John McCain was hated by Democrats


John McCain was hated by the Democratic Party. Until, that is, Trump started openly hating on him. Now, McCain is the “hero of the Republic.”

McCain was a war monger. There never existed a possible intervention with which John McCain would not lovingly spoon in his 1970s waterbed. McCain loved interventions more than he loved Cindy.

Aren’t Leftist Democrats supposedly against these interventionist policies?

How, then, is John McCain suddenly the Great Hero of the Republic to the Democratic Party , CNN & MSNBC?

Oh…because Trump hates him. That is the simple explanation.

This is absurd. The United States of Absurdistan.

It’s also called duplicity, hypocrisy and deviousness.

Stop pretending to love and admire John McCain simply because Trump reviles him. Deep in your hearts, you, the Democratic Party, revile McCain as much as you hate Trump.

The only thing transparent about the Democratic Party is their dirty tactics, smear tactics, duplicity and hypocrisy.

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Ocasio-Cortez is a Social Justice Moron

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That said, there are some areas wherein she and I are in agreement.

But not because of “socialism.”

Tax policy

I agree with taxing the top 1 to 3 percent highly. Their income is, in large part, earned due to their being business leaders, CEOs, Owners in the United States of America. The US military makes it possible for these folks to reach global markets. They benefit disproportionately from the United States of America. They should pay more for their out-sized benefits and opportunities which are created on the back of the United States of America and her Citizens.

***I also believe that people who do not pay taxes should not be allowed to vote.***



The Democrats created the student loan problem. The State has created this issue. The American people went along with it. The American people should pay the price for their folly. Perhaps, they would think in the future and elect more worthy representatives.

Big Business is particularly guilty as they are the ones who started to require meaningless degrees for positions/occupations that a blind masturbating monkey could accomplish after a weekend booze binge.



I am for going Green. I am completely for renewable energy. Eventually, fossil fuels are going to dry up. Fossil Fuels hurt the environment. Fracking and the like may have emerged as the single greatest oil resource on the planet and made American, again, an energy power house and energy self sufficient. That said, it is killing us slowly but surely. It pollutes everything and it enables the war on drugs.

She may be a bit over ambitious in this BUT this is America. We should be up to this challenge and the Wealthy Elite will benefit from this.

PetroCorps are already investing in research and development of this tech. I don’t see why we can’t put American elbow grease into it and get this done.

Her Green New Deal is not that far fetched.



I disagree that health care is a “human right.”

I do believe that it is insane that Citizens of the “wealthiest country in the world” have a difficult time accessing healthcare. Part of the problem is that US healthcare subsidizes world healthcare.

In a Nation this wealthy, there is no reason that someone should die from a treatable disease or be indebted for life to Big Pharma or Big Medicine. Both of which GREATLY profit from being in business in the United States of America and the taxpayer dollars of its citizens.



US Immigration is a bureaucratic nightmare. I’m currently going through the process with my girlfriend. She has everything that the idiotic site says that she needs and was still denied a tourist visa despite the fact that I stated that I would pay for everything and that we had no desire to live in the US AND that we’ve been together for TEN FREAKING YEARS.

It is not as simple as just saying; “HEy State Department Bureaucrat, I’d like to visit America.” and BOOM, you get a VISA. I fully believe that they turn people down as a money making scheme.

She and I went to Europe together. No issues. We traveled to Israel, Turkey and Egypt together. No issues. We’ve been all over Southeast Asia, China and a few other places together. No issues.

Not America. America is special. The US Gov thinks that everyone wants to come to the States and be illegal and get an under the table job and not pay taxes. They’re fucking cunts and I’d like to beat a few of these bureaucrats asses.

We need immigration reform. America has benefitted greatly from immigration. What is now called illegal immigration was, one hundred years ago, just people coming to America.

We’ve gone too (2)

Most illegals are simply looking for a better job. If an illegal gets here and establishes themselves and is contributing, they should be allowed a path to citizenship. All of these business owners who are being deported is freakin’ insane.

What should happen is there should be a lottery. For every illegal immigrant who has contributed, they should take one lifetime welfare recipient and deport that piece of shit.

Impeachment of President Trump

Partisan hackery.

If one of these investigations finds some impeachable offense, get rid of his ass. It would be a first and I do not believe that the system will allow it.

The precedent would scare the shit out of everyone on the hill.


download (14)Arab-Israeli conflict

Why is Israel held to a standard to which no other Nation is held?

