Obama Wins! Drink the Kool Aid America.

Drink the Kool Aid

Drink the Kool Aid



America! You’ve been had. You had a choice between Jim Jones and Jim Bakker. You chose between a guy who wants you to drink the Kool Aid and blindly follow him to the abyss and a guy who wanted to bilk you out of your money and to follow blindly like a sheep off the cliff.

You chose to drink the Kool Aid. Don’t whine later. Just drink the Kool Aid and pass away into the great darkness.


deserve your fate whatever it may be.

I’m standing by to pick up some pieces.

The poor will still be poor but a little more dependent. The Rich are still going to get richer. Though, they’ll hide it better as you take little notice having drank deeply of the cool waters offered by your Cult Leader.

Four more years of the World losing respect and our enemies being emboldened.

As the Middle East burns, America desires cupcakes and free government cheese and crackers.

This guarantees a future war which isn’t all that bad. The war[s] will kill off some of the excess population that is dragging the planet and the people down.

Look for more violence in the coming years while Obama stands by and apologizes for America’s culpability in the genesis of said violence.

ELECTION 2012 ~ Line up to Vote Sheeple



The election is coming. Vote for El Presidente of the United States of America.

Your choices:

A. A man who hates you if you get off of your ass and work it until you become successful. He’ll take your money from you unless you can become as good as he is at hiding your assets. He’ll use that money to buy votes from the poor and disenfranchised, illegal immigrants, Mexican/Texan drug lords and Big Oil and Big Government.

B. A man who hates you if you try to get off of your ass and demand to be paid a fair wage for your hard labors. Instead, he thinks that you should give your money away in taxes to Big Business, the Military Industrial Complex and he wants to continue to outsource all jobs until Americans can’t buy jack shit. Then he and his cronies will move out of the country as it falls apart. He also wants to give your money to the poor and disenfranchised because he needs their votes, too. He wants to convert you to an archaic religion “of love” that he himself doesn’t practice. He supports Big Business and the War on Drugs (it’s profitable). He supports sending people to prison longer for possession of a few bags of marijuana than murder. He’s also in the bag with Mexican/Texan drug lords and he wants to keep America addicted to the other drug called Black Gold. You don’t smoke that, though. You put it in your car and support Wahhabi terrorists.

They’re both dickheads and you shouldn’t vote for either of them. But! You will.

Why? Because you’re stupid.

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Voting Obama ~ What does it mean?


I was recently asked if I wanted Obama to fail.

Though not a Republican, there are parts of the OBAMA Agenda that I most definitely want to see fail.  I don’t like his domestic agenda all that much and I don’t particularly care for his desire to cede parts of US sovereignty over to the that den of thieves in the United Nations.  So, yes, I want the Obama Agenda to fail, but, in no way do I wish for him to fail America. America can pass him like a bad gall stone. I fervently wish for this to happen in a most expeditious manner. Much like Carter before him, Obama needs to be a one term President.

He is a danger to America.   This has nothing to do with his religion or his birth certificate.  I think he’s scum.  I liked Bill Clinton. I didn’t particularly care for all of the Clinton policies, but, Clinton seemed to me to be pro-America. He was a bit loose with our Country. Even so, I think he had her best interests in mind.  I don’t feel that way about Obama. I feel Obama wants us to be liked more than anything else. Not respected. Not feared. Liked. That’s an assinine way to run foreign policy.  Obama is weak and vacillating. He’s a pox upon the American house. We need a good vaccination.

Obama needs to be flushed. Period.   Anyone stupid enough to vote for him in ’08. I give a pass. He talked a good game. By now, it is apparent that talk is all Obama will ever be.   Vote for him in ’12 and, in my opinion, you are not a real American. You’re a Euro Trash wannabe.  Move to Europe and leave America for Americans. The illegal immigrants belong here more than those who vote twice for Obama.