America and Oil Independence (Dollar Diplomacy)


If it weren’t for oil, our military presence would not be necessary.

I say this as a Ten Year Military Vet, Logistics Subject Matter Expert, Author of a book on Afghanistan and a person who has spent the last decade in/arnd & studying the Middle East & Central Asia and American Strategy/Foreign Policy.

If our addiction to oil could be kicked, we would not need a military presence in the Gulf.

If we could kick that addiction to oil, we could nix our relationship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the origin of 90% of Islamic Terrorism. ISIS and al Qaeda are funded by Saudi Arabia.

Imagine if we funded Hemp Farms. Hemp could replace much of the petroleum industry in so far as plastics and such are concerned.

Imagine solar power being the source for all Federal and State Agencies as well as Home Electricity. Supplement that with Gas & Oil that is produced in America.

There are also immense energy production capabilities from our rivers, wind, the ocean currents, etc.

We could halve (at least) our dependence on fossil fuels if we would be smart about it.

Halve our oil dependence and we do not need any outside oil resources.

Also, it is not oil which necessitates our large military. It is the “petrodollar.” You should look that up if you don’t know what it means.

Iraq and the Coming War within Islam

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Nothing in Iraq is about American Security. In the ’80s, our Iraq policy was about revenge and sowing division. In the ’90s, it was pure economics but advantaged for the dollar, Europe, India, Japan and China.

Now, I can’t really tell what it is. We false flagged our way into a decade of lunacy in Iraq to no apparent advantage. We’ve definitely sewn division amongst the Middle East.

What we’ve accomplished here is the pitting of Shi’a Iran against Sunni Saudi Arabia. We’ve made a showdown all but inevitable. The problem with this is that there is no guarantee that the current criminals who are our putative allies will actually be the power in Saudi Arabia. We have strengthened the Wahhabist movement in the Nejd at the expense of the Saudi Royals. Not that I am against that. I abhor the Saudi hypocrites.

I suppose now that the thing to do is to withdraw from the Middle East and await the inevitable showdown between the Saudi led Sunnis and the Irani led Shi’a.

Let them fight it out. That’s a good centuries worth of fighting there.

That will take Israel out of focus until Egypt gets dragged into the conflict. The seeds for this have already been laid.

even with Egypt, there is no guarantee that Israel would become a focal point. Instead Egypt could be led to focus upon Iran.

If the Saudis were smart, they’d ally themselves with Israel against Iran. There is precedent for alliances with infidel powers. Saladin did it. Several Muslim princes did so during the “Crusader era.”

It will all depend on who comes to power over the next several decades.