality is the unique madness of liberalism.

This madness destroys any culture it infects.

Then…the barbarians arrive.





I would say that Communism seeks to make property communal with all peoples equal. 
This is impossible. 
There are no humans who are this honorable, selfless, altruistic.  Communism fails not because it is a bad system. Communism fails because humanity has no ability to cooperate in such a system.

Before the Cult of the Nazarene became the perversion that is Romanized Christianity, the earliest “Christians” operated on this communal principle. All gave what they had and all shared. If someone held back and gave only halfheartedly to the community, that person was ostracized and expelled.

Communism is a valid theory. It is not a valid system. Not because it is inherently good or evil but because humanity is inherently egotistical, exploitative, self-centered. For most of us, it takes great tragedy for us to lift our eyes from our own struggles, trials and tribulations and to aid or care for the other. For communism to work, humanity would have to completely and collectively unclasp their egos and join hands. This is all but impossible.

More Signs of the Coming Backlash Against Muslims in Europe

A bit sensationalistic, this.  However, some truths lie within.  Regardless, this video will upset the masses of Muslims around the world   Hopefully, they’ll realize that it wasn’t made by Americans as we usually are blamed for everything.

All religions have skeletons in their closets. The “Virgin Mary” impregnated by God at/abt age 13. Did GoD get down with the boogie in the Virgin Mary or did he just reach up there and throw a baby inside?  Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, married a girl somewhere between the ages of six and nine.  No one knows for certain and the actual age is hotly contested by Muslims and “Infidels” alike.  The one thing that the record makes clear is that he did not have “relations” with her until she had “passed her first blood.”  Mohammad also had multiple wives as did nearly all of the Prophets of the Bible.  Such was the custom of the times.  Abraham, the great patriarch of all three major Western Religions, pimped his wife out at least two times.  Both times, he denied that Sarah was his wife.  Both times, he allowed her to “marry” a local ruler by deceiving said ruler into believing that Sarah was his sister.  Abraham also sexed up his consort (slave), Hagar, in order to bear a child.  Did Jesus not say “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

The Europeans in this video and elsewhere are complaining about the actions of a subset of Muslims.  They are complaining that nothing is being done to counteract the criminality of this subset.  Here’s the thing, though. Muslims in Europe are being treated differently because of European Culture and European Politicians. Who elects these creatures? Oh….EUROPEANS!

If you do not like what is happening, stop electing these people.

The other problem is the immigration programs of these nations.  Immigration, at certain points, was selective.  Europe took in oppressed peoples.  They accepted immigrants with certain needed skill sets such as Doctors, Engineers and Scientists.  This was a wise policy.  In the past 40 years, European nations have accepted all comers.  Many of these people journeyed to the Scandinavian nations, France and Germany because of these lax immigration measures and because of the benefits and “entitlements” offered by these nations.  These people had nothing to offer but the “equality” mindset of Europeans made it so that all immigrants were seen as equal.  There is an issue with this egalitarianism in that all people are not equal.  Some are base criminals.  When a country accepts large numbers of these undesirables and treats them as the oppressed when they are actually the oppressors, these are the problems that will arise.  Europeans, primarily because of the World Wars and Colonialism, became myopic and wished to offer themselves as reward or recompense.  The guilt of the collective European nations overwhelmed sense and has created a situation in which large numbers of criminals were accepted and their activities excused as being “part of their culture.”  That sentiment in and of itself is bigoted.  All peoples have morals.  Even the “other” who arrive from distant lands.  To act as though this subset of folks are representative of any culture is ludicrous and bigoted.  It is an insult to those who are of those cultures who do act with common courtesy and are law abiding, moral peoples.

I’ve long said that there is coming a backlash in Europe. That old race hate will again raise it’s ugly head. Muslims in Europe had best pay heed. Europe has a long and nasty history of murdering the masses of immigrants who come to their lands.

The past 60 years has been an anomaly in European history. With the resurgence of Nationalism and the threat from the old Russian Empire raises, Europe will revert to form.