Explain that to me and we can converse.
Every other Nation that has won territory in battle/war kept it unless it gave it away in the peace process/treaty that ended that war.

Every Nation in the Middle East except Egypt was created post Ottoman implosion in similar manner to Israel. Only Israel is expected to give her minorities a special autonomy.

Turkey would balk at this. Iraq did balk at this. Iran would balk at this. saudi Arabia would and has balked at this. Egypt would balk at this. Syria is in a civil war because she refused to do so AND the same people who want Israel to give up these “occupied” territories want Syria to remain whole.

The attitudes of the Left towards Israel is, in my opinion, based upon bigotry. They see Israel as a “White” nation. It is not.


Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico made it’s bed. Why should we bail them out?

We should abolish the idiotic, Big State limitations placed upon them. Other than that, Puerto Rico should sleep in the bed that they made.


Private Prisons

Should be abolished.

Anyone who owns a private prison or supports private prisons should be thrown in a private prison as it burns to the ground.

But mostly, I want to know why, all of a sudden, she has decided to cake on so much cosmetics. She looks like a freakin’ clown!



Black lives matter. All lives matter. No lives matter.

A life matters only to the extent that one makes one’s life matter.

Here is the problem with the “Black Solidarity movement” and “#Blacklivesmatter”

It is almost always a dirtbag at the center of the controversy.

Why should I rally around a movement that centers on Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown? Two lives that had a 99% chance of amounting to nothing but wasted air and tax dollars.

Trayvon Martin was every bit the punk that Zimmerman is. Mike Brown was every bit the idiot and waste of air that is the State Thug that murdered him.

The other guy who was murdered by the Police. I’m seeing him as a mostly innocent victim of Statism. He as assassinated by State Thugs. But he was known to break the laws of the State. For better or worse, he was infamous as being a seller of illegal cigarettes. Illegal because the State wasn’t getting it’s cut. Any citizen who refuses to render unto Caeser is asking for the State to send it’s Army of Thugs to their door for a good beating and possibly an unofficial death sentence.

This is America.

Minorities are an easier target for the State.

And here is one big slap in the face for you.

New York is a Liberal Town. Missouri has been run by the Democrats for decades. Democrats are a part of the State Machinery and Democrats send their State Thugs out into the Street every day just like the GOP does.

To the DNC, Black people are merely modern slaves on a new plantation. Democrats know that Black people are going to vote as a nearly solid block for Democrats. They do not have to do a thing, lift a finger or grant one favor. They need solve nothing. They need do nothing for the Black community such as it is.

Democrats know that regardless of the injustice that exists in the State Machinery and no matter how many State Sponsored Thugs murder Black citizens that Black people will vote for Democrats.

Black people were bought and paid for 50 years ago and only the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons profited. MLK and Malcolm were murdered as part of the bargain.

And still Black people as a community are too ignorant to see the obvious.

Until Black people start voting on issues and look past the DNC to other avenues for political empowerment not one thing will change and no Black Lives will Matter.

Hollywood Liberals know this and know that the majority of Black people will continue to vote Democrat and that the Black community can be used by the DNC to further empower a White Affluent Elite that cares for nothing beyond their own status.

Barack Obama is merely another Democrat who lies to the Black Community while watching them fall further behind the rest of America.

Soon, the Latinos will pass the Black Community as the “people of color” preferred by the DNC.

How much will Black Lives Matter at that point?

If your greatest accomplishment in life is turning food into poop, your life doesn’t matter.

Barack Obama, and the fall of Western Civilization

When nothing is worth fighting for… and all it’s sibling movements out there are the surest sign of the apocalypse.

Not her child she says.  Not Alex.  Not a child of the Liberals who refuse to defend themselves against anyone.  The Soviets.  Terrorists.  It matters not.  I’m certain that the woman in this video will be more than willing to see other sons and daughters go off to war.  Just not her child.  That’s the problem with the Left and the Pacifists and all of those like them.  They must flee or they die.  The only societies in which it is possible to hold those ideals sacred are societies that have men and women standing at the ready to defend them.  A pacifist won’t defend himself or herself.  Thus it will always fall to others to defend these folks.  Pacifism and anti-War ideals are noble indeed.  It takes an army of fighting men and women to defend those ideals though.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

John Stuart Mill

We make war that we may live in peace.