Adolph Rupp — Individual Offense Part III

“Control the boards, control the game.”  Not much changed there.

30 Minutes each practice on free throws.  I wonder if that happens these days.

This is the last piece to the Rupp Individual Offense film. When I get back to the states in June, I’ll see about posting the other three coaches videos on here as well. I’ve got a few more things that I’ll share in the future. Enjoy.

Below is a small manual produced by Quaker Oats. I made this video out of it with the UK Fight Song but then realized that it’s too small to read. I’ll post the booklet in a larger format when I have a little more time.


Adolph Rupp — Individual Offense Part II

Thanks to Vic and Rick, I can tell you with some certainty that the team featured on this film are the guys from the 56-58 Seasons. Obviously, that would include the ’58 Championship team. The players that are probably featured in the practices and game excerpts are probably among the following:

Team Roster

#24 Johnny Cox
#10 Gerry Calvert
#52 Vernon Hatton
#32 John Crigler
#34 Ed Beck
#50 Adrian Smith
#55 Ray Mills
#70 John Brewer
#12 Billy Ray Cassady
#40 Earl Adkins
#20 Dick Howe
#10 Lincoln Collinsworth
#88 Bill Smith
#33 Harold Ross
#66 John Hardwick
#50 Jay Bayless
#14 Phil Johnson

1955-56.jpg 1956-57.jpg 1957-58.jpg

Back in the good old days of, I had the pleasure of meeting Vernon Hatton once at an 2001 Lexington event arranged by the late gentleman Mel McCane. Mr. Hatton is a boisterous gentleman who loves to tell stories about his years with Coach Rupp. We, at the event, were reveled with stories of practices and Coach Rupp’s infamously acerbic wit which he leveled liberally at his athletes. Joe B. Hall as well as the incomparable Wallace “Wah Wah” Jones also attended that event and spoke to the attendees. It must have been special to have been a part of those teams and to be witness to and part of the history of Big Blue Basketball and the Rupp Era. I certainly felt privileged to be able to live vicariously for a brief moment through the voices of men who played, strained and excelled under the leadership and guidance of Adolph Rupp.

1958.jpg adrian-smith.jpg johnny_cox1.jpg

johnny_cox4.jpg vernon-hatton.jpg adolph-rupp.jpg

The history of the Big Blue is incredible.

Enjoy the part II.

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Thanks, Dave

Coach Adolph Rupp plugs Coca Cola

Nothing wrong with that. This little “commercial” is from a Basketball Reel to Reel that I was able to get off of ebay a few years back. I had it converted to digits and now that I have a way to share it (this blog), I’ll be posting it on the blog over the next week. It’s a three part film on Individual Offense. It’s part of a larger effort with three other coaches and Coach Rupp explaining different aspects of the game. Of course, the game has changes a bit since these coaches were in their prime. I can’t find any information on the film on the web and the actual reels are in my storage room back in Kentucky. But I’ll post as much back ground information as I can gather.

I always find it interesting to hear Coach Rupp talking. You can tell the man has a love for Basketball and for the University of Kentucky. He smiles a lot in this film and talks to his team. From what I’ve read, he didn’t do that often in practice. So these film productions may have been a welcome respite from what I’ve read were immensely difficult practices in the Rupp Era. This film gives a quickshot of Harry Lancaster–Rupp’s longtime assistant.

mbb_history_ruppchalkboard.jpg I hope y0u enjoy.