All it will take is a major economic slowdown. Muslims will become the targets of massive hate. Some will deserve it. Others will not. Some will have laid the seeds of their fellows destruction. Others will be innocent victims. When the wave strikes, it will destroy the lives of many innocents. It is coming. If you read between the lines, Europe is close to the edge.

It does not matter that it is a small percentage of Muslims who are guilty. All will suffer. All will reap the whirlwind.

60 years in the face of thousands of years of history…the “tolerance” of the “new Europe” will be wiped away and blood will run in the streets.

Muslims would be well instructed to police their own. Yet, this will not happen.  Eventually, they will all pay for the actions of a few.  Europe will set itself afire and the dead will pile up as the pyramids of old.  The blood will be on the hands of all.


Gratuitous Sex to lure visitors

Gratuitous Sex to lure visitors

I can call out a white male on any issue. I can call a white male “the original ape” as Lincoln was called by Seward in the 1860 election. I can disagree with a white male on any issue. I have the freedom to say anything about a white male and I have the freedom to disagree with a while male on any issue. I can even NOT capitalize “white” and “male” and not be called a bigot or a racist.

However, if I disagree with a Black Male, I’m a racist. If I were to call a Black Male “the original Ape,” I would be crucified.  If I disagree with a Female of any race, I’m automatically termed a bigot, a misogynist or a sexist.  God help me if I were to call a Black Female “the original Ape.” The firestorm of controversy would force me to flee America.

This is unfortunate. I know many capable persons who are neither white nor male. Yet, I fear for my freedom if I vote for these persons or they are elected to office. One cannot question a person who is neither white nor male.  It is simply not done. One must simply genuflect and nod in gracious, absentminded servility.

If Obama were to pronounce the sky green, the Left would hail his brilliance and anyone who dared disagree would be called a racist.

This, apparently, is equality.

Equality: Just get out of our way and we’ll do it.


How about simple equality. Equal laws for all.

Then we abolish half of the laws on the books.  Especially those laws based on religious values and morals. All laws should be based on NATURAL LAW.

There should be no laws based on a religious law, moral or value.

However, there is much that the various religions and beliefs have in common.

Strip out the patriarchal despotism, strip out the judgment based morality, strip out superficial standards and prejudgment based on sex, race, religion or birth right.

Leave the values, mores, laws that are universal.

For instance, murder. It should be unlawful to kill in coldblood…out of greed or lust or what have you. However, it should be lawful to kill in self defense.

Let’s look at corporate murder and government sponsored murder. This is often overlooked. When our government sends us to war, it is essentially sanctifying mass murder. Collateral damage is simply a fancy, cold hard, emotionless phrase for murder of innocents. Our governments sanctions this murder in order to keep the economies of the world greased so that corporations can continue to profit and maximize their stock prices.  The global economy runs on the lubrication of human blood and petroleum products.

It’s basic mathematics. Stock prices rise when the government sanctions mass murder in places like Iraq, Syria, China, Sri Lanka, Lybia, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia, Guatemala, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cuba. Wherever it happens, it’s still murder. Mass murder. The desired end is always the same — a rising Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ.

That’s why we fight our wars. That is why we give international aid to despots and turn a blind eye when that money finds it’s way into Swiss Bank accounts or the Caymans, Monte Negro or Costa Rica.

Equality would mean something far different than what we have today in any country.

In America we’re yelping, always yelping for equality of the genders and sexuality and an evening of the equality of race and the like. America and Europe have the greatest equality on the planet.

The only places more equal are those in abject poverty. They are all equally poor, equally susceptible to death from any angle, for any reason. That is the ultimate equality. Where poverty reigns supreme.  Death cares not why it crosses one’s path.

That’s what communism gave the Russians. Poverty stricken equality.  Poverty is the lasting gift of government interference in the lawful affairs of mankind. It creates equality in the sense that all except the elite are driven towards poverty and destitution.

We are born equal in that we all start from zero. Equality ends with that first breath.

There is no true equality amongst humankind.original  We can only be equal under the law.  Equally treated under the law.  Held to an equal standard.  This is the equality standard of the Founding Fathers and those who voted to abolish slavery and who created the 14th Amendment.

We are not equally talented. We are not equally attractive. We are not equally blessed athletically, intellectually, constitutionally.

Equality is not a natural phenomenon.  It is a lie forced upon the strong and active by the weak and lazy.  It is a sterile attempt by the weak to bring others down to their level.  Nature has not created us all equal.  The Universe has never intended for all to be equal.  We were bequeathed life and opportunity by the cosmos.  Nothing else is guaranteed.  No amount of legislative finagling can alter this natural phenomenon.

The rewards of Life that come our way are and should be based on merit. Not the lie that all are equal and should have equal blessings. All should be afforded an equal opportunity. After that, it is up to you.

Opportunity doesn’t come free. It comes with planning and work. Opportunity is not given.  Success is not an entitlement.  It comes with sacrifice and effort.

We are born equal. From that first breath to that last, we work our way towards our greatest potential. Some work harder than others. Some are blessed with more talent. Some are blessed with more opportunity based upon the efforts of their forebears. Some are more (or less) virtuous than others. Some are simply luckier than others. But luck is just another way of saying better prepared.

If you want equality, it is up to you. We each must make ourselves more equal.

The best that a government can do is to get out of the way and let the people work out our equality amongst ourselves.

All Men Are NOT Created Equal

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I don’t think that humans are divine or that life is sacred. We, humanity, certainly do not act as if life is sacred. History shows that life is held cheap. Hence, Wars and slavery, conquest, religious and political persecution, genocide, rape and pillage.

Men and women are as important as the value which we assign to them or the value that a person achieves through their deeds.

We are not equal. We each have talents more or less than others. We are what we set upon our path to be. Nothing more and nothing less. Some wish to be nothing. Others wish to be more than that and more than what they might have been had they not taken it upon themselves to strive to be.

A couch potato, trailer park dwelling bigot has little or no value in the grand scheme of things. Yet, a man such as Einstein or Subotai, Salah al Din or Stephen Hawking leaves a great mark upon humanity. They proved themselves of more value to humanity.

Equality is nonsense. Tolerance is even more idiotic.

I can accept differences in humanity. I will not tolerate those that serve me ill. And why should I? In the name of tolerance and some ill devised sense of equality.

I’m not saying that we should run around murdering people who are different or those with different ideals. Conversely, I don’t think we should tolerate ignorance such as Islamic sharia simply because we wish to be egalitarian. This facade of equality is nonsense. All men are not created equal. If such was the case, we would all be equal. There would be no paupers. There would be no Kings. We would all be clones.

To be certain, some start off with cultural or economic or some other type of advantage that places them above others at the start. Then again, there are examples such as the aforementioned Subotai who came from nothing and became the, arguably, greatest General in the history of humankind.

And none of this is based upon superficial traits such as race, religion, skin color, hair color, length of limbs or forehead size.

Racism and Bigotry


I’m tired of people whining when they think that I am calling them a racist or bigot.  If you are the type of person who cuts the word “Hope” from this picture and replace it with the world “Nigger.”  If you are the type of person who creates or forwards emails that purposely denigrate whole groups of folks based on false information or misinformation.

If you participate in these types of activities, I’m not calling you a racist or a bigot.  Your actions and words are an admission of your guilt and your true feelings.  Don’t whine to me when I dispute the lies and ignorance of these actions and words.

Here’s a bit of a wake up call for all of you.  Not all Muslims are terrorists or want to push Sharia on the world.  Not all Black people are unemployed and on welfare.  There are Muslims serving in the military and who have served in the military honorably. I work with a Muslim right now who is a true American and one of the better human beings whom I have had the pleasure to know in my life.   These folks love America and what she represents in the World.  If you disagree with Obama over policy, that’s fine.  I do as well.  If you hate Obama because he’s black or you think he’s a Muslim, you’re an ignorant racist/bigot.  Period.

If you are a racist or a bigot, please move to Waziristan.  Many folks in that region are as ignorant, bigoted and racist as are you.  I don’t want your ignorance in my America.